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  1. Fewer... Hot afternoon here in Lubbock. Will be watching by the pool on the south side.
  2. squib

    Underrated Movies

    Some great ones already mentioned. A Perfect World (Costner/Eastwood) My Life (Keaton) Big Fish (Time Burton movie) The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down a Mountain
  3. 1987 Texas A&I Javelinas v. Angelo State Rams. ASU won Big Time: Rice v. Horns. 1991
  4. I did finasteride and rogaine together for a while after using only rogaine for years. About 6 months into using both, I actually started growing back in some hair I had lost. Doctor told me that almost everyone would hold their own using both and that about half would see some new growth. I then asked him why he had a huge bald spot. He said "I would never use finasteride; that shit has a small chance of making your dick stop working and any damage is irreversible. Here are some citations for peer-reviewed articles." I went home and read the articles--then threw the finasteride in the trash. Still use rogaine (actually the Kirkland brand) twice daily and it is no trouble. I wish I could have stayed on both treatments and I feel I am only slowing the inevitable now, but I can't bring myself to shave it all off because 1). I have a hot young wife; 2). I have three places on my head where I had to get stitched back up and I suspect I will look like Frankenstein if I go hairless. But seriously, read up on the finasteride. The risk is small--but it scared me.
  5. If it weren’t for football, we would never turn our TV on. Instead we play music nightly. Right now I am connecting to either a portable Bluetooth speaker or through an Alexa and then playing Spotify. Tired of the crappy mono sound and want to get a solid setup. The room for the install is pretty big and is a combined kitchen/living room open space. I can place speakers on top of kitchen cabinets or the like. Portability is not important. I will hook it all up and then leave it be. Will just need to Bluetooth in or I guess I could go with some Aux cord setup if needed. Have looked at a receiver system where I buy it and speakers. Have also looked at some all-in-ones like some Bose deals or sound bar type devices. I also have some built in speakers in the ceiling throughout the house and out by the pool but I know nothing about them. They are in the ceiling. Look like 6x9s. No idea on quality. My budget is about $500 but I could be talked into more if necessary. It’s really our main entertainment, and I would like a better option than what I am working with now. Anyone have some recs or can point me in a good direction? Thanks in advance.
  6. Has anyone said anything about rental car companies tethering together with titanium wire two sets of keys to the rental car? I want two separate keys in case I misplace one; and I don't want them attached in a big wad that I can't fit in my pocket. I get why they do it. But I would rather they just lock the second key up and not make it available to me.
  7. All lies. No Pliney. But the Squatters Juicy IPA was pretty good. And also the Doc Chilton sour beer
  8. Well, that place that sent the messages kinda sucks so I have no idea. Swore I would never go back after I went a few weeks ago. I'm going to go against my better judgement and hit it up one more time just to follow up on this. There are 20 places in Lubbock that have a better craft scene. I'll be glad to mark this place off my list for good if they punk me through this app.
  9. I guess I will find out after work. I got the notification in the app. Maybe it said it was in bottles.
  10. Had the same question. Saw on some beer ap I have that a new craft beer place here has it on tap now. I want to check it out.
  11. That clip is a perfect exemplar of why Carson is the GOAT of late-night talkshow hosts. He never said a word--but he wasn't letting that guy pull that ax so quickly.
  12. squib


    Maybe my favorite television of all time. The first seasons are fantastic. And I did not gripe and moan about the last few seasons and ending. On the whole, really strong. I was hooked after the first episode.
  13. Have a trip booked for Labor Day weekend. Have dinner reservations at Lotus of Siam and was planning on betting college football on Saturday and maybe Sunday. Not sure if it is worth the coin at this stage.
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