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  1. You’ve found your place, harvdog. You’re partnered up and seeing eye to eye with futureman and dropping terrible analogies and banal posts right in line with his approach.
  2. Listen, I hope you’re correct, but Auburn loses almost the entire OL and almost the whole secondary. 13 starters gone in total. That’s a lot to replace.
  3. You got that shit right. I wouldn’t put a fucking dime at risk involving that guy. The money will all probably wind up going to pay back taxes, the same way the Cole Pittman golf charity money did. Allegedly.
  4. I’ve met plenty of people in person from the boards. Made quite a few friends from the UT boards over the years, actually. I have zero fear of meeting any of you in real life. Now, in harvdog’s case, we’re dealing with a super serious, hyper-sensitive, dim bulb with no apparent sense of humor or even vague awareness of pop culture and current events. I think it would be pretty boring. This is a guy that willingly hung out with Bob Wheeler for extended periods and is showing up 15 years later to brag about it. Grim.
  5. The pussy quote you’re referencing was an obvious appropriation of a quote from The Departed, you simpering twit. It wasn’t an actual brag or claim and it flew right by you, along with quotes from The Dark Knight and Tombstone. You’re taking the fun out of things by being such a clueless, naive idiot.
  6. The origin of the whole “harvdog is very mean to that sweet, sweet closetojumping” thing is because Adeleye’s social media shit. I commented once that he was going to be easy root against when he ended up somewhere else. Harvdog lost his shit for the first time in responding that he’s a good boy and I must feel like a big man picking on a 16 year old and he’ll wind up at Texas and there are 550 days to signing day and blah blah blah. Then the player announced his top 5 and they’re the usual suspects plus ATM and it became clear what kind of recruitment this was. harvdog has been easy to make bawl ever since.
  7. This “signing day is x days away” refrain from you is going to get more and more hilarious as the year goes on. Just admit that the price wasn’t right for the visit and be honest for once.
  8. Yeah, the commentators going over the top in support of Shaka Smart being a “great coach” and running down the players was nauseating. This fucking fraud is a piece of shit as a coach.
  9. Guys, guys, guys. This is nothing to sweat. This young man was very, very interested in coming to Austin today. He really loves Chris Ash and wants to hear about his plans for the defense. He’s coming to Austin soon, trust me. The problem today is that his friend’s dad from down the street was supposed to give him a ride to Austin today for the event. Unfortunately, the friend’s dad, a Mr. Harvey, had “car trouble” and couldn’t take him. The friend’s dad isn’t going to be able to fix his car until a one Jay Valai is able to meet up with him and discuss things.
  10. bro, you cannot call that out into the forum. It's conjuring evil. Everybody knock on wood or throw some salt over their shoulders or some shit.
  11. fatkid has no idea what he's doing when it comes to commentary on race. He's flailing.
  12. If Najee Harris wasn't known for being the former #1 recruit in the country and the default starter at Bama, he wouldn't have a reason to even notify someone of his decision to come back. He's a positively average P5 college back. I'm betting he gets drafted significantly lower than Damien Harris did (3rd round) and has an even less impressive career. Harris shocked the nation this year with his rookie campaign of 12 yards gained. Also, fuck that guy. Who Texas? Right. Who are you, motherfucker. Separately, I watched MSU numerous times and never thought Hill was some sort of crazy baller either. I assume he didn't get a high draft grade and that made even the prospect of getting way less action in the Leach offense seem like a better choice.
  13. None of that is true. I made the Allen post in a different discussion on a different thread. The discussion here was about the overall diminishment of Rhule's career thus far, and the need to "remove context" around what he's done to make a point. I reacted to both of those items. Then the poster inserted the Allen at Indiana argument as a means to change the argument and whittle down to a specific detail that he thinks makes his point and walk away from the theme and concept that winning big at Temple and Baylor, irrespective of the roster of wins, is a big fucking deal. Nonetheless, I threw him a bone and responded to his Allen point, which you conveniently ignore when you attempt to claim that somehow I have avoided addressing anything of substance. I'm not restating or reposting how the Allen take is both shitty rhetorical tactic and also factually dissimilar, either go fucking read the post or fuck off. His redirect with Allen didn't even deserve the dignity of a response, but I gave it, and here's the punishment for doing so. Other clowns that cannot follow the conversation and also have a reading comprehension deficit, show up and honk that the other guy is being done a disservice because CTJ is some sort of mean, nefarious, bad guy on this board. So go fuck yourself and your dipshitted claims. Respond from here all you like, but I'm putting you on ignore for wasting my time. You aren't worth future keystrokes.
  14. The bar is crack-in-the-concrete low for outdoing the band of not-ready-for-prime-time-players that Coach Fuckface brought in, so yeah, firing the majority of them and leaving the positions empty was a stronger strategy than keeping them. However, for sure the offensive side of the staff now looks substantially better on all fronts. I'm stoked. Adding a bag man and deploying him as a true response to the SEC/Ohio State encroachment? Stoked. Fuck it, let's go. Also, Sean Snyder is still a fucking terrible candidate. But hey, maybe the douches covering the program were all wrong and he joins the staff as an analyst, which would be great.
  15. I very specifically stayed on topic of the post and subsequent posts I was addressing. It's fine blood sport to mock me with missives attempting to paint me as some rube or unfair player in the board's overall game, so have at it. That said, your claim is false, even if it felt good for you to type.
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