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  1. iPhone 11 Max Pro or whatever the new one is + Apple Watch 5 series.
  2. Of course he brought his new wife Kay who talks all about AA, chain smoking while the record plays, "Noel. Noel, the first Nooooeellll"
  3. Pete is a decent guy and I've been in one and around all three MBB firms; AMA j/k about the AMA due to NDA you know.
  4. Yes, Terminal E is the Wal-mart Terminal for sure (heavy Spirit presence). if you are flying a small airplane to a small market city it was always Terminal B. For the longest time Terminal B didn't have a tsa precheck queue (I think they had the card out, and you still have to take your laptop out, and such?), so I'd go through precheck at Terminal A. The precheck line spits you out right at the Dallas Cowboys Bar/Grill, which has a pretty solid omelette if it's the first flight of the day. Otherwise you can go down to the Lorena y something-or-another Tapas place and they have a good South American breakfast with eggs and steak. There is a Johnston & Murphy at A30 where I've got my last few pairs of shoes and belts the past couple of years as well. If it's lunch or dinner, I'd walk down to A16 where the Salt Lick is and order $30 worth of food and expense it. You can't get the ribs a la carte (per ounce, actually) like you can the sausage and brisket. From there the SkyBridge is up the escalator. However recently I've been eschewing that routine and going straight to Terminal B and eating Cousin's BBQ which is better than Salt Lick, really.
  5. The more I think about it, the more the love/hate relationship Dinesh and Gilfoyle have is really sweet. At the end they are obviously still an old bickering couple (and Dinesh bought a house next door to Gilfoyle), but the underrated part I just thought about was before the launch. Richard froze up and Jared, Monica, Richard...nobody knew which Dinesh was trying to get his way at the supernode but it was Gilfoyle who ultimately makes the call. Gilfoyle literally trusted Danish to save the world (if we are to believe the premise) and that level of trust and relationship was a nice culmination of the 6 years of hinting they really do like and respect and trust each other behind all the goofs and insults.
  6. I guess after killing Kamala, she is retiring her primary.
  7. I think you are making fun of me, but I don’t experience posts like you do. I’m texting you right now, 6 months ago about this episode being good but not great.
  8. Good episode, not great like some of you guys seem to think.
  9. I loved this show which, even the last few seasons, which I know is a super unpopular take. Especially Gilfoyle, whom I thought was amazing. I appreciated that he and Dinesh continued to love/hate each other in the future. I died when he said "Dinesh what are you doing you terrorist. Did you just do one push up?" Also "Clif Bars and a Gun".
  10. No offense but Duh. we all know the Peloton is nice and cool and have one or have friends that have one. This is more about their attempts to market how nice and cool their bike is.
  11. He, and the people he’s met in the journey of International adoption and agencies, are increasingly looking at South America I guess for all the reasons you’ve stated and I originally assumed it was going to be a poor nation Asian baby like Angalina Jolie used to do. He’s getting a baby from Colombia I believe.
  12. I’ve got a friend trying to adopt. Allegedly, Americans are adopting white, healthy babies as soon as they are listed and there is a very big backlog and long waitlist. For children with disabilities or developmental (or mental/personality) disorders it sounds like there is a shorter and easier path (read: they aren’t being adopted as often, obviously, and I’m sure it’s very hard to do so, so I’m not judging). Just to adopt a “normal healthy” baby/infant/toddler is such a long waitlist (and it’s not guaranteed) that he’s looking at adopting internationally which it sounds like a lot of people do. Long story short; Americans are adopting like crazy!
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