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  1. Nah, the DDS is easier than that. Anything you can make a rap about... Caution: its annoying AF and a potent ear worm:
  2. That's awful. The only thing worse would to list in in binary.
  3. SurlyGator

    Getting old sucks

    The shingles vaccine talk reminded to share this little nugget. Came down with zombie eye (just one) a few weeks ago. Got in to se an opthamologist and was diagnosed with uveitis (inflammation of the middle layer of the eye). Doc asked if I had ever had chicken pox, cold sores or shingles. D - All of the above. So, they suspect that this is yet another iteration of the herpes zoster poking up its ugly head. Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops and Valtrex started. Went away in a little less than a week. Doc suggested I keep taking a lower dose of Valtrex for 3 months to try to knock the herpes as far back in the nooks and crannies as possible, but eventually, we will get to do something along these lines again. Oh, and I have had the modern shingles vaccine, so yay?
  4. Just want to get on record as NOT being one of these new SEC trolls. Been around a long time. Not HornFans long, but Shaggy at least (was there an iteration between HF and Shaggy?). No UT connection, but a TX native, and you assholes' sense of humor works for me. I feel like a somewhat welcome foreigner around here. Kind of like this:
  5. She needs to know proper car window ventilation protocols pre-flatulence too. My wife and daughter (no pics) can run me off the road!
  6. Worth it for thick cut Applewood smoked bacon.
  7. That story is a crazy read, and good on them for fighting back, but who takes the time to snap that pic?
  8. “Taken for questioning…” Sure, all he’ll get is a stern talking to…
  9. Didn’t see Bayou’s post with no video. I was starting to think this place was really slipping!
  10. Crap, I thought it was bad in TN and we couldn’t even put a county in the top 10. I feel for you fellas.
  11. Nashville is only a 4 hour drive from Atlanta. Just sayin'
  12. SurlyGator

    Getting old sucks

    Also, do your ice massage in a position similar to that Thinker pose if you can, keep it on a stretch so it doesn't over tighten
  13. SurlyGator

    Getting old sucks

    its especially helpful if those first few steps hurt like a mother and loosen up pretty quickly
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