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  1. Those bell peppers are real sleepers. I highly recommend (not as ‘Rona cure although).
  2. Ships that Don’t Come In is a damn fine song and shows Diffie’s impressive vocal range. I always liked it but dang sure can’t sing along.
  3. On the outskirts of Lubbock in one of the old strip liquor stores, there is now a "gaming/bingo/slot machine" joint. Not sure what goes on in there, but I drove past it at 5 a.m. yesterday morning and there wasn't room to fit another car in the parking lot. Had to be at least 50 people in a 2000 sq ft building. Not sure what goes on in there but I doubt it involves social distancing.
  4. squib

    Bidet Meta Threas

    After reading this thread a few months ago, I told my wife I wanted a bidet for my birthday (next week). She thought I was joking but ordered one for a laugh. Last night I told her I was ordering one and she said that there was a bidet hidden in the closet for me to open next week. I went and grabbed that mutha and had it hooked up in 20 minutes. Couldn’t sleep last night for anticipation of my morning dump. Daylight came, I unloaded and then blasted my anus. Wow. My life is forever altered. I’m ashamed I waited this long. The corona virus forced this quantum leap in my quality of life.
  5. There once was a bat from Wuhan Who served as a meal for a man Now the bars are all closed... and the Irish are hosed Flying rat jacked my annual black n’ tan
  6. In da Mobile hood Green shorty prays for sweet death Ghetto crowd shouts hey
  7. Saw KISS last night in Lubbock. David Lee Roth opened. I kinda went on a lark, but as a huge KISS fan, I couldn't miss. I was blown away. KISS puts on a hell of a show & Paul Stanley is a master at working a crowd. I guess because of the makeup and the clothes, they are ageless. Looked just like they did back in the '70s. Obviously, the voices aren't the same, but damn if they weren't still pretty good. David Lee Roth also impressed me. He did 45 minutes and looks very athletic. Jumped all around stage--albeit the jumps were more like small bounces. He also played to the crowd and put in real effort. His voice really does suck, but no one seemed to mind. KISS still has a great stage set with pyrotechnics, risers, lifts, video screens and at one point Stanley road some apparatus out to the middle of the crowd about 200 feet from the main stage and played to those of us in the cheap seats. One thing that was really cool is that the video board behind the band would often times show vintage concert footage of the current band playing along with its former self. All in all, it was the best $35 I have spent in 2020. If the show comes to your town, I highly recommend it. And as far as the corona virus goes, I went to take a leak and someone shouted out in the men's room--"I have the corona." Immediately someone shouted in response "and KISS is the cure." I hope so. After Deuce, Stanley told the crowd "We hear there is a sickness going around. Well, I just happen to have the phone number and will be calling DR. LOVE." Cue Gene... If I die next week, bury me in face paint and my ostrich Luccheses.
  8. Went to the Tech game. Hated the loss, but damn what a great atmosphere. Had a great time and multiple $8 beers.
  9. I have tickets to the KISS tour with David Lee Roth opening next week. No way I am missing that for fear of death.
  10. Got on a decent crankbait bite today. Don’t let anyone tell you that stock hooks are acceptable. In 47 degree water, they only nip at it most of the time.
  11. squib

    Cowboy Boots

    It seems I lied. I just came to the closet to check. The caimans I have are Tony Lamas. Sorry for the confusion.
  12. squib

    Cowboy Boots

    I have a pair of Dan Post caimans that are plenty nice.
  13. squib

    Cowboy Boots

    I wouldn’t wear ‘em but they are in style. Hope he pulls some wool in those. Respect.
  14. I fish about 15 tournaments a year. Mostly smaller local tournaments with a few bigger, state-wide events mixed in. Used to fish BassChamps, Honey Hole, and two other circuits. That was back when my kids were smaller, and I could be gone every weekend. As soon as I get my last one out of high school, I'll go back to hitting it hard and heavy. I have just about given up all hobbies other than those related to bass fishing. I am either building tackle, building rods or at the lake--or mad because I am not doing 1 of the 3. Tournament fishing ties this all together for me, and I would be much less into fishing if it were not for tournaments. That is somewhat of a shame, but it is what it is.
  15. Fished tournament today with water starting out at 45 degrees and warming to 48 by weighin. Pretty slow. Caught my first keeper at 9:45 am in 32 foot of water. Then ran a bit of a pattern using a finesse jig I build. Ended up culling to best 5 of 10.5 pounds. Tried to make a big cull by moving to a deep ledge in 30 foot throwing a big football head jig. Marked fish on the graph. First cast got a good thump. Set the hook, pulled the fish a few feet, then SNAP. Broken line. Still not sure what happened. Might could have used the fish if it was the right one. Got 2nd and won $220. A few ounces was worth another $150.
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