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  1. The Loire is pretty awesome....very easy to spend a week visiting the many chateaus and vineyards in the valley. It's a very laidback and relaxing area of France.
  2. Yeah, Biden has massive influence in baja....bitter much?
  3. Pink for the night races.
  4. My Serbian wife wants to know WTF you are talking about....
  5. Well, waiting is better than what Mercedes Sprinter does...they just build it with the parts on hand, and if they don't have the parts for your options, they just leave the option off of your order. Somehow mine slipped through with all my ordered options ,much to the disbelief of my salesman.
  6. This. I was going to buy a place between the park and Cody. My wife asked everyone she met "what's the worst thing about living here?" 100% said the wind.
  7. Nine inches of very heavy, unforcasted snow on the shores of Puget Sound. Heard tree limbs breaking all night.
  8. otisdog


    Back when I was much younger, I road all the way up before heading down. I've heard that they no longer drop you off at the top because so many people were crashing on the way down.
  9. I dunno if Texarkana is worth $39....
  10. otisdog


    I've got pretty decent hearing despite my age (67) and the fact that I spent 5 years of my life continuously using a skilsaw, then 3 years touring with a major rock band. I moved to Washington state last year, so using a chainsaw has become a common, usually weekly thing. I use 2x hearing protection, expanding plugs under muffs. No real signs of tinnitus were present, but...I normally go on the wagon for the first 3 months of the year, but for some reason I haven't practiced abstinence the last couple of years. This year is different, I decided I can't let a particular political party get the better of me. Now 5 weeks dry, and I have definitely got the ringing in my ears. Hopefully I've got an easy solution coming up in 7 weeks.
  11. Appears to have the 2nd tank, which is a good thing. Old man had a '75 (I think) with the full time 4wd. Had 70 gallons worth of tanks , needed them all. My brother and I were framing houses at the time, living in Pasadena and driving to San Juan Capistrano daily for work....142 mile round trip, we were barely breaking even.
  12. Seismic thread drift here....
  13. Good call! How long's the list? My preference is short barrels, but I only shoot clays in preparation for hunting season. Favorite 20 has 26" barrels.
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