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  1. Clarke was a high school teammate of Kai Jones and they seem to have been fairly close.
  2. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/georgia-football/georgia-fan-shares-racist-comments-reportedly-made-by-uga-baseball-player-toward-justin-fields/
  3. I always wonder what guys like McClearin and Ty Walker do to supplement their income. It's gotta be difficult staying in the business in their positions as you enter your 40s and 50s with a family.
  4. I'm actually entertained by the awkward tension between Matt and Dan.
  5. He wouldn't. I said, "As long as the roster is cleared of a bunch of returning guards and wings by the 2022 season". I didn't want a roster full of returning guards and wings. because I want to fill that roster space with a bunch of guard/wing talent in that 2022 class. If I had my druthers I'd take 5 guards/wings out of that class alone.
  6. As long as the roster is cleared of a bunch of returning guards and wings by the 2022 season I'm good with whomever we have transfer in. There's way too much ridiculous guard/wing talent in the 2022 class for us to have holdovers who are considerably less talented than them. As it stands now Tyson and Askew would be the only returning wings/guards unless you consider Cunningham a wing. Tyson probably matches or exceeds what someone like Anthony Black or Terreance Arceneaux can bring as a freshman, but Askew couldn't hold anyone of Arterio Morris', Keyonte George's, or Cason Wallace's jocks if
  7. Good discussion on the Texas high school basketball scene and the 2022 class in general.
  8. 14-18 (Milwaukee Bucks) was his 1st contract. I believe he tore up his knee once or twice during his 4 year rookie deal then signed a 1yr $20 million deal with Chicago with a team option for a 2nd year and was traded to Washington before that year was up.
  9. Jabari Parker has had multiple contracts throughout his career and has made over $55 million in career earnings. https://www.spotrac.com/nba/boston-celtics/jabari-parker-15354/cash-earnings/
  10. This is no longer true anymore. Nowadays if you're a picked within the top 40-45 you get a guaranteed deal or a guaranteed portion of your contract. While obviously 1st rounders are still the only guys who have their contracts explicitly guaranteed by the CBA, teams have begun to value early 2nd round picks and therefore have started guaranteeing their deals as a result.
  11. I'd be more surprised by Coleman coming back than I would be by GBIII coming back.
  12. Not sure how Greg Brown and Allen would mix together, especially if Sims comes back. It's a good problem to have though.
  13. Finally a guy who gets that a big part of college sports is about constantly promoting and marketing your brand/program. This is especially important for longhorn basketball. Penders was the last UT coach to truly get this.
  14. I always assumed Kyle was that South African chick (I forget her handle) who used to post on shaggy. Is she not?
  15. I know there's a narrative surrounding the Shaka years that he got super elite recruits whom he did nothing with but there's more to the story than that. The one area where Shaka recruited exceptionally well was along the frontline. Jarrett Allen, Mo Bamba, & Will Baker were his best recruits. Addionally he had an eye to latch on early to underrecruited bigs who would later explode on the scene in Kai Jones and Jaxson Hayes. The one elite guard he recruited on par with those aforementioned bigs was Andrew Jones. In cbb, elite bigs are nice to have but they're the salad that comes along wit
  16. I'm honestly joking. When Matt Hill popped up in a discussion about development in a quoted post of a video where he made A rebound, in his 2.1 second appearance, I literally blurted out laughing and definitely zeroed in on that comment. That shit was funny to me. I dont even think I read the rest of your post.
  17. You're right I'll do better. I need develop in my life the way Matt fucking Hill was developed on the basketball court.
  18. Matt Hill Isn't exactly the player I would hold up as an avatar of player development. Matt Hill Geezus Christ!! You couldn't lunchpail that anymore than you did if you tried. And I know he's an NBA assistant now so before you try to add that to the ledger of his development it's already been noted. Kai Jones-not developed Jaxson Hayes-not developed Kerwin Roach-not developed Jericho Sims-not developed Matt Coleman-not developed But fucking MATT HILL. That muthafucka right here was fucking developed. I mean look at that confide
  19. I was kinda hoping for this. Way too many guard options in the 2022 class and I don't want anything deterring them from Austin.
  20. The problem is she pulled her gun as she approached the car right as dude made a break for it. When she later changed her mind to use the taser she already had the gun in her hand and didn't recognize what she had already done.
  21. And to emphasize my point here are Ramey's Dad's feelings on that question.
  22. Not to mention Ramey who lost his mom to cancer. In all honesty Ramey is probably the most Beard-ready player on the roster outside of Cunningham.
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