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  1. I heard the first one thought that was it and then totally surprised by the second one.
  2. I said that after the Kansas game and was ridiculed. Proving to be right. Offensive play calling under Tom is even handcuffing Sam to be worse than he would under a different staff.
  3. Before this is over the Democrats will be making a substantiated point that Trump was acting in Putin's best interests by withholding the defense aid from Ukraine, blaming Ukraine for the 2016 election interference and suggesting that Maybe Russia should just keep Crimea.
  4. You need to actually be good to get away with being as arrogant as Tom "We weren't out coached" Herman. But even then a little humility goes a long way. Being a losing dickhead wins you no fans.
  5. Both could be guilty but I'm not interested in moral equivalency. But the FBI is how you find out if a US citizen is committing a crime.
  6. I don't think you will get any grief replacing the open diff.
  7. Only logical conclusion after all these games isn't that Orlando finally changed its that they changed out Orlando.
  8. Cult of personality Be careful of having your reputation tied too much to individuals
  9. the facial expression and answer to Golden's question was pathetic.
  10. Lol. We're going to fuck this up. We'll fuck it up just like realignment
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