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  1. In a time where more and more parents will be learning about UT on this website because in-person campus visits will be impossible, you foster an environment of racism and hatred.  What happens next is on you, nobody else. 

  2. This seems on track for the most part. Please report posts that have people just throwing shit at each other and I'll split those to a new thread to keep this clean. Being an asshole isn't against the rules, but for the sake of readability it's best to separate that out of this thread.
  3. You literally said the president's name which has been against the rules in that thread since like the beginning of March
  4. Yeah conduent seems like a shitty company who steals from it's workers.
  5. oh you mean as quickly? IDK other than game threads. Total views though aren't even at 750k yet.
  6. if you won't name the company I'm locking this thread.
  7. that's a tapatalk thing not a surly thing. Only subscribers can upload images and it's unlimited on our end.
  8. If the hard and fast rule was "anything having to do with governing people is politics" we essentially couldn't have any discussion as the government is everywhere.
  9. I'm sorry but you are completely wrong and this attitude is exactly why I had to change the rules again. It's a public policy issue, yes - it has absolutely nothing to do with politics. The people in these posts literally don't matter, the teams they represent also don't matter. The actions actively being taken by the government have absolutely nothing to do with politics, they have to do with public policy. If you don't understand the difference between the 2 thats not a bad thing, they are often very tightly coupled - however they are NOT the same.
  10. I know this is true and thats why I had to move the goalposts yet again - I had hundreds of reports for CR outside of CR and none of them even fit criteria to give them the litmus test. I think some people just can't divorce the 2 things at all and have a policy discussion without picturing the orange mans face or whatever the fuck. I'm honestly over it I'm super busy with my day job right now and juggling a 4 month old when WFH with your wife is really garbage.
  11. city/county is fine doesn't matter if you live there or not, chances are someone on the board in that thread does. NYC is a huge hub for users as is seattle, twin cities, DC, etc.
  12. So be it. If this is the main place you get your covid-19 news then you probably don't give a fuck about stuff happening everywhere else, just in your region. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  13. It's not really CLOAKROOM, but people are conflating it very easily because of panic and frenzy it's really fucking unfortunate and dumb, but the fact that there is a thread where it won't bother people and one where it is pretty clear that the majority of posters are bothered by it makes it an easy decision.
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