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  1. https://austin.craigslist.org/fuo/d/austin-everything-must-go-sale/7079088898.html Check out my CL ad for pics. Surly discount = pay me anything in USD you feel is appropriate and get it the fuck out of the house and you can have it.
  2. Sure thing bud. Just Nevada or super Tuesday as well?
  3. Stay on topic. Take shit to the board discussion board if you have a problem with each other.
  4. Stop @ ing me. And stop talking about this shit in 3 different threads. Like wtf.
  5. That thread is worthless. It's the same people saying the same thing over and over. There is legitimately nothing new and no analysis of coaching or basketball in that thread.
  6. What the actual fuck. I'm locking this worthless fucking thread for a week.
  7. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/02/10/amazon-wants-to-depose-president-trump-over-jedi-cloud-contract-loss.html Bizzarro world.
  8. Just to clarify - I liked him better in relation to himself not anyone else.
  9. Really? I liked pissed off Joe tonight way better than the good old Uncle Joe routine.
  10. This is exactly what I'm trying to convey. Regardless of who or what the issue was the president will always do as much as they can and since the line in the Sand can seemingly just be redrawn further and further it just will. Am I saying Hillary would have sprinted past it and said fuck it there is no line suckers like Trump seemingly has. Absolutely not, but I am saying ANYONE who is president is going to redraw that line in the Sand to where they are comfortable pushing it.
  11. Well politely fuck you then 😂. You can believe whatever you want, I'm making an argument independent of your obvious love affair with this human who ran for president named Hillary Clinton.
  12. I'm no sidesing. You fucking rubes can't get the 2 party retardation out of your brains so you think I'm straddling or picking Hillary or Trump to hitch my trailer to. Both would have sucked maybe not equally but they both will have exacerbated the executive branch issues.
  13. You think Democrats get 2/3 majority to remove her from office if she does anything? If you do then you are sadly sadly deluded. I've made my stance on Trump clear, but just to clarify I DO NOT APPROVE of him or his administration, however that doesn't make EVERY policy that is aligned with something that has happened in his term bad or evil or overreaching. Never said degree didn't matter, I said he accelerated the path in my clarification post, let's not kid ourselves with the "she's of a higher moral standard than Trump" bullshit though. If it wasn't her it would have been someone else is what I'm trying to convey. Maybe I should just use random names and made up parties so people can understand better without putting their "FUCKIN HILLARY SAINT" or "MAGA MOFUCKER" hats on
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