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  1. Motherfucker. Wulaw, pull your pants up and act like a man. Either talk wings, or project us a 7 blue chip OL class, but keep the fucking handwringing to yourself.
  2. This is exactly the kind of high rent innovation at Resorts World that has @SydneyCarton trying to convince a group of us to stay there this fall instead of, what he termed, the Aria "shit hole".
  3. The first time I went to a Pluckers, Auburn returned the Alabama FG attempt something like 108 yards to win the game. From that day forward, we've used Pluckers once a year for voodoo over whichever game we most need a non-UT team to lose. I don't think we've missed once with the jinx. Comes at a powerful price, however. That place is torture on the uninitiated digestive system. Holy fuck.
  4. Fine, allegedly. I’m guessing but it feels right.
  5. I remember I showed up after a hiatus to a private board during Strong’s reign of incompetence to say that he completely buttfucked the recruitment of Sonny Cumbie in ways that are hard to believe. Dipshits like that fucking felon TOR began wailing and gnashing their teeth and accusing me of being a lying racist. Then Eskimohorn showed up to demand that I be banned from the board that he didn’t own or control. And then Texas had to get its fucking president and AD on a private jet to save the recruitment of Tulsa’s esteemed offensive coordinator. But I digress. All I meant to say is that
  6. Well, chokehold buttfuck maneuvers are sort of one of those cheat code tactics that aren’t revealed in day-to-day evaluations. You pretty much have to wait until a player comes unhinged at a house party to see that one unleashed.
  7. It’s a bad start to the 2021 for @SydneyCarton . He’s been talking this guy up as his sleeper all spring.
  8. I’m going with option 4. It’s combination of option 3 and GilBang having his head planted firmly up his own asshole.
  9. Who the fuck is buying a Rangers jersey at an airport besides some desperate Dallas honk who has been locked in a Sri Lankan prison for a decade? That dude got that jersey in 2010 and has been waiting for a reason to wear it since 2015.
  10. I don't know if the recruiting board is a safe space for you. You seem to lack the ability to handle the expected chaos the very process you're witnessing entails. Texas is getting Bryce Anderson. July has always been the month. We've talked about it a bunch here. It's comical to observe grown men who seem to have basic human intelligence witness events unfold according to stated expectations and shit themselves in nervousness as the expected events unfold, nonetheless.
  11. Texas expects Blue to play somewhere this upcoming season. Either the guy needs to make things right somehow with his current school, or he needs to find someone who will take him. Then he needs to be a model team player. That's a very difficult needle to thread for a guy who has been a prima donna his whole career. I believe @SydneyCarton has a father-in-law or some other family member who is close to the Klein area programs and works on one of the staffs. I assume he'll be able to keep us informed on it. The staff watched tape on Jones and didn't see a difference maker, supposedly. Do y
  12. Both guys are human garbage. Liucci runs a corrupt extension of the ATM athletic department. He's a propagandist that would make Joseph Goebbels proud. Geoff Ketchum has done more damage to UT athletics than anyone this side of Chris Plonsky and Steve Patterson over the last 20 years.
  13. I actually own a paperback of Bootlegger’s Boy. Found it in a used bookstore in Bellevue, WA about a decade ago. In any event, growing up in poverty is no excuse for committing or enabling felonies.
  14. Derrick Brown will be getting his T Ring by the time Roach realizes he's a part of this class.
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