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  1. As a VB parent, I personally am offended by that comment. But in general, pretty good advice...
  2. This thread has been kind of slow recently. Makes me nervous.
  3. An Old Fashioned made with WT101 and Peychauds to celebrate Turkey Day tonight. It did not disappoint.
  4. You have to consider the environment. UK FB is the red headed stepchild on campus behind mens hoops. His consistent level of quasi-success keeps boosters tickled pink. Stoops couldn’t ask for a better gig.
  5. You are running a little late.
  6. Full disclosure: we haven’t exactly been lighting it up in conference games.
  7. MW is my hometown. Haven't been back in years, but I hear that there is a ton of revitalization going on, including both the Baker and the Crazy Water hotels. The hope is to revitalize the tourism industry similar to a modern Hot Springs AR. If ever a town needed a economic boost, it's there. Fingers crossed I can go back and stay at the Baker sometime in the next few years.
  8. Technically incorrect. JD meets every requirement to be labeled bourbon. It also happens to also be charcoal filtered, which means it meets the definition of Tennessee whiskey. That being said, a Vol fan might fight you if you call it bourbon.
  9. Still ads everywhere for me. iPad, light vs dark doesn’t change anything. If this is the new treefiddy I will be cancelling.
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