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  1. Got the wife a Kate Spade purse and wallet and some jewelry. Got the mistress some 1st edition copies of a couple books she’s into
  2. Going to sprinkle rose petals on my briskets when I serve them from now on.
  3. Lincoln Riley wears an apron while washing dishes at his kitchen sink. When Lincoln Riley’s wife leaves to go to book club meetings, he gets naked in front of a mirror and tucks his dick in so he can take selfies in her lingerie to update his Grindr profile. Lincoln Riley and his wife sleep in bunk beds. He made her take the top bunk so he can sneak into the closet to jerk off undetected.
  4. Apparently it’s 1080p upconverted to 4K....but still the grass looks nice and sharp and uni colors pop
  5. Earlier today they showed video shot by a TX Ranger walking from the 3rd level of the parking garage to Guyers apartment and then walking from the 4th level to Jeans. It was evident in the video and confirmed by his testimony that there were no red welcome mats on her floor and the only one on Jeans floor was the one in front of his door.
  6. Nice crowd....Sheep auction must’ve started at 5:45pm
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