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  1. Parents (Moms) will hold their kids out. The anti-vaxers are nuts and a small number compared to the reasonable expectation that kids not get a potentially fatal communicable disease at school. Normal school opening depends on: Having the spread under control (nope) and Contract tracing (nope) and protocols for prevention (fighting this one aren't we) and adequate testing (nope) Or Widespread effective vaccine (nope) Anything else is ignorant and irresponsible but look at who is leading this.
  2. I saw a nice 68 Firebird 400 Convertible on Craigslist the other day. Here: https://austin.craigslist.org/cto/d/georgetown-68-firebird-400-convertible/7148640166.html Edit: I think I've seen this car at cruise ins before. If that is the same one it is very nice.
  3. This is where I fall on must things insect and weed related. Rather have bees and deal with mosquitoes and moths. Rather have weeds and not poison the water. Try not to over fertilize, my back yard backs up to a creek bed that flows into lake Travis and my drinking water comes from the lake.
  4. TexasEd

    Truck Nuts

    With all the considerations I think going 35" is the best all around option. You don't cripple your milage, rear gear, height, or clearance as much staying in that range. Your current tires are 34" so with 35" tires you get 1/2" more clearance under your axle and suspension. Going to 38" only gets you 1.5" more clearance than 35" but potentially more headaches.
  5. Did my part today answering a DMN/UT Tyler poll. Told them I was a Conservative voting for Biden with very strong disapproval of Trump. They asked me if I thought the Pandemic would lead to civil unrest. I said no, it didn't in Europe or Asia, the difference is Trump's lack of leadership and bad advice, that is what could lead to civil unrest. They also asked me about Dan Patrick's statement about finding God will lead to a cure or something like that.
  6. TexasEd

    Truck Nuts

    Eco or Boost is right. Mine stays in boost over 65 MPH so for best mileage keep it slower than that.
  7. George Washington, Jefferson Davis, John Wilkes Booth, Abe Lincoln
  8. TexasEd

    Truck Nuts

    I've towed a 30' trailer with my 2013 F150. I put on E rated LT tires before I did it but it did great. I have the 3.5L twin turbo V6 it has a towing rating of 9000 lbs but I think you usually get to the max payload before you could tow that much. The lesson is don't just look at the tow rating you need to check the payload and add up the weight of passengers, luggage, and hitch weight.
  9. I think you need to be consistent with spring and fall applications of pre-emergent because not all the seed will try to germinate at the same time so it could take a few seasons to get it all.
  10. I'm an 11 and need more boots. I have a pair of Tony Lama Lizard Ropers from the 80s or early 90s that look like those just shorter shaft. I love them. Wear black socks with them, they do leave dye on white socks.
  11. What a coincidence. Looks like the one I saw today.
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