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  1. I don't think this is true. I think the Republican platform would just better reflect what the citizens actually want and need. The Republican party as we know it today is dead already, it's zombie corpse will just continue to live on until January of 2021. The democratic party would also be dead if more voters turned out as it's platform isn't much better than the Republicans when it comes to actually representing the citizens of the United States. Too many corporate interests and bullshit like that getting in the way of real and effective policy. We have no answer YEARS after the EU has had wild success with internet data rights in GDPR. It's actually pathetic how bought our government is.
  2. How? It's the foundational duty of living in this country. You would have much much harsher penalties for not paying taxes. Same same.
  3. Exactly. It has never happened in modern history. If we had high turnout our country and it's politicians wouldn't be owned by the billionaires and interest groups.
  4. It's almost like the people that vote get fair and accurate representation in public office. Funny how that works. Everyone needs to vote. I don't actually care who wins if we are above 95% voter turnout. It'll be representative.
  5. You did question it, I'm letting you know why your line of questioning is falling on deaf ears. This is the thread discussing Trump (seems like mostly bad, but also good things) and you are going hard on this IC line. Everyone is willing to accept some level of suspect IC, the topic at hand is the complete and blatant constant disregard to ANY intelligence that doesn't fit into Trump's already existing agenda.
  6. Idk if you are being purposefully obtuse or just astonishingly lack self awareness on this topic because you are usually pretty even keeled. Mistrust of the IC, while sometimes being warranted is definitely a huge deal with Trump and his supporters. I know the way you are saying to be wary of IC without blindly accepting it is good intentioned and rooted in logical decision making, but you have to understand the optics dude. I don't trust the IC because most everyone I met while I was involved with it was completely incompetent, but they were all trying to do the right thing. There's a complex truth and then there's a simple truth: The simple truth is that Donald Trump didn't listen to the IC briefing on this, was most likely made aware of it several times over the course of the last 6 months and has not only entirely rejected it, but has lobbied for Russia a known subversive actor to rejoin the G8. People are tired of this bullshit and are wanting to see smoke to yell fire. Meanwhile the same buffoon that blatantly disregards all intelligence and military recommendations. Literally tweeted a video of people yelling "white power". This isn't the "is the IC fucked and trustworthy at all" thread it's the Donald Trump 2020 thread.
  7. Interesting. I'll need to "log in as ss13" to poke around with the behavior - will report back later.
  8. Interesting when I click it from multiple browsers it always goes to: https://www.surlyhorns.com/board/index.php?/discover/unread/ Does that show the same filters for content I have posted for you?
  9. The problem is the party system. Political parties need to be abolished. There is no reason for parties in our modern world where technology and information can be spread to the entire country nearly instantaneously. All party politics does is force people to think about alliances and colors. It's a crutch for people who don't think or don't want to make their own decisions. Fuck you if you don't want to make your own decisions, own your own shit and vote for someone you want to truly represent you not a bunch of fucking hack job politicians who have no real interest in public service or a platform. Just mouthpieces and puppets for different interest groups.
  10. I don't understand the question. If you are going out 2222 or 620 for anything during "rush hour" (8-930am, 430-630pm) kiss an hour goodbye each way. Not enough road for too many people. Idk the rest of your weirdly phrased question but if you have to go to those 3 places often hyde park is not where you should live.
  11. Don't know why my kitchen lighting makes the meat look grey, it was definitely not well done as seen in the subsequent picture. Fucking slammed and went hard.
  12. I changed this thread name. Lots of good shit here I think the key to 2nd wave talk is to isolate discussions away from the general virus and isolate it to each state or geographic area for lower population states. Carry on.
  13. Wife bought 2 of these thinking they wouldn't be 2.5lb each. I said we are saving the other one and cooking it later. First father's day very excited about this steak. Will post money shot. Breakfast was french toast with bacon and blueberry/strawberry.
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