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  1. Out of rep, but I had a sensible chuckle over this one.
  2. I feel like there is one more person on the thread with me building deluxe apartments in the sky on Whitley Island but I can’t remember who it is. Diamond Hands man. Sometimes it just takes pitchers a minute to figure it out and put it together. He seems like he could be on the schilling development track. He has the stuff. If he’s got his head in straight and he’s over his injuries why not him? Why not now?
  3. I’m just saying- 2022 will forever be known as the year of our Whitley. All the stock I’ve bought up of his from this board when it went over to the penny exchange about to pay off bigly.
  4. I like crane. A lot. Him getting rid of Luhnow zero sense from a doing your job perspective. My guess is that the pressure from MLB was intense and he folded. IT could be that Luhnow is that abrasive. Maybe it was ego and all the fawning articles about Luhnow. At any rate, that guy might have done his job better than any GM since Branch Rickey.
  5. Was just thinking that same thought. Bet we are still behind Yanks, Mets, Dodgers, Padres and Angels. We come in a smooth 6th place. Because reasons.
  6. Until someone else ran on a fuck KLeonard platform. Then you’d vote for that guy at least 3 times.
  7. The Astros have the second best winning percentage in Major League Baseball behind only the cheese-dick Yankees.
  8. I like RR. His life advice bit is awesome. He’s the biggest CP3 honk around though.
  9. Download the Simmons Russilo Podcast in about an hour and listen to RR cry.
  10. The next time Trae defers to anyone will be the first. He won’t get easier to play with or more humble as he gets older. I also said there are only a handful of teams I would trade a conditional second rounder to Portland for Dame. I don’t like small, no defense PG’s who are the focal point of their teams offense and have to be to be successful. It’s not a formula to the best of my knowledge that has ever been successful in the league. *I don’t consider Steph to be either small (for a PG) nor no defense. He plays mediocre to bad defense but he works hard and doesn’t bust the fundamentals of the team concept. For all people like to give shot to Paul about I think it’s not his fault- he’s just too little to be the best player on a title team. Only guy I can think of who did it at that size in the “modern” nba would be Zeke, and I don’t know if that qualifies as modern or not and he was kind of the lead guy in an ensemble cast.
  11. They all meaningless possessions now Dogg.
  12. So, I’d rather have Ayton than Trae. Not in some sort of esoteric way of thinking of Ayton as more valuable, but because he can play a role on a championship team (granted it’s a 3rd banana role) while Trae only works as a lead dog, and any team with him as a lead dog is not going to be good enough to do anything meaningful. Think of him as an Eastern Conference Dame. And, like Dame, I bet his career ends with one completely fluke run to the conference finals where they were non-competitive.
  13. At least they didn’t pick the scrub from Duke. Or trade away the pick for a homeless man’s Luca. Or a pocket sized Harden. However you want to settle on calling the former cousin fucking Meth-head Sooner.
  14. Wow. You hate to see it. But you love to see it gif.
  15. Would you foul a ball off your dick to perform great at your job for a week? I think I might, but not sure completely sure. I do work on commission so that obviously affects my answer.
  16. It’s such a small bar to clear. He’s got the easiest job anyone has ever had as far as stepping into someone else’s shoes.
  17. I’ve got 25 deep as the target score. What day you?
  18. It was brutally bad. Blum was like- hope that’s just a gift for uncle Mike on his birthday and not what we can expect from Angel today with his strike zone for the rest of the day.
  19. That pitch to uncle Mike that he called a ball that was almost middle middle was as bad a call as you will see all year. Just didn’t matter bc he got got anyway.
  20. Hold on- you want to trade a 2 or 3 WAR CF, or potentially a 4 WAR CF for a left handed bullpen arm?
  21. Every year at the trade deadline I say the Astros should trade for Cruz. What a back half of the career that dude is having.
  22. Goodrum, if he’s gone, is really going down on a heater.
  23. He wa a absolutely awesome in the post season last year. He’s shit this year. He was shit down the stretch last year. He’s always been shit in the majors (though with good peripherals). he has yet to have a single year in his career with an ERA under 4. He clearly has the stuff. I could see why a team would think he’s intriguing and they could unlock him. He’s just not ever proven to be good at preventing runs.
  24. I think I might miss him less than Robles.
  25. We can’t possibly overcome a 4 run deficit with only 6 Innings left and this lineup. The steak is over.
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