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  1. DMO is a great Longhorn who bleeds Orange for UT. He also misses a shitload of tackles. Reminds me of Breckyn Meyer with his arm bands instead of hair. His launch angle and play reads need more work. It’s nice to have a solid leader on defense, but it’s hard to get everyone to do the right thing on D when the captain is a 5th year senior making the same mistakes.
  2. Ask Marvin Bush about what happened to Bertha Champagne.
  3. The Pac 12 adding SDSU and Fresno State is the Big 12 equivalent of adding TCU and WVU. Bold strategy.
  4. I see ND & NBC remaining together and creating a partnership with the remaining Big 12/Pac 12 teams for college football streaming on Peacock. NBC is desperate to get college sports on its Peacock app. They will overpay for the streaming rights to ND games plus all the dogshit Big 12 Now games currently on ESPN+ when those contracts are up. NBC/Peacock needs ND to draw in national viewers so they can promote regional college football to areas like Utah and Lubbock. The Utah and Lubbock crowd would go wild for a Peacock subscription that had their favorite college teams + unlimited Dateline NBC & Real Housewives episodes for the ladies. Nobody is watching Peacock now but this is definitely a way to draw people in.
  5. It’s ESPN vs Fox. But the 2nd and 3rd tier rights still influence realignment. Doesn’t ESPN own all the 3rd tier rights for the Pac 12, Big 12, and ACC?
  6. No. But that’s the point. Clemson was good enough to “sniff the titles” and make the CFP as an ACC team vs being a Pac 12 or Big 12 Team. This means that the Pac 12 & Big 12 don’t mean shit to the CFP and confirms that the Pac 12 & Big 12 have already been 2nd tier for a long time. Adding Clemson to the SEC is just for vanity and marketing purposes for the SEC now.
  7. This realignment is all about control over the future of postseason play after the CFP ends. There have been 8 years of CFP. SEC -8/8 never excluded [5 CHAMPIONSHIPS] ACC -7/8 - (6 Clemson & 1 FSU) - [2 CHAMPIONSHIPS] Big Ten -6/8 - (4 OSU, 1 MSU, 1 Michigan) - [1 CHAMPIONSHIP] Big 12 - 4/8 - (OU lost all 4 times) Pac 12 & ND -2/8 appearances each If the SEC just takes Clemson, that’s a conference with 7/8 of the past winners. The SEC has an opportunity to add specific teams and create enough leverage to hold their own playoff tournament with complete control. They can market the league as the highest tier of college football and make everyone else seem like they are playing in a season long version of the NIT tournament that doesn’t mean anything because it’s all inferior competition. I hate this SEC pumping. I’ll never chant for the SEC at games. But the business is what it is. Texas wouldn’t have jumped to the SEC if they didn’t see it, and the LA teams wouldn’t have joined the Big Ten if they weren’t shitting about their future in the PAC 12.
  8. He’s from South Carolina and has that Lindsey Graham lesbian face. Can’t trust him. No CR
  9. Obviously Aaron Rodgers called the governor and threw a bitch fit because Cal was left out of something. He probably blamed Mack Brown about it too.
  10. Kyle Flood was the HC for Rutgers when they got picked up by the Big Ten. He must be selling ketchup popsicles to women in white gloves as a side gig.
  11. I’d say our lack of development comes from spending the last 12 years prioritizing orange slicers, coin toss coaches, piss test color readers, and fucking with team breakfasts instead of focusing on football.
  12. How the hell do they calculate % of rain chances? I thought they already calculated it like this based on your post. For example, if it’s 20% chance of rain, it means out of all the days with similar temp, dew point, barometric pressure, etc, it rained 20/100 times. How the hell are they predicting it any other way? I’m too old to care about any fancy weather formulas.
  13. Schools are using the ND excuse to negotiate deals behind everyone’s back while under the guise of “waiting for the dominoes to fall” because of ND. Schools are making moves while hiding behind the wall of waiting for an ND move to secure their spots in the future of college football.
  14. Karen will think it’s noble that Ed told her about killing Danny and will fall back in love with Ed. She’ll make sure Danny gets a proper burial on Mars along with getting the same recognition his parents got for losing their lives in the line of space duty.
  15. I never said ND is included in the ACC GoR. What I’m saying is that schools are using the “waiting on ND” line as an excuse to stall negotiations. Schools are trying to see how much ND can get to join the Big Ten/SEC to see if it makes sense to blow up existing TV contracts and move somewhere else.
  16. I think the SEC/ESPN is waiting to see how much the Big Ten pays for Notre Dame in order to set market value for breaking the ACC GoR contract.
  17. “Waiting on ND” is a bullshit idea thrown out there to scare schools into not making a move. Who gives a fuck about Notre Dame? If a program is waiting to make a move based on what ND does, they need to rethink their whole college football strategy.
  18. Parents influence the recruits. Once they realize going to Big Ten schools means paying higher taxes on NIL earnings (no CR), it’s gonna be a tough sell. The cold winters don’t help either.
  19. Does the Musk family have a history of multiple births (twins/triplets) aside from Elon? I wonder if the mothers of his children all had the same OB. Elon is starting to give the same vibes as fertility docs who use their own sperm.
  20. This move was the right move for the LA schools to take. The Pac 12 was already dying since they haven’t been competitive in years. The East Coast doesn’t give a shit about Pac football if they’re kicking off at 9PM. Future moves will be aligned in the vein of Pac 12/Big 12 to Big Ten. Larger schools will go to the Big Ten and the Big Pac mashup remnants will be for Fox to decide what’s best for viewership. ACC teams will lean toward the SEC and ESPN. I would not be surprised if the SEC takes Clemson, UNC, Duke, and FSU to give the kill shot to the ACC. People say Duke will never join the SEC, but schools know they have to join one or the other at this point to remain viable. Adding UNC and Duke to the SEC gives the conference lower tier football competition while creating more control in the basketball realm. The SEC gains another few football Vandys for their divisions to kick around while gaining control of college basketball by having UK, Duke, and UNC in the same conference.
  21. UCLA & USC are two schools in the SAME city two time zones away from the rest of the Big Ten. This move makes Fox look desperate to pump up the Big Ten as a super conference on par with ESPN and the new SEC. Adding USC to the Big Ten is Fox’s way of signaling Notre Dame to join. They’re pressing their titties up to the glass and shouting for Notre Dame to suck on both nipples of their rivalries with USC and Michigan.
  22. Serena is President Montez from Veep. I knew her voice sounded familiar.
  23. The Big Ten can have Notre Dame. They suck dick when it comes to winning big games. They gave the ACC blue balls by using them for other sports but still remaining “independent” in football. Going into business with someone so non-committal usually ends up being a huge mistake. The Big Ten can have ND so they can continue their rivalries with USC and Michigan. I don’t want to hear Mike Golic + Jr. gargling ND’s balls and coming up for air with a gold ring around their mouths every fucking week in the SEC.
  24. They are also trying to make everyone wear name tags and be nice to each other in public as well.
  25. This is all consolidating into 2 superconferences: SEC (ESPN) vs B1G (Fox) driven by the TV deals. The remaining schools need to claw their way in before the 20 (maybe 22) slots fill up and everyone else is left behind and considered G5 level competition.
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