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  1. My dad had me reloading shotgun shells when I was 11-12. Funny remembering that. All I know is it was a progressive and it auto-measured the charge and the shot.
  2. I drive 183 daily and it is ripe for a directional changing HOV/Toll solution down the middle. Add 2 new lanes down the middle that can change direction with rush hour and save the cost of the additional lanes. Fixing the bottle neck between McNeil and Braker is a must do.
  3. TexasEd

    Airsoft thread

    been thinking of getting one of the same model as one of my real pistols to practice draw, lining up sights and dry firing. The last part may not be helpful depending on the trigger.
  4. Withe the Alkaline water Wolverine will probably break out
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.kxan.com/news/local/travis-county/large-law-enforcement-presence-responding-to-situation-near-mansfield-dam/amp/
  6. Reports of SWAT standoff at KXAN.
  7. Maybe Tom's plan is to hire people that have more surly personalities than himself.
  8. TexasEd

    Truck Nuts

    I'm on my second set of Geolandar AT tires. They have a much better grip than Michelin's harder compound and still have an 80,000 mile rating. I get the load range E and they add a lot of stability with the stiffer sidewalls. I highly recommend them.
  9. I looked back at the S&P 500 index and it was in the mid 800s on 1/1/2009 (After the housing bubble crash) and was in the mid 1800s on 1/1/2010. Those that sold at the bottom could have doubled their position by hanging in 12 months.
  10. I'd like to have a few extra magazines. I currently have exactly 1. They are not in stock most places I've looked so far. I do have a 22LR and a 5.56 that are cheaper to shoot.
  11. My PSA Gen 3 18" mid length AR10 is all put together. I've got a LaRue MBT-2S trigger on the way and to keep it under $2K I went with a Primary Arms 4-14x44 mil/mil .308 HUD scope and mount that is on the way from Optics Planet. The hardest thing has been finding magazines. I got one 10 rounder from Academy. I have a lead on some others locally I'll be going out to get tomorrow.
  12. Buy Low and Sell High. If you sell at the bottom of a crash then you are ignoring the most important rule.
  13. What brand? PSA. The upper came today. I need to clean it but I cannot get the bolt to lock back. Might be a break-in issue.
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