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  1. RJ stays on at running back, forming a high quality 3-deep with Ingram and Bijan. Whittington is moved to WR to help fill in the voids left by the losses of CJ and Duvernay. We beat LSU at their place and we beat OU in Dallas. We Probably drop a game (or two) that we shouldn’t, but we still play in the big12ccg (and probably win). We are in the discussion for a CFP spot, but probably fall short of actually getting one. We End our season in the sugar bowl again, this time against Florida. We win that game; and herman expands his perfect bowl record And improves to 3-0 against the SEC in the post season at Texas. Herman remains HC. Major hype builds for 2021.
  2. Can someone post a gif of Naviar’s “yeah motherfuckers yeah!” from tonight’s game?
  3. We’re beating the shit out of these guys
  4. Shit. They’ve discovered they can throw on us.
  5. Aggy would have been a middling big 12 team in 2012, just like they were every year as a member of this conference. A big part of the reason for Aggy success in 2012 was that the SEC was still in the offensive Stone Age, but that year finally had to play against a team every week with an explosive quarterback and high powered offense. Because Aggy wasn’t bringing a garbage offense to the conference, the sec mythos of “elite defenses” could only be masked for so long.
  6. FIGHT! We beat Baylor. Baylor loses to Kansas. We play for Big XII title.
  7. Just to breathe a little life into futureman’s prediction, 10 wins is actually still possible. If Baylor loses to Kansas, we are almost certainly in the big xii ccg (assuming we beat Baylor and tech). It’s not as unlikely as you might think. If we beat Baylor, they could tailspin. Kansas has les miles and won’t be going to a bowl game, so ending their season with Baylor at home will be their super bowl and they’ll play with nothing to lose. We had Kansas in the same spot last year and nearly lost to them, and they are better this year. Then factor in that Baylor should have lost to tech and that tech literally did lose to Kansas. “But it’d be an epic collapse of Baylor to lose to Kansas,” you might say.... well they displayed their ability to collapse epically this weekend. The dam may have already broken.
  8. You look at Iowa State and it’s just all about avoiding catastrophe in Ames because weird things happen there.
  9. Choo choo, motherfuckers
  10. I honestly think we come out of the bye week and play well enough to beat KSU at home. Then do likewise the following week in Ames. Then we have a trip to Arlington on the line when we visit Baylor in Waco, and I have no fucking idea how that will go. Probably like the Kansas game. Then we’ll probably finish our regular season with a win against tech.
  11. Reminder: Dicker missed a fg and herman basically gave them 3 points by icing a shank
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