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  1. They've been discussing this on XM84 all day yesterday and today. It's glorious. Listening to Dusty Dvoracek admonish the OU fanbase is one of the finer moments of irony in my fan lifetime.
  2. True that. I've always found laughing with the sinners to be much more fun.
  3. I have young kids with a bunch of shit on Saturday next weekend. I'm leaving them with a nanny and driving up with my wife for the weekend, happily focusing on the Cotton Bowl shitshow while the little league shitshow is in the rearview mirror. I'll never understand the bitching about 11am for this game.
  4. Does anyone track updates on the opponent in threads like this? It'd be great to know who's hurt for them and any other tidbits about guys getting more or less reps than expected, etc. I watched the whole game on Saturday, but we were at a sports bar and couldn't hear anything and there were 10 other games also going on. If someone has a good site that covers TCU that they can point us too, that would also be appreciated with upvotes.
  5. FWIW, I had a friend who would know rant about how he thinks Day’s overrated and the chickens were going to come home to roost more sooner than later. That was a few weeks ago and he’s someone who talks to folks within the program and on the recruiting front. This is correct. Anyone who doesn’t understand Ohio State’s 80 fucking years of good fortune as a program should look it up. Fuck those assholes and never whiffing on a coach. They’re due for about 40 years of ineptitude, dammit.
  6. This was very strong from @RomaVicta: ”Calzada isn't very good, but he's strapped into old plane with its wings on fire. The canopy is welded shut and the control tower keeps screaming at him that he's an idiot.”
  7. Give me something clever and inspired, and I’m all about it. I’ve been thinking about one for a week and nothing right now has me excited. Happy for the game though. TCU tells us a whole lot. Forget SMU. This will be a fat patty jihad game. Which Texas is showing up?
  8. I think I've been pretty consistent for a while that Texas isn't standing still these days, but what that translates to for this class, or any other, is opaque. Now, how long with the bag game matter at this level? I've said for months that my view is that the bag game will become far less important past the next couple of classes, when NIL really does get figured out across the landscape. Black markets always exist, but they also can get significantly diminished with better legal replacements.
  9. The bottom line with this cycle is that Texas is in a chaotic, unstable position in every way. UT has a new staff trying to figure itself out. NIL is a disruption for everyone, but add that to the new staff and the corruption led by Plonsky on the compliance side, and it's compounded at UT. All enemies, outside of mostly OU, absurdly, are cheating like motherfuckers for players in Texas, taking it to Georgia levels - ATM does not give any fucks. Texas has no history or infrastructure for facilitating getting recruits and handlers what is now becoming tablestakes in the game. What does all of that add up to? Massive uncertainty. It's part of why the $9.95ers have struggled so much with UT during this cycle. So could Perkins wind up at Texas? No one has a clue right now. He definitely likes Austin. He likes that Texas is going to the SEC and the word is more sooner than later. He could start immediately if he's as good as he thinks he is. Can they get him as much or more of whatever he, the mom and the uncle want versus other options? No idea.
  10. I don't expect him to "completely disappear" until this offseason, actually.
  11. Yeah, I don't follow all takes from golfclap, so I can't address anything for him, but your take on my posting is laughable bullshit. I want Texas to take the best guys, wherever they are. So ignoring out of state talent, as Mack did often, was stupid, as is taking comparable OOS talent when there's a willing in-state audience. Never have I had some sort of preference of one or the other. Texas should be taking the best guys irrespective of locality. Shoot, I thought you'd put me on ignore, BW? In any event, that was 8 months ago. Things change, new shit comes to light, etc. We aren't probably getting those two other dudes from California. We also aren't likely to be getting anyone else from out that way because of Murphy. Meanwhile, the Texas guys aren't aligning with him either. So yeah, the $9.95ers were right and I've changed my POV on QB in this class. Beyond that, I still don't want Klubnick and haven't seen anything from him that would cause me to edit that part of the post.
  12. I have been up to my ass in alligators for the past few months and especially the last week, but I have had a few quick conversations for you guys to do with as you may. Don't attempt to murder me due to some of the following: -Barring a typical Mullen collapse, Stewart is fully digging The Swamp. One of Sarkisian's dumber moves so far has been taking the Cali QB that no players in Texas know and passing on the multitude of comparable or better QBs in Texas that have now all gone elsewhere, including Stewart's buddy who is committed to Florida. "A team of Southern California's best players would beat a team of Texas' best recruits 9 out of 10 years." Right-o, Seven Win Steve! Hey, by the way, there's a new regime at Southern Cal looking for a new HC. Maybe they can't google and have amnesia and your resume might look awesome to them? -Bama should be considered the chalk pick for Skinner now. Some of this recruitment is being done just to show Banks who's got the nuts. -Ask yourself what a silent commitment is worth these days. Now ask yourself why Sarkisian isn't doing the same. I don't know that answer myself, but hey, if you add up the latest along with those from the spring, you've got the makings of a top 3 class, guys. Sleep better knowing that. -There's some legitimacy to the Brockermeyer stuff, but that shit seems farfetched and a long walk from here. I do remind myself that in every one of these recruiting cycles, there are times where things look worse than they really are, and there are times where things look better than they really are. My hope is that the sentiments at the moment from folks are as mercurial as we'd like them to be, and that this staff gets its fucking shit together and figures out a way to go 3-0 against the next 3 very beatable opponents.
  13. When they're referencing a "positive move", what they mean is the kind of move that has 4 wheels, is made in England, is a hit in Africa and with trophy wives here. I still don't know if it matters, because the player isn't psyched about the ATM program. Assume Bama until he says otherwise at this point.
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