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  1. You guys convinced me. We should definitely start shit with Russia over the Ukraine - For AMERICA.
  2. Another not well traveled person! Everyone wants to be America!
  3. I didn't know it was the United States of the world. Shoulda known better.
  4. This is none of our business we should stay way the fuck out of it, just like we do in other countries with active shit going on.
  5. you think these guys are playing for fun or pride? lol opt outs galore even from the rose bowl should have told you what you need to know.
  6. I'm gonna start putting fucking people on ignore on behalf of other people.
  7. Mahomes worth every penny of that 500M
  8. you are completely wrong. This is like saying "most people aren't stupid" - most people are in fact assholes, poor, and stupid.
  9. The hours are stupid they try to get these people to work, they need to transition away from "normal" schedules for the people who prefer to commute. The reason they didn't introduce mobile ordering is just stupidity, there is actually no good reason at all to order from the bar, after I experienced it (weird at first) at the Toomey ice house or whatever kerbey lanes new thing on Lamar is I was sold. It's so much fucking better of an experience for everyone, bartenders get to bartend and don't have to close tabs or manage complex orders, just bartend and then they shoot the shit if they have downtime. Same with servers, they just refill ninja unless they are running food and it makes everything more pleasant for everyone. I've had service industry jobs I was a bus boy and I worked retail (Geek Squad) - never waited tables formally, but my wife did for a long while. People are just shitheads and you have to not care - I tip because if I don't then next time that person may not be there which would be even shittier of an experience than it already is.
  10. Buying with a bit is against TOS on pretty much every site, but they can't tell the difference so they can't do anything about it.
  11. That theater is completely empty most of the time, he's only talking about the busy times. There are times where they have 5 people for the whole time they are there. He's not wrong though that most people are embarrassing from a behavior standpoint though. They could also choose to stop doing the standard queue and do digital ordering and pick up and it would alleviate a lot of the stupidity they experience when it's busy like on Xmas. Don't let the people interact for their order they can throw a tantrum at their phone instead of a kid.
  12. You drive or crate them. Choose or stop complaining.
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