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  1. B1G

    Beef Prices

    I would rather keep it here.
  2. B1G

    Beef Prices

    I know times are hard in the meat industry but for the price of a prime grade boneless rib steak to jump from $15.99 a pound to $25.99 a pound in one week seems a bit much. How are prices where you all live?
  3. Vic are you posting pictures from the POF site again? I thought you gave that up.
  4. If she takes control 1 case of PMS in a time of a time of stress will lead to nukes.
  5. I think he has bean there before.
  6. Because you touch yourself?
  7. Is that what they are calling lube these days?
  8. Going to load up on beer and booze today.
  9. I had Panda Express for lunch and I am not feeling well, am I going to die?
  10. You could double or triple the cash and wrap it up and give it to your wife to see the look on the inlaws faces.
  11. So the wife is wet? Better get right on that.
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