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  1. Anyone in Austin able to get tested? The online teledocs will recommend you for testing if you have symptoms. The problem is that you need a doctor recommendation PLUS known contact with a COVID positive person to be eligibile for testing. This is how Baylor is screening people out in order to save tests. Looks like we’re fucked if we can’t prove contact with a positive person. Huge Catch-22 here.
  2. Well her doctor’s office sounds like it’s fucked. Seems like the office manager only orders shit when supplies are low and now they are doomed.
  3. My wife went to the doctor’s office yesterday and they were out of toilet paper. Are all medical offices experiencing this?
  4. “There’s no cancelling in basketball!!!”
  5. What really gets me is that the CDC wanted to dump all these evacuees near the entrance of the Cheesecake Factory at North Star Mall to avoid the press after the quarantine ended. Instead of taking them straight to the fucking airport.
  6. Is this 75,000 tests capable for EACH lab or 75,000 tests for all labs combined?
  7. How accurate is the testing? Looks like there’s a real problem with the testing if the North Star Mall shopper in San Antonio can test negative twice, get released, and then test positive again. Any stats on the reliability of these tests within the margin of error?
  8. If traffic wasn’t so shitty, I’d go more places.
  9. I noticed this too. HBO never releases shows early so I’ll be checking this out.
  10. Obviously Jerry has never heard of the floats, flies, or fucks rule when it comes to spending money.
  11. Seven from Married with Children.
  12. I’m sure he’ll be the first to tell us when they peg down the cause of the crash.
  13. I was initially doubting the claim when I thought it was against Richard Simmons.
  14. The clip where Jeff casually mentions to Susie they will have an amicable divorce, and she flips out and says she’s taking him for everything he’s got.
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