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  1. Boiling mudbugs but this is a live view above my pool.
  2. Well there's 22 lawsuits and the stuff we have seen has been...not good. I'm not presuming guilt, but adding commentary to how things are going. As this thing develops further and further it keeps looking worse and worse from deshaun own camp, it's expected to get worse from the plaintiffs, but when the defense plays into the hands of the plaintiffs and the defense lawyer is known to be extremely competent it seems like the client is actually fucking up the case not the lawyer.
  3. I brought up race? Lmfao no. Reading comprehension has never been your strong suit. It's amazing how much hate can block critical thinking skills
  4. This smells a lot like the client not telling the lawyer everything. The more he learns the less winnable the case looks. If you tell your lawyer, I never did any of that stuff - this is a troll job. Your lawyer says cool, we can prove that by making them use their real names. Then when they use their real names and it turns out you actually did fucking sexually assault these people and you tell your lawyer oh, yeah I fucked some of them now that I think about it, but it was always consensual. Next phase is getting into the defense playing into a criminal trial instead of just
  5. Did this miss the mark? I struggled with making it funny and still relevant. I felt like any more focus on funny would have come off as a pure troll job and any more serious and it would have been very off brand. I need feedback on this sort of thing.
  6. So you literally tell me you don't hate black people, them completely ignore the opportunity to justify in any way why the fuck you would do this guns drawn in this situation as a human, let alone a LEO. So either you hate black people and think they are all criminals that should be treated this way regardless of how inane the crime or you are a fucking idiot troll or you can explain to all of us how you see this situation being justified or playing out where the use of guns and pepper spray was appropriate.
  7. Tell us more about how you hate blacks. At what point does not displaying a temp plate warrant drawing your gun and pepper spray? I'll hang up and listen as you explain to me the reason they drew their guns was because this guy was clearly super scary and threatening. Mainly because he's black, and we all know what we've been taught is that every black man that drives a new car is a drug dealer, with lots of guns and illegal things in his car. Am I doing this right?
  8. I take a few bites then give it to my dog.
  9. sublet.com, craigslist, zillow rental manager, and cozy.co ZRM and cozy.co syndicate the shit out of it. I don't list on Airbnb unless I do less than 1 month, although I think I could, just at a higher price because they take a huge booking fee.
  10. Tom Herman really fucked Sam over pretty hard.
  11. Why are there 2 mitch threads started by the same OP?
  12. Just failed over the master database, did anyone notice anything within the last 5 minutes?
  13. Yeah, thats due to other unsecure images on the site. That's normal.
  14. Something weird happened to the elasticsearch cluster it seems to have worked itself out.
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