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  1. Let's hear some ideas for nicknames - we may not be able to fully decide until we see some of the personality their position players play with, but we can get started with legacy names and funny observations.
  2. Rand Paul should resign or be expelled from the Senate. I've seen enough.
  3. He should be removed from office after this segment. Attacking George like that is disgusting. This is clearly a sick man who is unfit to fulfill his constitutional duties. Saying that cases were thrown out due to procedural process is a complete lie to the American people. These cases had absolutely no standing because there is no evidence to support the claims of widespread fraud. I do think he made a decent point in election laws and the changes to those laws being suspect, that is totally different from the conflated message he made about fraud. 1 is questioning the way w
  4. I think this site pretty accurately reflects Texas, not everyone will agree.
  5. Only thing I'm bummed about is Henry getting torn apart and sown back together instead of put down. There was an extra day he suffered and that's what I feel like was not fair to him. Jojo is good, we had a meeting with a local dog trainer/behaviorist or whatever and my wife understands the situation better. RIP henry
  6. Please let us know cool stuff you want to hear in the mailbag thread
  7. The bolded 2 will never happen, we will never have people pay for scoop or access. Right now only ~30% of overall traffic is even monetized and the average CPM for it was ~.55-.65 mainly depressed due to covid, but also programmatic is basically trash right now everywhere. This has tripled (or more) with the direct ad deals I did with Hulu, Beats, UA/Dicks and a few others through our new publisher representation. Adding in the "lurkers that have accounts" with light monetization would monetize 80% of traffic. Fully monetizing cloak room traffic would double revenue imme
  8. Need to convey that these coaches fuck.
  9. No one is safe. We will take your best fucking coach.
  10. Does anyone wanna do a writeup, but not a serious one. I can narrate it and post it on the youtube channel. lol
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