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  1. This relief corps is actively trying to lose this game. Witt pitches as dumb as he looks. Q fucking sucked tonight.
  2. After reading your weak shit for awhile, I don’t want to sound condescending or anything, but one of the things that might help your posts in the future is if you’d grow a dick and be a man or something. As it stands now, wow. Great handle and terrible, insecure takes.
  3. Just seeing this since the thread came back up and I clicked on it. Mack Brown shit on the Texas job to Urban Meyer. He's actively worked in the past to undermine Texas having success while he was still paid by the program and since through his buddies when assistants ask around or his media friends reach out to him off the record, including Herbstreit. Anyone with a fucking mediocre connection to either people in the media or UT athletics knows all of this. It's not some conspiracy theory or outrageous claim. A petty, selfish, insecure bitch of man can and often will do what they can to
  4. I saw that update today and laughed out loud as well. Holy shit, these fucking guys.
  5. He’s the best, no doubt. That considered, heaven maaaaaaaayyyyyy involve being able to run down the program for not throwing $10million at John Calipari and that maaaaaayyyyy find its way into the notion that there’s “an undercurrent of concern about the way things were handled by Beard on his way out at Tech among recruits” and then I maaaaayyyyy laugh pretty fucking hard that that is either real or relevant.
  6. Boy, that guy really like cheetos. And rape. But clearly also cheetos.
  7. In following this thread and others, I see the sentiment is somewhat pervasive that 2021 will be a season in which expectations should be tempered. It’s not always clear to what degree, but I don’t get the impression that many folks are expecting Texas to compete for the conference title. On page 14 here alone, there’s healthy skepticism that 10 wins is a legit target without some real breaks. That implies that many do not expect Texas to be in contention for the Big 12 title, unless folks have convinced themselves that Texas will lose to ULaLa, Arky, and the bowl game. I understand relu
  8. Most teams have holes. The OL talent isn't average and will be higher ranked from a recruiting perspective than all but one team that they play. The same is true for pretty much every other position. You cannot middle the premise that this team has recruited talent and this staff has a rep for coaching up talent into "oh, it's a rebuild" or "man, there sure are a lot of holes on that roster". I guess you can be that guy that follows recruiting and then believes that recruiting doesn't matter, or something. I'm past that stage in my understanding of the sport. Texas has talent. It's not i
  9. "rebuild?" I'm not expecting a playoff run in 2021, but I can't really get behind the notion that this staff is facing a rebuild. There's plenty of talent on the roster to go with a forgivable schedule. If they're not 10wins+ after the bowl game, "7 Win Steve" will be feeding the fires around his so far well-earned nickname. Dude's getting paid $5+ and his staff's getting another $5+ in the Big 12. They need to be putting a lot of W's up in 2021 and building on it.
  10. What’s fucking great about this is, having interacted with Holland in his own comfortable setting, he can’t handle anyone questioning him. He acts like he’s earned something, anything. I have zero doubt that his post was serious as he shilled for a trainer and then when he got run over from comments, he went back to the guy and whined about it. Just a pure loser.
  11. It’s a bold move for IT to take the position that Texas is entirely fucking up this class, especially in April, but they’re actively in the process of taking a giant hogger dump on everything the staff is doing. It’s been developing since they showed up and immediately took Winfield and it’s been rolling downhill with greater speed after the take of Murphy and punting on Marshall and the WR from Katy. It should be a fun match-up to watch. Texas is going to land a top 6-8 class and we’re going to be subtly and repeatedly told it bites the knob.
  12. My first choice was available and I went with it. If I post it here, it could ruin any future efforts to enter the Theatre of the Absurd.
  13. I joined that 247 site. The comments on the thread about that Gillespie/Beard article are completely fucking unhinged.
  14. Holy shit. This guy is a librarian at the school he’s unhealthily obsessed with? He’s got to be setting off all kinds of serial killer profile alarms. We need to call this guy at that number and interview him about his review of Chris Beard and record it. I doubt it would take long for him to venture into his theories about Beard being into ritualistic sacrifice or running an underaged prostitution ring. “Well, look, since it sounds like you’re getting the same reads on this guy as I am, I’ll go ahead and tell you a few things I simply couldn’t write about publicly without the Bear
  15. Ha. He caught a quote I re-purposed from one of the finest characters in film history. Grossly misunderstood and unappreciated in his own time. I like to think of myself as more of De Niro’s Sam the American in Ronin on Surly. However, I can get behind the Robert California premise.
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