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  1. Can you back out of a contract for a new build with a company like Lennar without losing anything more than your deposit?
  2. MrBig

    Fire Tom Herman

    Did Shane Buechele ever punt when Herman was the coach?
  3. Maybe Earl’s just mad that Jerrod Heard didn’t get more playing time under the Herman regime.
  4. MrBig

    Fire Tom Herman

    Angles, leverage, and basics are all shit that should have been covered in spring camp. Learning the basics mid-season is a sign that players and coaches don’t know shit.
  5. MrBig

    Fire Tom Herman

    During the interview process for a new HC, let’s make them all swing a sledgehammer.
  6. Your a Mensa genius Tom. The “your” is how Tom would write it.
  7. I get what they’re trying to do with the 80s slasher vibe, but the Mr. Jingles dude reminds me of the killer from I Know What You Did Last Summer. Wrong decade
  8. They should give the crowd some bubbles to blow when they run those screens behind the first down marker.
  9. This drives me fucking nuts. Play it right or fuck off. And stop holding those long notes.
  10. I never understood the need to teabag the passed out LSU fan. I totally get it now.
  11. You can regulate the flavors in e-cigs, but it does no good if that regulated concentrate is being placed in inferior cheap carts made from China. The coils turn black, gunk up and burn out quickly. The standards for cartridges are not regulated. It’s like limiting the nicotine in regular cigarettes but not regulating the paper it is rolled in.
  12. A professional purveyor of blowing hot air.
  13. Hanna will be the 12th director to serve the Longhorn Band. Prior to joining the Butler School of Music faculty, Hanna completed his master’s degree in music and human learning and a doctorate in wind conducting at UT Austin. He received his undergraduate degrees in music education and instrumental music performance from Louisiana State University.
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