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  1. While I have two dogs and love dogs in general, I'm pretty terrible about breeds and stuff, so who the fuck knows what it was. It was little, white, and super bushy/curly. And it was yapping.
  2. Indeed, I couldn't honestly bring myself to post a more derisive term than "mediocre", largely because I have been to New Jersey, Modesto, Detroit, Clearwater, Baton Rouge, Mississippi and Imperial Valley. Tulsa is fine by those comparisons.
  3. I realize that Desoto has produced some ballers over the years, but has Mathis ever had a player sign with Texas that was ever actually worth a fuck? I feel like he's going to funnel guys that can compete at the next level to whoever is "working with him" the best and then will play a joke on a Texas staff that isn't paying attention.
  4. Ya think? I've had all kinds of jobs. I can say that the waiting tables/bartending segment of the workforce is one of the biggest groups of degenerates out there. All of this nonsense about how they're so hard done to and such honorable folk is fucking laughable. I bussed tables, waited tables, tended bar, sacked groceries, on and on. I'm still in a B2C service business and role. There is no "all people suck" premise if anyone who has done it is being honest. It's the usual mixed bag of the population. Most folks are okay, and then you have the outlier trash that everyone remembers until their dying day. My favorite job I've ever had was as a waiter at Pappasito's in Austin while paying my way through school. Great people, good money, stress-free coming and going while not on the clock. Nonetheless, I learned a ton across the span of the service jobs but enjoyed that one the most. Also, tons of UT and Texas State ass working alongside you and partying afterward. Nowadays, I get the occasional death threat with details about my (perceived) home address and family through my official company Twitter handle whenever the occasional psychopathic SJW loses it after being disconnected for non-payment. Some people do suck, but you don't actually see the worst of humanity as a busboy or waiter.
  5. The guy on campus is probably better, for starters. Beyond that, while @Huckleberry makes a fine point, it's not in the spirit of your intent on the question. In that spirit, I'll say that it's a stupid question and the answer is "no". Texas did similar shit with Garrett Gilbert and his "alleged" serial rapist dad. Just no. We've discussed this stuff pretty openly and you've been here reading it. The numbers are in the low to mid 6 figures depending upon situation, which makes Jimbo buying Marvin Wilson for $80k or Saban buying Waddle for $80k seem quaint. There will be a ton of NIL developments during the lead up to this upcoming season, for UT and many others, ATM included. That end is going to be so big across the span of the sport that it's going to make everything else look silly. Some of that will absolutely impact the 2023 cycle. Mostly, Texas is way behind on the 2023 because Seven Loss Steve and his merry band of fuckups had a shit season in 2021. On top of that, Coleman, Kwiatkowski, and Choate are terrible recruiters. The recruiting support staff is also terrible. You can say "at least Coleman is gone" and that would be right, I guess. Barring a kick ass turnaround 2022 season, I expect this 2023 class to be solidly guard-railed inside the top 15-25 range. If Texas lands Manning, that gets them into the top 10, but if he doesn't commit until Texas plays Bama close, actually beats UTSA and Oklahoma and is off to a 5-1 start, the ship will have sailed on many recruitments ahead of that. Obviously if Texas shits itself for the season again, assume the position and an awesome top 30-ish class.
  6. I have to be in Tulsa for business concerns multiple times each year, dating back to 2013. While it isn't the shithole I assumed Oklahoma in general would be, I did realize very quickly that the correct approach, if possible, is to fly in and out on the same day. If you're at the point of extolling virtues around the restaurants, museums and golf course, you're finding yourself in very mediocre territory. I almost feel bad for you okies, having to live in that state and all.
  7. People faking the service dog bit on planes or really anywhere can get fucked. Had a fucking a poodle of some sort yapping on a four hour flight last year. I would have preferred to have heard a screaming baby by the end of it.
  8. Kim Son? If someone I liked invited me out for dinner and then chose Kim Son, I’d decline the invitation. As for the San Jacinto question, the answer is no. Boring as shit. I lived by it and we did school tours to it every year and it was one of the least fun school days every year. Stiles Switch lines is the perfect comparison.
  9. Bill, what the fuck? That’s just a terrible take. @Horny04 I have 4 kids around your age group and we take the kids to Kemah a couple of times each year. There are plenty of rides and then they beg for shitty Landry’s food that they also get basically only when we visit the boardwalk. You rat bastard. A guy who was 3 years older than me and in the 6th grade with me beat my ass for being a smart aleck once. 6-8 years later he was paid by Sherwood Cryer to burn the closed Gilley’s down for insurance money. This idiot was busted by police running from the scene of the crime with a gas tank still in his possession about a mile down the street.
  10. I wish we could find Liucci's write-up at the time about that recruiting class and those guys in particular. It might be my mind messing with me, but I swear I remember him lauding that group as some sort of magical hand-picked group preferred by the staff over higher ranked guys that went elsewhere.
  11. Good to see you're still alive, fatkid. Two of my boys have gotten into Dragon Ball-Z or whatever the fuck it is called. While I was listening to them argue about it the other day, I remembered you and some other dorks arguing about it a few months ago on one of these threads and thought "Christ, how am I going to keep these two dorks from turning into fatkid?" Good times.
  12. You think you've got it bad, I'll be at the game, having to listen to @SydneyCarton speak declaratively about myriad subject matter of which he has no legitimate background or experience, as he gets progressively more drunk, profane, belligerent and incomprehensible. I do plan on going down towards the tunnel and heckling Sixty-Point Loss Steve again while the fat 55 YO Karens clutch their pearls, gasp, and tell me I am a meanie. Basically, a direct repeat of this year's OSU game, only with a more embarrassing loss coupled with the creeping, dreadful sense of inevitable program failure. Also, I just realized that my fucking bama friends, longhorn turncoats, will be there visiting and gloating as well. Fuck me, fuck you, and fuck this.
  13. The expression precedes the QAnon people from a literary perspective by about, oh, I don't know, 2000 years. I know two other things regarding this post: 1) I don't actually know much about QAnon other than they sound like the right wing version of the Antifa left wing dipshits. What it has to do with children, you'll have to tell me. Or, please don't. 2) Some of you guys have to turn anything into politics. He that is good with a hammer and such. The chokehold buttfuck, as per my understanding, is something generally reserved for close family members at large family gatherings. Among the varieties of buttfucks, I have to think the chokehold buttfuck is more gentle than a smooth buttfucking, and the smooth buttfucking is far and away preferential to the rough buttfucking. That considered, the smooth version has to be the most embarrassing, albeit not even remotely on the level of the dirty sanchez or bucking bronco versions. Anywho ...
  14. Huh. I guess that's the aggie way to see it. Mostly, I think it's just the fact that Nick Saban is an Imp of Satan and enjoys violently buttfucking other grown men in public against their will. It might help keep him young, along with feeding on the fresh blood of small children.
  15. I'm thinking we see Alabama pull Sarkisian's staff's pants down, then publicly and brutally buttfuck the entire staff on national tv in the second weekend. I'm thinking something that would make Jodie Foster's character in The Accused think the Texas staff got it bad, like 65-10. That begins the process of cycling out the staff, with Kwiatkowski being driven to the city limits and thrown out of a slow rolling vehicle headed north, and Patterson is then named the "interim" DC for the remainder of the year.
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