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  1. Are you also on no avatar?
  2. Always let me know server from cookie monster.
  3. Poll rankings matter 0. They are never even close to the CFP rankings. That being said Texas blowing out TCU by 30+ in their house is gonna be very good for rankings.
  4. Buy now if you aren't paying cash or Venmo/PayPal direct from balance.
  5. Please bring ice. Ran out of time cuz my comal wasn't hot this morning. Tortillas took too long.
  6. I got the 1TB 13 Pro Max specifically to do video stuff for Surly Horns. I am fucking pissed that they didn't ship mine today.
  7. so 1 of the 2 battery power stations that I bought is defective for the AC ports and the DC won't power a smaller inverter (150W inverter). If one of you has a jackery or bluetti or something it would be nice if you brought it by and picked it up after the game. The one I have will only power the TV for about 4 hours and 15 minutes so folks that stay back at the tailgate will have the TV power off in the middle of the game if we watch gameday and all that (which we should). The reason I bought 2 is so that it could last all day. Unfortunately the ones that I bought cannot charge and AC convert at the same time, but I do have a 150w solar panel to charge the one that's not plugged in...had a plan, but ruined by inferior chinese quality assurance.
  8. Oh, you are a brave soul. No way I'd take Gunnar (22 month) to a game he'd run on the field.
  9. Depends on you it's packed and lots of fun. Not too much for an 18 month old but that's a good age. Not too mobile yet! If it's too busy just swing by the tailgate we are near the longhorn city limits thing.
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