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  1. I’m just going to go with @Wulaw Horn’s premise and call it a day. Rolling 9 deep and banking 7+ yearly. Woot! In truth, it’s not all wrong but remember the capital gift is fully tax deductible. I think the $8k a year is too, but I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure I’ll do that part through a business or something anyway.
  2. No clue. I’ve never had season tickets before and never looked into it. I have to think we will, with the contribution levels plus this. All of the sudden, my wife is hoping/expecting that we’re going to the RRS this year, so we better get a look.
  3. The staff needs to meet and put a full target map together before they’re going to be willing to take anyone else that isn’t a dead nuts lock 5 star. Even the Winfield take had apprehension around it, supposedly.
  4. @SydneyCarton and I got a loge suite. 4 seats, catered and covered. I haven’t given it much thought since signing on for it in 2019, but looking at the photos now and realizing we’re not that far away is fun. Having a new regime is even better news, and opening against a good Louisiana team that will probably be ranked is also good to think about.
  5. That Artis quote and find as a player is pretty fucking great. No built-in biases with shitheel schools up that way either.
  6. He didn’t break a contract. Get your shit together. He was offered a higher level position and was not contractually obligated to abstain from taking it.
  7. Never saw his handle that way, but I always knew I liked that guy. I’m in hydraulics.
  8. LJ is a legit NFL prospect if he decides he actually wants to compete and be a football player at the next level. Gray doesn’t have any question marks as a college running back. Give me Gray. Potential doesn’t pay the rent. I don’t know if the recruiting board is a good transition forum for you after the coaching search. There are a lot of good football threads on the football board where you can post a lot of words and hawt takes in a safe environment. Coming to this board and telling us you don’t give a fuck about the 2021 season and not really seeming to grasp why it matters
  9. Ossai seems like a guy that could play for 10+ years in the NFL. If he falls out of the first round, everyone overthought it. I guess that would be par for the course.
  10. I got it clarified. It's Campbell. Also for clarity, not all of the guys I mentioned are UT leans. They're the type of guys that, when UT has its shit together, wind up at Texas and that's expected ultimately in this class with this staff.
  11. Just the typical made up bullshit from Nahlin. Sarkisian will add reinforcements and a better foundation with new headcount in the S&C and nutrition programs, but not a one of us has a fucking clue how he's really looking at doing that.
  12. You're probably more current than me, so go with that. Also, I hope it is obvious that I've got no thoughts yet on some of these guys, so therefore no bullshit detector where in a normal setting, if something doesn't jibe with what we're hearing elsewhere via this board, I'll usually say "wait, you're telling me the Stanford man is suddenly going to switch gears and have eyes for Texas?" So stick with your gut if this doesn't sound right. I'll ask for better insights via knowing the names, the next time.
  13. "I'm stunned. I'm pissed. It's Eric Gray." Given how down the $9.95ers and other folks were on the possibility of him being willing to play 2nd string to Robinson, this is a welcome surprise.
  14. I think he was more talking about guys that "opt-out" with games left to play. Someone transferring between seasons should be able to do so with zero impunity. Texas will take those types, same as anybody else.
  15. Texas has a good shot, no? This one will be a bit baggy, but folks are thinking UT has a good shot. I guess I haven't followed specifically what was happening with this or any recruitment until very recently, so I missed whatever your reference to tOSU is. Same friend from yesterday's hail of bullets being fired at me mentioned that Bear Alexander, Evan Stewart, the Miller guy from Tyler, Abor, and the Arlington standout are all probably guys that wind up at Texas and play big roles in fortifying the top 10-ishness of the class.
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