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  1. Der! The bad thing is I was playing the guy who traded me Mixon. It woulda been nice to beat him with his own player. I still have a shot, but not loving my chances. Up 13 v SF defense.
  2. Standard need a flex: Mixon Drake Freeman Gallup
  3. Does this mean he won't dis kids in Saquon Jerseys anymore?
  4. Especially with all those glowing reports on how they have some packages for him and he'll work out of a comittee. Good bench warmer right there!
  5. I gave up Juju. Our league hoards RBs and I'd claimed Juju off waivers this week.
  6. So desperate for RB and traded for Mixon. Can I start him this week over Metcalf? Standard league. Last couple weeks have been terrible.
  7. Winston had 19 fantasy points w/ 5 interceptions. He's gonna throw the ball. The only risk is if Arians pulls him for turning the ball over too much.
  8. .5 PPR Looking for a RB2 and Flex between M. Gordan, P. Linsday, A. Ekeler Leaning Ekeler as Flex with Lindsay RB2, but linsday has a tough matchup. Thoughts?
  9. I'd lean Davis, he's been underwhelming for a shorter period than Parker.
  10. In the past 5 years there have been 3 pro-bowl wide receivers taken in the first round. Mike Evans, Odell, annnnnd Amari Cooper. Those true #1s are hard to find. Coop is one of em.
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