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  1. Very ageist as Pop was about to make a run at these 8 games. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/29269506/adam-silver-pondering-older-coaches-bench-nba-returns
  2. Its kinda like pre marriage though, if the BJs are drying up prior to the ceremony, outlook not so good on BJ supply going forward.
  3. Does his camp think he get can those numbers in the open market? How else do they have any leverage? Are the cowboys just scared of the uncertainty of life without Dak? Leveon did all his holdout shinanagins and ended up with less money and in a worse situation at NYJ.
  4. Wait, you went to HS with Mrs Maisel's husband?
  5. If the cowboys are not using dalton as leverage, then Im severely disappointed in the cowboys and their ability to negotiate. Honestly, I cant imagine why anyone would get their panties in a wad over them gaining leverage.
  6. At least 20. Never seen this either. Any good? Better than The Apartment?
  7. I'm thinking DB. The last 3 first rounders have been player's they've interviewed prior to the draft. The majority of the guys with a 1st or 2nd rd grade on their list are DBs. Grant Delpit, Trevon Diggs, or C.J. Henderson Kenneth Murray was also interviewed and is projected rd 1.
  8. Im fine with Dak at the right price. All we're committed to is the tag at this point. I'll be pretty dissapointed if they don't draft a QB. Cooper Rush gives them 0 leverage. Gimme Jalen Hurts!
  9. Mike White still married to the hot cheerleader from freshman year. I saw on his insta yesterday.
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