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  1. Dont overthink it. Formalin, an iv pole and some tubing is all you need here. Figuratively...
  2. Yea Vanguard is literally 1 click to do this each year and you dont have to recreate your traditional IRA. Just keep it at 0 and refill and convert yearly.
  3. Set up self contained towns where you choose what decade you want to live in and if you have outdated real world skills you can go live there. Say Fiftiesville. You only have access to what was available in that decade. See wow classic.
  4. My mom's side of the family are descendants of a Count of Transylvania. They were princes. My uncle was named after the ruler, first and last name. He was a nice guy. We played bocci ball in the summers.
  5. About 24 hours in. So far very little side effects. I guess some chills and some aches but almost not noticable. Wife is super cold and her legs hurt but no fever.
  6. Wife and I both got Pfizer #2 today. Gonna watch basketball and take 4 advil tonight around 8pm. Will let you all know how that works out.
  7. Gen X here. Im not sure if there is a God or not (although as I get older Im starting to come around on the idea) but Im quite sure He doesnt care where you are when you talk to him. Or maybe He does. What the fuck do I know. I was raised Catholic so Im set no matter what. Havent been to church since 1995. St Ignatius on Oltorf I want to say. Before that St Thomas shout out in Amarillo. Both locations!
  8. I have an uncanny knack of always picking the wrong drive-through line. A couple weeks ago a guy in the car in front of me spent $49.63 at McDonald's. I shit you not, 5 cars behind me reversed and went to the other line (which was longer). All 5 made it through before me. Was rage inducing
  9. Making multiple NCAA brackets for March madness. Be a man, pick one and own it. In that same vein, being in multiple fantasy football leagues. Saying I'm in the playoffs in my "other" league makes me surly.
  10. A silver lining for me is the previous decade of watching Texas athletics has almost completely numbed me to this loss. I basically feel nothing. I am looking forward to bacon, eggs and cinnamon rolls for breakfast however. I never have breakfast during the week so weekends are a treat for me.
  11. Let's say we are a 3 seed. Who are we hoping to have as 1 and 2 seeds above us? I would be just fine with Michigan and houston as the 1 and 2 seeds in our region. And Florida st or wv as our 4.
  12. Day 1 purchase for me. Maybe they will do the 6 month wow sub and get diablo 2 remastered free promo.
  13. https://khn.org/morning-breakout/cdc-says-people-with-allergic-reaction-to-first-shot-can-get-jj-for-second/ There is guidance to switch to the johnson and johnson vaccine if the first moderna or pfizer messes you up
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