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  1. Yes, I’m a bully. How, is unclear, but apparently capable of it in some way. Meanwhile, if you need a test, anywhere in this country, you can go get one. I guess there’s some mass infected nursing home somewhere that serves at ChiTown’s beachhead for claiming that we’re all fucked on the testing front, much to brisket’s orgasmic pleasure, but there isn’t a person on this thread that couldn’t get tested today if they needed it.
  2. This is just more cyberbawling. There isn’t a person in Texas that can’t get a test today, on a Sunday, if they need one. “We have 100,000 people we cannot test! I’m a doctor!” That would be a media feeding frenzy. Call up anyone and you can get your plight covered. This story would be published immediately. I’m not burnt out about anything. I just dismiss the premise that someone that needs testing can’t get it. It’s drummed up silliness that’s a month too late.
  3. This is correct. This is histrionic nonsense. The best anyone can offer for the unavailability of a test is a third hand anecdote. The “you still can’t get tested!!” narrative is a Siamese twin of “the testing, my God, the testing!” premise. It was inevitable as a whine once the national response to the pandemic proved that the rurals and suburbans aren’t the deplorable fucktards that the briskets and the jimmys told their audience that they would be.
  4. Just in the interest of watching you make more of a fool of yourself, what agenda do you think you think you actually “sussed out”? I don’t think I ever noticed you before, besides your random neg reps on this thread, but watching you pull the bookshelf on top of yourself repeatedly on this thread over the last 24 hours has been absurdly hilarious.
  5. I like this guy’s enthusiasm. He’s really letting justhookit know where he stands. Where he stands is apparently somewhere between fuck face and cunt bag, and you better respect somebody.
  6. Did you finally get the answer you were looking for? Or do you need to keep playing stupid on this thread about the occasional sidestory here of the corona origins and China's involvement?
  7. Spare me your indifference towards me as a human. That was a given already. If we're not all singing your fatalistic chorus, we're probably the fuck-ups that are driving you and this planet to the brink in the first place. Beyond that, your premise that testing is a problem right now is laughable. There isn't a person posting on this thread or reading that can't go get tested today. Now, that doesn't account for the view that we should all be forced to line-up in town square and have our comrades test each one of us weekly for sake of the greater good, I grant that. In any event, we rationally discussed the kind of testing and values of such in this thread earlier this week. I think you missed it in between posts about how fucking terrible our country is.
  8. Throw in Estonia and Iceland too. Let's discuss the 5-6 nations that got step one correct, then act like the United States is the stupidest place on earth for whiffing on that piece. Right? It's all of you've really got that suits your narrative, so spit and polish that until it shines. You knew what my post was addressing, but you're attempting to pull at a little thread of it to sell your point that we've all gone crazy or are too stupid to understand the big picture. The big picture, of course, you're the preacher in the pulpit for and we just need to sit our heads back and nod and shout "amen, brother!" as you lament the inanity of man, the futility of it all, and the testing, my God the testing!
  9. He's parsing points out of context to show us all what a smart and sophisticated lawyer he can be. It's typical bullshit, but a tried and true approach when facing the ignorant masses, which is what every post he makes presumes he's dealing with on any subject.
  10. You are the ringleader of the bullshit, so spare me the pigeonholing attempt as you bawl all over every page on this thread and insinuate your political agenda into the discussion. You call out Norway, then you pleasantly ignore the majority of Europe with your plaintive, wistful whines about "testing, my God the testing!". I called you out on your bullshit take regarding this two weeks ago and you disappeared without responding. Iceland, Estonia, and Norway handled testing great from the jump. Germany got on board after a stumble. The rest of Scandinavia besides Norway shit themselves. UK, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Greece, France - all fucked it up and several still are fucking it up. In spots, and at the beginning, theUS fucked it up. It's been agreed to and well-covered on this thread. Your worldview and agenda push here that we're the lonely morons and completely fucked it all up is self-serving, politically-oriented tripe.
  11. I've never posted something linking to Fox News or "Epoch Times". What in the fuck kind of silly bullshit are you just flinging out there now? I called you out for inserting continued defenses of China into the subject of the origin and the cover-up regarding this virus, something you've been throwing shade on in this thread for at least 3 weeks. The "is this person a cloak room troll or aren't they" test is pretty straightforward on this site. Here's how it works in this instance: -One poster has posted two or less times in the CR combined on both sites in over a decade. -The other poster has made the majority of their posts on this site in the Cloak Room. Literally the fucking majority of your existence on this site involves political posting in a shithole corner of the website where you guys circlejerk yourselves with pos-rep fests and back slaps about your certitude regarding the abject stupidity of most of the country. Accordingly, go fuck yourself with your constant political droning. I don't like the political shit because it is fucking BORING and that's the way many others rejecting the political whining feel. We're not all of the sudden a wild pack of trumpers or whatever the fuck you dipshits namecall the guy and his supporters. I simply don't have the energy or interest to wade through all of the stupid fingerpointing and "my guy versus your guy" droning that has been happening for centuries. Current events, sports, business, funny shit, females, yes. Your political nonsense, that you insinuate or outright proliferate into every.fucking.page. on this thread? Nope. That shit is banworthy. And there's a whole crew of you dipshits doing it. The constant "but muh opinion on the president is important and you all need to hear about it"; and defending of the fucking CCP with obfuscations towards things like that origin story being pure myth; and telling us all how fucking stupid this country is and how fucking wonderful South Korea and Norway are is just pure, unadulterated political filth. You have been given a forum to freely go to and hammer those narratives. This isn't it.
  12. Dude, you should totally tell me to fuck off one more time, that way I'll really understand that you mean business. Seriously.
  13. Ha. I guess I view Morrissey and The Smiths as interchangeable since he fronted The Smiths.
  14. Regarding the direction of conversation last night, I just think there is ebb and flow of subject matter in a thread of this size, and frankly, nothing is ever going to sustain itself and dominate the conversation for very long. As to last night's subject matter, it's appeared on this thread on numerous occasions. The video that's been posted a few times in the last 24 hours was posted like a month or two weeks ago here. Going off of memory, but that's at least close to what happened. The story, discussion, and media coverage from both Fox and CNN aren't new things and have come and gone on this thread multiple times. Beyond that, I use colorful language and enjoy a good fight, but you're mistaking my posts as emotional. It's fine by me, but I'm not sure anyone on here besides a couple of really emotive wingnuts, is faring any differently from one another. We want more certainty, we're worried about people's health, the economy, and our livelihoods, and we're kind of bored with the monotony.
  15. So if this is what I read yesterday afternoon, I'm guessing greetings, religious gatherings and subways aren't addressed? I guess the social distancing handles the greeting issue indirectly, but this thing has a far higher likelihood of spreading when hugs and handshakes are involved. The subways in major cities need to be flat out shut down. There is no personal space in those places whatsoever, especially during rush hour.
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