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  1. https://signaturesolar.com/eg4-lifepower4-lithium-battery-48v-100ah/ x3 in a server rack and a grid tie inverter is more capacity and more potential sustained output that a power wall which is only 13.5kwh @ 9kw
  2. Power walls are ridiculously overpriced. You can get a similar setup for 1/4 the cost nowadays.
  3. This is a fun episode where we talk through a lot of our journey in NIL, we have as special guest the Bad Mother Fucker award recipient Jonathon Brooks where we get to learn a little bit more about who he is as a person. For those that want to download it here: Season 5 Episode 1 - Jonathon Brooks.mp3
  4. Just upload it here on surly haha. I have servers that will host it. Send as attachment in a DM.
  5. 1.5Mwh is not cheap. Battery makes sense there.
  6. This is awesome btw going to be an awesome addition to the podcast.
  7. Get in the mother fucker is like the most important part. Can you add some effects on that part? Also can we dial back the reverb effects I don't think they added much.
  8. Great start. I'd play with the sample more and do something like get get get get in the mother fucker with a phat drop after
  9. Damn, that's a lot of extra do you draw anything off the grid or does your battery last for days?
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