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  1. Hookem Bill! [emoji869] I'm still trying to shake the PTSD and get used to all this winning in both HS recruiting and portal.
  2. He will be neutralized by Banks, what else they got on D?
  3. I'm sure there's a granny out there that never went to aggy yet pays for her grandson's tuition...and audits every class he takes to make sure he's being a good aggy and going to class.
  4. So Quinn pulls a Case by sitting in the corner filming all this activity?
  5. That remains to be seen, but in addition to the transfers, Wingo and DeAndre Moore are looking legit. Wonder if Silas Bolden is having second thoughts about showing up this summer?
  6. There are only two DeAndre Moore (WR) and Trey Moore (eDgE) but I have no idea which he's talking about.
  7. Defense sucks, same as always when we have a good offensive performance.
  8. Fat and bald have got to be contract violations, time to shitcan Sark. Next man up! Pretty sure a Natty winning corch is available..
  9. Normally I would agree, but this is the age of NIL. Best to not assume anyone stays if they have another helmet school practically handing them a starting job. Can't wait to watch, heard Arch played great as well.[emoji869]
  10. Cole Lourd put on a show or our safeties sucking again?
  11. Shit, hope he at least sticks around for our first year in the SEC. Good problem to have, it's been a while...maybe ever?
  12. Haven't watched yet, but talked to someone that did watch..tell me if this is accurate: We have a legit 3 deep at QB, Quinn didn't play enough to get in a rhythm, Arch looked great and even Trey Owens showed enough he could be a portal tampering candidate? Seems overall team depth (especially offense) is to a level we haven't seen since the early 2k's? That's what I've heard all spring, good to see it showing in the orange/white game.
  13. Some heavy shit moving through FW as I type this, huge crack of thunder woke me about 20 mins ago. Austin still looks good on the radar map though.
  14. Maybe so, but if he doesn't get his shit together and lock down one of the DT spots..that may be all he has to celebrate.
  15. If that is indeed what he's doing (I have no idea, could be a funeral for all I know) it doesn't seem like a smart move in a contract year. Not just a contract year but one in which he hasn't locked down his spot in the 2 deep...and the portal exists. Jmo Of course if the game gets rained out it won't matter, but still not a great look.
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