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  1. I am betting on hung jury.
  2. I would not have guessed the SHART stated back in 1962.
  3. Nebraska needs to sit down and shut up and the damn games.
  4. B1G

    2021 Drunk Thread

    I will hang with you Zepol, got started around 10 A.M.
  5. B1G


    Jumbo chickens or small chickens?
  6. B1G


    What size of eggs do you buy?
  7. B1G

    2021 Drunk Thread

    Separate of course
  8. B1G

    2021 Drunk Thread

    Fuck it snow day so bud light and Buffalo Trace
  9. Certified at the age 15, first major open water dive was shipwreck dives in Lake Superior, surface temperature was 50 degrees in August.
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