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  1. You look at Iowa State and it’s just all about avoiding catastrophe in Ames because weird things happen there.
  2. Choo choo, motherfuckers
  3. I honestly think we come out of the bye week and play well enough to beat KSU at home. Then do likewise the following week in Ames. Then we have a trip to Arlington on the line when we visit Baylor in Waco, and I have no fucking idea how that will go. Probably like the Kansas game. Then we’ll probably finish our regular season with a win against tech.
  4. Reminder: Dicker missed a fg and herman basically gave them 3 points by icing a shank
  5. KSU isn’t fucking around
  6. Xcalibur

    my turn? week 9

    Texas -1.5 v TCU SC -4.5 v Tenn TTU -3.5 v Kansas Hawaii -10.5 v UNM ND -1 v UMich
  7. They are terrible. We should win convincingly.
  8. The Stoppable Force vs The Moveable Object or Stoppable Force Meets Moveable Object
  9. Xcalibur

    NCAA Week 8

    Okst -3.5 UNC -3.5
  10. 10-2, 9-3 at worst. We’ll get to Arlington unless that third loss is to Baylor. I think beating OU in the rematch is realistic, which would set us up for a (likely) Texas/Florida sugar bowl. If we don’t beat OU, we’d be playing the bama/LSU loser in the sugar, as ou would almost certainly be in the playoff.
  11. I don’t think we cover. We probably win by around 15. We are pretty banged up.
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