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  1. Assuming the allegations are true, this seems dumb all around. Patterson is dumb for saying it. All he needed to do was say don’t use the “n word.”
  2. Going to need to see pics of said receptionist.
  3. This shit is annoying. I can’t remember a story where journalists weren’t willing to “report” breaking news that didn’t end up being true.
  4. Royal China was our go-to Chinese. Anyone had anything worth delivering/picking up during the times of corona?
  5. Earl better change all his passwords. That wasn’t the first time she was creeping.
  6. D.J. Shockley, DeShaun Foster, Brad Smith, Mike Hart, Chris Gamble, Jonathan Stewart, Jeff Samardzija, Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown.
  7. Dude is an absolute train wreck. It’s hard to watch.
  8. Trying to avoid paying the fees on stubhub and other sites. Thanks.
  9. Why is anyone a fan of a team in a different city? Their family is from Dallas/Texas; their friends like the Cowboys; the team is on TV all the time; people like tradittional winners; people like to be hated; Jerry is an interesting character. Really not that complicated.
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