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  1. Looking for a new binge. Never really watched the sopranos. Should we do that or this Banshee show?
  2. I have only seen atomic blonde and red sparrow I liked Anna better than those two, but I'm a Besson fan. The 5th Element is like my favorite movie.
  3. Nah, I just watched The Full Monty a year ago. Its not in the same league.
  4. Anna Luc Besson's latest film. It was awesome. Highly recommend if you like hot women and action. Had to wait awhile because Cinemax had an exclusive. It's now available for rent on prime.
  5. Cool. I enjoy the game too, but one of the unique qualities of college football is the tradition. Did you ever think the song was in any way racist until this became a headline?
  6. Like my momma always said, dudes go out looking to F or to F (to fuck or to fight). Cant get laid? Might as well roll around with some dude instead.
  7. Not all parties. I'm looking at you Ryquell Armstead...
  8. Also seems like we should maybe inquire on Legarrette Blount's interest.
  9. I think so. He's such an ISO guy who doesn't contribute enough when he's not the primary focus.
  10. Yes, don't let your boys be quitters. The show is still great.
  11. Cowboys trade Dak and 3 firsts to the Jags for 1st overall pick. Urban gets a guy who already knows his offense and makes a super bowl run. The cowboys get cute and draft Trey Lance, who flashes early but ultimately regresses to seeing ghosts.
  12. How are you supposed to recruit in this day and age if you can't work the sticks bruh?
  13. This. My wife had breast cancer and we were just talking last night about how easy it would've been to just ignore.
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