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  1. So my cousin's husband has multiple roles there and one is HR. Apparently he and another employee were the ones to do clean-up before they let employees back in so there wasn't more trauma when they came in to get their belongings. Good grief. His son also works there and was a work friend of the victim who died. Go to lunch and stuff. Apparently the fatality victim was the main target and the rest of the people were collateral injuries. He was near the shooting when it happened but not right there.
  2. Doing some interior work today. New seat covers and cushions are on the way so it’s time to freshen up the faded parts. faded on bottom and painted on top.
  3. I call Paxton, Patrick, and Abbott the 3 Stooges
  4. My cousin's husband and son both work at that cabinet company. Trying to learn more without hounding them. He was 40 feet away and spoke to the shooter before he started shooting.
  5. New headers are installed. Now I have new seat covers and foam on the way.
  6. I recommend Setbelt planet, they can reweb existing or supply 3 point and match the color and style of webbing. https://www.seatbeltplanet.com/
  7. I did a rebuild of the original system with Dan at Chockostang. I like it and with the right hoses and attention to fitment it does not leak.
  8. Didn't you hear about the points game for sleeping with other politicians, double if they are married.
  9. I bet he gets off having a girl give him a beej while her braces have his face on them. That's a pretty kinky fetish. Wonder if the goal is to out kink each other. Who is in the lead? Mike Pence and his "mother" /Oedipus complex Jerry Falwell Jr watching the pool boy pound his wife Ladybug Trump and Ivanka This guy?
  10. I read this as bring the boys to the yard
  11. It's currently the Lee and Joe Jamail Swim Center. Maybe they name the pool after him.
  12. I'll save my judgement on CDC until I see how Eddie Reese's successor performs.
  13. Besides his M.O. seems more appropriate for a job at Fox.
  14. Same mindset as the Trump rioters who live streamed themselved breaking into the Capital.
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