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  1. He won't let anyone work for him that would be honest with him that he was going to loose. When/IF he loses it will be a complete and utter shock because he only hires yes men
  2. I got my 69 Fastback Mustang in 1985 for a song. It belonged to my 70+ year old neighbor across the street and was just a 16 year old car.
  3. If you mean ammo, I have a few boxes laying around. I have not been to the range so I don't need to replace any now, but in general I keep a stash and I buy 2 boxes for every 1 box a shoot. Allows you to spread it out over time but if you shoot a lot you could be buying a 1000 rounds to replace the 500 you shot. Sorry I don't have a more practical answer but ArmyBrat and others mentioned sites you can order from. Academy is shipping free but limited to 3 boxes.
  4. I have a Ruger LC9 I could part with/trade
  5. I love the 67-69 Firebirds, they have a sexier shape than Camaros and are less common. When we see one at a car show I have the kids search for how many Firebird logos they can count on the car.
  6. whoo hoo, I've got 3 kids under 17, that's an extra $500 each.
  7. I'm almost tempted to run the numbers on lease vs the 84 months at 0%. Just spitballing but probably getting close to the same payments as a 36 month lease.
  8. Watch this. I enjoy this guy's channel.
  9. @Mach 1 I'm envious of that paint job. Saving money for my 69 fastback. Just sent you a PM.
  10. Yeah if your logic is Bernie>Biden>>>>>>>Trump what do you do if Bernie is not on the ballot, not vote or pick the next best option?
  11. Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris said in an interview released Wednesday that if she wins the White House, her Justice Department “would have no choice” but to pursue an obstruction of justice case against Trump after he leaves office. https://apnews.com/9f79c82810464250bccce9764458691f
  12. Florist near my house has a red one outside their shop.
  13. Is it incest if you're sterile? Asking for Alabama.
  14. I'm betting the ones Bernie is "leading" are within the margin of error. States where Biden is leading it is decisive.
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