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  1. 1 observation and 1 question: 1) Bad_Teammate is loving how close this is and would find some value in a Trump 2nd term, as it would only help his cause and invigorate the far left and continue to give them a focused enemy and keep a tight aperture on their focus and goal. This isn't horrible for a far leftie. Question: Who is the new Trump lady? Smokeythebear?
  2. Wow, Jerry Jones is getting testy. Seems like every interview he's getting ugly with the press, more than I can ever remember. This disaster we are all watching must really be wearing on him privately and internally.
  3. It pains me to say, but I think you are right. The dismal tide is not just a fun quotable from that one movie; it's the inevitable change made up of the critical mass, and when you are part of the rock at which the wave is incessantly crashing into, and which will eventually be overcome and toppled, you should not ignore what's right in front of you. There are two main, undeniable truths as I see them today: -Demographics in America have and will remain changed, in a way that is not positive for a lot of folks who have found some privilege and comfort playing by the old rules, to the
  4. The story goes, a passerby in Manhattan recognized and shouted out to ole J.P., "Hey Johnny-- what's the stock market gonna do?", to which he replied, "It will fluctuate.". And that's about what the MBA class "Advanced Finance Management" is all about. Don't let them tell you that you didn't use the pandemic to get smarter.
  5. Voted! Didn't vote in 2016 but pulled ye olde lever for democracy this year.
  6. Trump survived Covid-19? Ah well, nevertheless. Time to vote 🗳
  7. An interesting think-tank email expounded on some very interesting (read: real, not us messagboard dorks riffing opinions) commentary around Disney+ and Soul, etc. One of the more interesting artifacts was the actual vertical/horizontal integration map that Walt Disney himself drew which highlights his original vision:
  8. Will Smith is responsible for the worst movie I've ever seen called "Focus". That alone means Martin lives and Smith dies.
  9. This. Disney is *NOT* going to buy a movie theatre chain. The friend mentioned upthread at Alamo HQ seems to be enjoying some industry-specific gossip that is undoubtedly keeping those guys entertained and busy during this very horrible time for the industry. Disney+ is the lone bright spot in a portfolio being decimated by covid-19. Lucky it launched in 2019, really.
  10. This thread is salve to the wounds that is the spread of the infection of SJW cancel culture-itis
  11. What I mean is, if he wins and decides to open up the arms race that is packing the courts and jumping them up every 4 years to try and mute the influence of the previous administration, is that okay and cool as a political maneuver, since we are talking about it being cool if Biden wins election? Granted his winning the election is like a 12.5% chance at this point so probably just a thought exercise at this point with less than 30 days to election.
  12. If somehow Trump improbably wins, what if he also packs the court?
  13. "Sit down next to me and take your talkin' to" was so hilariously condescending and dismissive and powerful. I can see how people got stabbed in the guts by this guy.
  14. This guy was trained in the dojo's of MBB; he's an amazing and dominant orator.
  15. I have, but only stayed in Westin's with creature comforts to avoid the "Delhi Belly" and when in the Middle East, it is plenty lux (e.g. Dubai, Oman, etc.)
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