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  1. Time for a haircut for that Chevy mullet
  2. Sounds like we are at the right size, just that the pool makes it look small in the drawings. Should we do anything special in the spa? Right now it is just 6 standard jets. I'm thinking about going to 10 or 12 just to have more than one jet on a person at a time.
  3. So how big of a Spa should we get? This one is 7' in diameter supposedly comfortable for 6 adults.
  4. Rent a second apartment for the guitars.
  5. Midlothian Turnpike? I think that was late 80s to early 90s
  6. If you get infested with ducks I can take care of that for you.
  7. 1. My wife says It is supposed to be asymmetrical and I don't have a design eye. the deep end had an additional jag in it I asked to be taken out so I "made it worse". I want it straight across. 2. Spa is 7' in diameter interior dimension. It is large but the pool is 34 feet wide. My wife's # 1 feature is the suntan ledge. When we go to a friend's house that is where all the women stay. My want was the 6' depth that you can't stand in. If you can stand in the whole thing its a wading pool not a swimming pool. 3. Again, I don't care about the deck jets in the back. If they were free I would care less but at the price they are I guess I couldn't care less about them. I got the step up on the deep end edge you can't see with a sheer waterfall. That way it has a small diving platform if only an extra 6 inches higher than the rest of the deck. 4. There is a problem with the rendering that the faux edge does not come up to the same level as the tile surround and makes it look like a true edge. We have seen it with coping and we chose this way. as you pointed out the only thing missing on that side is the coping. The tile goes to the same height all the way around it is just not drawn that way. In real life it is supposed to be an optical illusion. 5. Yes, I have a huge existing 29'x13.5' flagstone patio next to the house. This is why I think we can shrink the decking around the pool to where we have room for 2 loungers and 2-3 regular patio chairs and a small table between them. The retaining wall will also be seating height.
  8. This part "The soil is sandy loam with little to no rock" would worry me and get me to lean towards asphalt with road base. How long is it?
  9. We're here to help. and, you got what you paid for.
  10. I few lessons learned... Get several larger drawers for things like grinders, small power or air tools, etc. I organized by tool type in a single drawer. Depending on inventory you may have a different allocation but you can group them and then count drawers. My Small drawers are: Wrenches, Pliers, Sockets, Screwdrivers, hammers, a mix of box cutters, torque wrenches, measuring tapes, etc. Get it on wheels, you will want to move it sooner or later Get roller bearing drawers Make sure to have plenty of space for stickers Think about how things like wrenches and sockets are organized. I love having them all in one drawer but sometimes getting the right socket is a search Top tray is for tomahawks, machetes, and hacksaws Harbor Freight boxes get decent reviews
  11. 1. Listen to Jameslaw. Rent. He has a great shop. 2. If you are in Austin I liked https://www.austinstrings.com/ and they can help with lessons. My daughter practiced there for a year.
  12. I bought this for the cable a few months ago. If the software is any good. I’ll send it to you. I bought a Samsung drive and used their software with this cable for my laptop.
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