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  1. I'm gonna pretend you didnt just say this.. No dirtburglar shall defile DKR with their presence. So it is written, so shall it be for eternity.
  2. Too close to redasses, aggy probably has it trademarked
  3. Swamp tigah begs to diffah.. Except they wont, even the vast majority of AA's in Loosiana dont want to touch that.
  4. Or LSU who's mascot wasnt originally an animal, but rather actual Confederate army infantry.. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louisiana_Tigers
  5. To be fair, the Mississippi flag thing wasnt quite as overnight as it seems. Keeping the stars and bars in the corner of the flag was already a compromise, and one that has been under attack ever since it was adopted a while back. This whole thing was just a convenient excuse to change it once and for all and be done with it.
  6. Why would brown people glorify the fightin fat Pattersons in their anthem?
  7. It would only be a one time thing (hopefully) not completely undoable..
  8. Excuse me if I'm insensitive or out of touch, but how is it I've never heard of a black national anthem until yesterday? This seems like pandering and a reach to me...and no, havent read any replies in this thread, fuck you all very much. Edit- if someone could point me to the country of "black" on the map I'd appreciate it.
  9. I would only be in favor of this if the majority of Native Americans are behind the change and always have been..not white (or any other race) woketivists. Having said that, as a Cowboys fan I've alway referred to them as either Deadskins or Foreskins..no movement gonna change that[emoji39]
  10. He may get lucky and be right about the games, bold move including full capacity stadiums..
  11. On the bright side, ACL now has zero chance of lowering game attendance! *ducks*
  12. True, but who's to say if they were back home (with less monitoring and worse healthcare) they wouldn't be in just as much if not more danger? Pinning any resulting deaths directly on the school/football program is dubious at best...just like anyone who says the protests certainly did or certainly did not contribute to the latest rona spikes..
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