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  1. You could just say “I made a dumb point” and this entire back and forth would be over. Ark just scored, still a two possession game. No cookies needed
  2. As great as JTs INT was, if he misses that was a TD. Hold strong D
  3. Neither of them had played a big 12 opponent this year and we just scored now.
  4. Just dropping by to say fuck y’all for the jinx with a double gameday thread. Get your shit together
  5. The one to the open guy that "would have been a TD" who also was wide open and dropped a ball that hit him in the hands? You're assuming he catches it regardless how well it's thrown. Everyone is sucking right now. Whittington makes the TD grab if he chooses not to backpedal
  6. Hudson has extended plays to a fault. That doesn’t mean replace him, just say it’s a 3 man front, take off
  7. Let’s take out our starting qb that hasn’t played a road game for our backup qb that hasn’t played a road game.
  8. Schooler stays home and doesn’t rush and it’s minimal gain on the play
  9. If they have backup line backers having to start, there should be pass plays with Bijan coming out the backfield. Test em
  10. All they have to is run and Oregon wins. Wtf
  11. http://buffstream.io/cfb-streams/oregon-ducks-live-stream stream
  12. Switched to A&M game, Jesus tittyfucking christ if you need a stream go to streameast, crackstreams , or buffstream.io
  13. If he really wants to pass the NREMT, just remember Airway Breathing Circulation for all the questions. Signed, Failed firefighter, but EMT certified
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