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  1. Earl better change all his passwords. That wasn’t the first time she was creeping.
  2. D.J. Shockley, DeShaun Foster, Brad Smith, Mike Hart, Chris Gamble, Jonathan Stewart, Jeff Samardzija, Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown.
  3. Dude is an absolute train wreck. It’s hard to watch.
  4. Trying to avoid paying the fees on stubhub and other sites. Thanks.
  5. Why is anyone a fan of a team in a different city? Their family is from Dallas/Texas; their friends like the Cowboys; the team is on TV all the time; people like tradittional winners; people like to be hated; Jerry is an interesting character. Really not that complicated.
  6. I see ESPN finally decided to spend all of their LHN profits.
  7. They got paid to change lightbulbs. The jokes are too easy...”How many horned frog athletes does it take to change a lightbulb?”
  8. Thanks for digging all this up and sharing it.
  9. That plane is owned by N1235L LLC. According to the FAA, that entity’s address is located on Millers Bridge Road in Tallahassee. According to the Leon County Property Appraiser, that same address is a home owned by John T Burnett. Tallahassee local news reports indicate John “J.T.” Burnett is currently under indictment for being involved in a public corruption/bribery case. Kim Rivers, the CEO of Trulieve (a medical marijuana business in Florida), is a co-owner is the home on Miller’s Bridge Road. They might be giving dirty money to FSU, but the plane isn’t connected to UT’s coaching search.
  10. For those like me who hadn’t kept up with him, he’s put on the freshman 40:
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