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  1. Multitasking now. Need to go make the watermelon feta thing
  2. “Meet” is coming along. Butts at 174. Brisket at 180
  3. Wiler--fill me in on this "Planning a watermelon, mint, and feta salad as well." Details please. I have all those items in my fridge right now.
  4. No excuse for the "meet" error other than being half asleep and 1/4 drunk. And homemade ice cream sound awesome CycleTex. I think I will go on the search for my freezer. That grinding hum of that motor is music to my ears.
  5. Lit the fire at 5 am. Meet just went on.
  6. squib

    Cowboy Boots

    It depends on how you are going to judge "best." Overall craftsmanship, comfort, etc. I have boots from lots of store brands and some customs as well. For damn sure, my most comfortable boots are not the ones I paid the most money for. And the ones I have that are the biggest eye catchers are not the most expensive and are likely my least comfortable. I wear boots at least three days a week and then usually anytime I work outside or go out to eat, etc. with my wife. My #1 criteria is how comfortable they are. Lucchese ostrich is that boot for me right now. But comfort to me also has to do with design. I don't like a tall cowboy or riding heel. I feel as if they clop too much and I don't like trying to balance on the smaller pad. Walking heel suits me as well as some of the shallower flat heels. I am the first to admit that I am not horseback often anymore though. Those cowboy/riding heels sit well in a stirrup, but I am not buying boots with a feature that is nice twice a year. To me, heel is the primary concern (after overall fit of course). Then it comes down to choice of hide--softer hides are more comfortable to me--ostrich may be my favorite by good calf is hard to beat as well. My best looking pair of boots is likely a pair of Tony Lama caimans but damn they are stiff. I love the way they look, but I can't wear them from dawn to dusk. Anyway, all that to say I would rather own a pair of "mediocre" boots with the right heel and hide than an expensive pair that show out but I dread to slip on.
  7. squib

    Cowboy Boots

    Well fellers, let's just say that a big box in the closet revealed more than I had previously outlined. Nephews have picked through. The remaining treasures will be posted here when I get time and a few beers in me. The only teaser I will provide is that the Texas Ranger boots posted above are no longer the prize of the stash. 8 pairs to go--some even have the cow shit still on the soles so you city slicker types can own at least one set of manly footwear that has been off the sidewalk. Here is the only pair that fit me. I am plenty happy to add them to my collection. Tony Lama lizard.
  8. squib

    Cowboy Boots

    These are 10.5 Most seem to be 11 I may offer up a few pair. Gonna hold back a few pair for his grandsons. For the others--I'd be glad to know they are being worn by you assholes.
  9. squib

    Cowboy Boots

    Check this out. Cleaning out the residence of my recently deceased father-in-law. He was a panhandle DA that was in place for a long time and had a reputation of putting people away. Anyway, he was the larger-than-life type of lawyer that would have worn boots with his suit daily. So I am going through his closet and come across boxes and boxes of boots. He was a bigger guy than me so I wasn't able to pinch any but one pair of lizards. Anyway, scope these. Not sure of the story, but I have looked and I can't find anything about Tony Lama ever mass producing a Texas Ranger branded boot. He had all kinds of "swag" around including some stuff from a governor or two. But these boots interest me most. Wife was going to put them in a garage sale this weekend, but I held them back.
  10. Kid and I tired of being cooped up. Kid decided that Grand Canyon would be a fun trip. I have never been and would like some advice on where to stay and then any must-dos if you have any. Looking to go July 13-18 and probably spend two full days there. And yes, I know to bring a jacket that time of year Thanks in advance
  11. Draw any random Red Hot Chili Pepper song from a hat.
  12. It can be monitored. It just needs to be connected via wifi I assume as opposed to through a landline. The company I called quoted about $250 to get it going. Seems like I can replace the system for cheaper/same price as that. Emailed SimpliSafe for a quote. When they sent me back a link to see the quote, my computer flagged it as malware. Lol.
  13. Daughter just moved into a rental house with an older, wired in home security system. She has asked me to help her get it working. Seems like it might be better to just get a new system--maybe one that I can install myself. Anyone have any experience with this stuff? Recommendations?
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