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  1. Was it incest? I thought it was just naughty librarian from the picture I saw online. I suppose the heart wants what it wants, right?
  2. When he was what, like 5'10" or 5'11" or something? He checked to all his hotels in the name of the guy that beat him out for that team. The story is so absurd and his ability to carry a grudge and use it for motivation, while driving him to greater heights I'm sure, probably doesn't help him live as a centered and contented human being. I'm glad that's him living like that and giving me entertainment value at the highest level- but damn, what a beating.
  3. The right is getting better at humor and I'm terrified Cruz had some good stuff on social media in 16 when he was running for president. And he retweeted a porn. So, winning?
  4. Something odd in that and Mississippi. Way too low on the percentages like they didn’t push anyone or left something out.
  5. Yeah, I think the Dems have more money than they need. What’s the marginal efficacy of running the 3rd commercial of the break as opposed to the second. Maine seemed already at saturation (both sides) when I was up there and that was late July I’d imagine the story is similar everywhere else it’s contested. .
  6. Yeah. Right after Mitt Romney lost. Romney/Ryan was the ticket that was trying to pile up those votes. They lost and pivoted to a different direction.
  7. Absolutely. trump is the worst thing that happened to a ton of people politically.
  8. Oh agreed. No doubt. Just saying that the scope of the resources needed is staggering and 2 billion isn’t a big number relative to the opportunity/problem.
  9. Dude- partisan means as its primary definition, a strong supporter of a party or cause. LL said he supports PR statehood as a principal of fairness for PR outside of any partisan aims and you said you don’t support it if it in any way helps the GOP. Which is literally the definition of partisanship. Which he was pointing out and which I agreed with. It’s literally in the definition, and then you answered by incorrectly defining the word. Or at least using what is at best a tertiary definition by adding a word like “blind” adherence which isn’t actually in the definition. I expanded on my tech post and immediately said my initial post was bad and apologized for trying to put out a half baked thought while I was multi tasking at work, but whatever, man. This is like the definition of mean, median and mode to all be properly thought of as average. just say you are for PR statehood of it fits your partisan agenda and against it if it doesn’t. Because that’s true. It’s up to you if you find partisanship distasteful but as I said- it’s definitionally what you are talking about here. feel free to have the last word.
  10. I don’t know. I think his situation is somewhat unique. I seriously think Trump has blackmail material on him.
  11. You aren’t getting what I said- that’s literally the definition of partisan how you framed your response twice now in stopping the gop. You had a because. The because doesn’t matter, it’s still partisan. Now, most Americans are partisans at their core and come from partisans so this is not a critique but rather an observation.
  12. Not Road wins man, neutral site wins.
  13. A couple billion doesn’t really go as far as you’d think it would, honestly. That works out to like $24 per kid or something equally pointless. Let’s say you only want to target the bottom quarter- that’s like $100 per kid. you’d certainly hope that private charity could spend the money better than the government- but not that much better. You are talking about asking for miracle of loaves and fishes there.
  14. So in other words exactly about partisan politics as your sole stated justification is harming the GOP. Which is literally what the definition of partisan politics is. it’s ok- own it- you are almost all the way there.
  15. Me too. That might have been my only game of the year. Or maybe 1 of 2. But we heard he got the call and we were like- gotta go. he had multiple chances to be a hero and didn’t as I recall. Was waiting for the big stage for that as the MVP.
  16. Dems +3 and Biden being the tie breaker in a 50/50 senate- having control that way. They could win in IOwa or Montana or Georgia but that’s not likely ass of now. 4 pickups in AZ, CO, ME, NC and a loss in Alabama. Net +3.
  17. No- her seat is in jeopardy because Maine is a blue state and she’s a republican and in the increasingly nationalized senate races those things don’t go together anymore.
  18. I tend to agree. I think he’s coming back for the victory lap too.
  19. Neither of them has much of an NFL career waiting for them. They should aspire to Colt McCoy. I wouldn’t let getting started on that keep me from a victory lap as the QB at my dream school if I was Sam. I have no idea what Boo wants to do with his life and of finishing a graduate degree will drastically change that, but my thought is if I’m him I’m pretty indifferent to SMU but who know- the hot blonds go on for days and I’m sure he’s like the butcher at the meat counter making them take a number so maybe he sticks around.
  20. 76ers with 3 titles and 9 finals appearances. I didn’t count up the conference finals or wins but I bet they are higher. Also Detroit probably compares favorably. So there you go- that’s the list of teams more or less evenly accomplished in their team histories with Lebron: celtics, Lakers, bulls, Pistons, 76ers, spurs and warriors. The only reason the heat are even marginally in the conversation is he did half of his playoff damage with them. It’s a freakish career in the playoffs.
  21. I just did the rockets. 158 in total wins stacks up pretty favorably, and 3 titles to two isn’t much different. But man- the 9 finals thing for LeBron is pretty impressive (rockets have 4) as is the 13 conference finals (rockets have 8 I think). So no they aren’t all they aren’t all that comparable. heat have him tied at 3 titles but they are way behind in wins and nba finals trips and conference finals trips so they aren’t really comparable either. I did think of one I’m pretty sure stacks up I’m those counting stats totals and that’s the 76ers.
  22. I wonder how many teams would NOT look like that stacked up next to Bron. Lakers Celtics Spurs Bulls? Rockets. Heat. Okc/Seattle combined. The finals appearances is pretty high. They’d be in the neighborhood otherwise.
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