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  1. I was initially doubting the claim when I thought it was against Richard Simmons.
  2. The clip where Jeff casually mentions to Susie they will have an amicable divorce, and she flips out and says she’s taking him for everything he’s got.
  3. Look how he initially picked her up. I’m surprised she didn’t go out the window right away. And the CBS interview where he talked about the incident was very strange.
  4. Something about Brad reminds me of Tom Herman. Is he in Mensa too?
  5. Not looking forward to the H-E-B opening on Slaughter and 35. That intersection is already a traffic shitshow, and adding a gigantic H-E-B there is going to make it 10x worse.
  6. Bought some booze the other day. I saw that you can be born in 1999 and be of legal drinking age. Made me feel pretty old.
  7. I can’t look at Tannehill without thinking of his wife’s gigantic feet on his helmet.
  8. Mike Leach jumped up on the couch with muddy boots like Rick James and told the State of Texas and it’s sovereign immunity to go fuck itself
  9. So Mike stayed at Jerry’s house, but it was under the condition that he bring his daughter.
  10. MrBig

    2020 Rain Thread

    I wouldn’t mind if a surprise tornado took out the Godzillatron and swept Bob Cole away with it.
  11. Is Baylor going to make a puppet movie about him leaving to the Panthers?
  12. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/investigations/2020/01/06/ikea-settles-46-million-after-dresser-kills-child/2821182001/ 46 million hot dogs will ultimately pay for this.
  13. A fat fucking retard coach pairs well with a skinny fucking retard GM.
  14. Pete Davidson looks like he’s been dead for a while. He’ll be my top under 40 choice followed by Justin Bieber.
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