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  1. How many of those "natties" (as they like to say) occurred while the US flag had 50 stars on it?
  2. Love the "met a sip recruit and his family on vacation" or the always reliable posts that start with "I have it on good authority" or "I have a well connected sip friend"
  3. Lol, isn't that the dude that shares far more in common with Al Capone and Don Corleone than he does Geronimo or Sitting Bull? Also that chick that accepted accepted Marlon Brando's Oscar in full native dress not only doesn't have membership in the tribe she claimed, but none whatsoever lol
  4. Meh, many of them (including their reps at the Bureau of Indian Affairs in DC) choose to use Indian rather than the pc version. Either way I'm sure Joe Mixon doesn't really care.
  5. Shocked I tell you, just shocked He was such a good kid at blowU, model student athlete.
  6. You trying to imply the rona bailout money Looch applied for wasn't legit? Slanderous
  7. Elmer Fudd never stopped at every Buccees along the way to pick up $50 worth of light road snacks
  8. I never got the impression aggy was a real threat, may just be me
  9. I watched every ep of GOT and still have no idea what you're on about. Admittedly it was mostly to see which starlet would be next to get nakey, but yeah.
  10. Lol, not sure it's a gathering place like it used to be, but yeah it's the southeast part of downtown where aggy is building their equivalent of a Confucious Institute.
  11. What does aggy do if they shitcan the hobbit, money whip Urban to the tune of $100 mil for 5 years? Or whatever it would take to get a coach with skins on the wall to pad their retirement fund with aggybucks. Mack Brown for tree fitty and a bowl of orange slices? Gundy? Freshwater? Oeaux? Scott Frost may be ok with getting back into the head corching business lol
  12. I second the motion, but to be fair, isn't that what's happening with aggy taking over? Not as interesting as the original, but still..
  13. They managed to win 3 of the last 4 mentioned you dumb sip
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