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  1. My initial comment was based on an article where AOC said she’s never had a confrontation like this before, so I assumed it meant she had never been called a “fucking bitch” before until she came to Congress. I thought this was a pretty big deal considering she used to be a bartender, and people can be real assholes when they drink. That was the point I was trying to make. That a woman who worked in a bar had never been called a “fucking bitch” until she became a member of Congress. It turns out, that’s not the case. She’s been called a “fucking bitch” plenty of times at the bar where she worked and in public places like the subway. It’s become such a common thing for men to do to women, it even happens to a Congresswoman on the steps of the Capitol by one of her colleagues in front of the press.
  2. This woman—who many people ridicule because she was a bartender—has never been called a fucking bitch before until she became a member of Congress and came to work.
  3. The Chris Wallace interview with Trump should have told you. Shoe lifts. It makes them all stand very unnaturally.
  4. All this crazy shit coming from the president but everyone is more focused on the fact that he wears lifts in his shoes.
  5. I’m surprised he doesn’t add, “And I also heard Wilt Chamberlain slept with 20,000 women. But that’s just what people say, you can’t really know the truth to everything. But I do, because I’m the President of the United States, so I have to know everything and I do. I have so much knowledge there was a University named after me. Did you know that? I bet you didn’t, but it’s true, Trump University, and it was such a tremendous success. And now all these schools want to close because of the Kung Flu without knowing the true facts. The kids are fine, they will all be safe. Look at my kids, they all work at the White House with me and we’re all doing tremendous despite this worldwide pandemic that our country is handling the best way out of all the countries in the world.” Mindless dribble talking in circles.
  6. I can just imagine the cognitive test. Doc: Count backwards from 100 by 7s. Trump: 100...7...99...7...98...7...97. See, perfect!
  7. It’s like all the rural people got uppity once they finally got electricity and indoor plumbing.
  8. My sister in law is a stay at home mother who has no job other than caring for the kids. She and a lot of parents don’t have any teaching credentials, but they all have parental authority to make their children sit down and do online schoolwork. I get it, I’ve taken online classes before and it’s a drag to do it on your own, but if my mother or father was breathing down my neck to get it done, I would be a lot more motivated to do it or face the consequences of not following their rules.
  9. I feel sorry for those kids having a mother like that. They are dying to go back to school just to get away from her. No pun intended, but who knows at this point.
  10. My sister in law has 4 kids under the age of 9. They are now at home, all day, everyday, getting on her nerves and driving her up the wall. She was so happy all 4 of her children were in school full-time this year. The school they go to only has a few number of slots to sign up students for in person teaching this year. She was there on day one to sign up and get those kids out of her hair. She thinks this ad is nothing but leftist propaganda and she’ll take the risk just so she can get some fucking peace and quiet back in her house.
  11. Ballot box yes, electronic voting machines, not necessarily.
  12. Tommy is under the impression that COVID-19 is going to get up and leave in the middle of something important.
  13. Earl said UT football sucked because we need a talented black quarterback. He didn’t just say any black quarterback.
  14. I knew she was doomed when she said “oh the code is 4 numbers” very surprised
  15. I’m sure Trump and DeSantis agree that no fat chicks are allowed.
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