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  1. Brutal. How the hell did he get cut in August? Its literally his middle name!
  2. I'm intrigued, what was your watch schedule like?
  3. Thank God the game is over. Not sure White could take any more charges. That's Enough!
  4. I didn't realize she was born at Brack, purty cool
  5. Yeah, and little boy whore club wasn't. Kinda par for this show.
  6. But wouldn't the clone be a deviant as well? I'm not completely versed in clone logic.
  7. Damn, the wife and I just started this last week and have already peeled thru season 3. Will check back in when complete, but thoroughly enjoying thus far.
  8. Very ageist as Pop was about to make a run at these 8 games. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/29269506/adam-silver-pondering-older-coaches-bench-nba-returns
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