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  1. I spent my last $9.95 on lunch today, otherwise i'd..umm, you know
  2. John not so Sharp is charged with disbursing Harvey relief funds, happens to coincide with aggy breaking the bank to lure Jimbo to collie Station. How many aggy owned contruction, paving, tree trimming, supply and other service companies in Houston do you reckon recieved the bulk of that money? Doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out Jimbo was money whipped thanks to a disaster in Southeast Texas..
  3. Beasts wild with hunger shall cross the rivers:Most of the fighting shall be close by the Hister [Danube],It shall result in the great one being dragged in an iron cage,While the Rhine child of Germany will observe. I've translated this to mean all of them, we will win all of them. Oh, and also possibly someone named "Hister" starting a world war
  4. Forget all this, i didnt even look at the date..
  5. Once again, fuck the 9'ers for forcing me to root for the Chefs.. Another Superbowl thats anything but super...however no Brady's involved, so thats good.
  6. Just watched, i'm not seeing how we lose a game next year..
  7. If he were going there as DC, absolutely.. as HC? Remains to be seen, but they could have done worse for sure
  8. Interesting choice, not sure Aranda is HC material I would have guessed an NFL D coordinator position, but what do i know.
  9. BOMC Too many gotdam sips in the media, sagarin is dead to me. /aggy
  10. DB's will adapt to the rules being stacked against them, there will be more greats..just fewer and further between.
  11. aggy doesn't have to imagine anything, they're living that dream..
  12. Good enough for Canton, yet not good enough for a fucking name plaque in the death star..
  13. So Edleman escalated from hood surfing to murder? Hopefully there was a little armed robbery between the two incidents..
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