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  1. UTGrad98

    Cobra Kai

    Wife and I finished season 2 last night. I'll echo what others have said, it's written for gen x. As long as the focus remains on Johnny's character we will keep watching. Thought the jokes were even better in season 2 but so was the cheese factor. All of the fight scenes were so bad they were good. Every character arc but Johnny's and Miguel's are terrible or terribly written but my wife and I dont really care. We like the show for what it is.
  2. At best, this will become a state by state decision to allow for abortions. It will slow liberal migrations to states like Texas thereby keeping a Republican senate majority more difficult to overcome. The red states will stay red for a lot longer. California and South Dakota each having 2 senators is a tough pill to swallow right now. I am pretty angry so I wont type what I think so Ill just say RIP.
  3. And every single one of them benefits me and my family. Yet my dumb ass votes against my own self interests in every single election to try and help them out. Thanks for the extra 3k a year I save in taxes you fucking idiots. Maybe Ill go and remodel my second solarium.
  4. THIS is how you get reps with our back ups. Change the players, not the game plan. Back up QBs and WRs cant get the experience by handing off every play in the 4th quarter. First game I have ever seen in my life as a Texas fan where this has happened. Why is this so hard?
  5. I could see myself risking Covid for this. The virus should be weaker by then.
  6. Very few. When Sandy Hook happened, I thought for sure there would be some type of significant change to our gun control laws. Didnt even move the needle. You would think this election, with this president, more people than ever would vote. I doubt they will. Most will be too busy, others will forget, and the 18-29 yo will find an excuse not to. Those who normally vote will vote and those who dont will continue to be feasted on by those who do. Same song different verse. I hope Im wrong but I dont think I am.
  7. Nothing fancy but I will probably get another monitor next. My brother is shaming me for not having dual monitors. Currently have a 32 inch 1920 x 1080 No freesync support.
  8. Ive been married 13 years. Not gonna happen...
  9. Every 4 years or so I splurge and build myself a new desktop. Finally going to upgrade to a SSD. Pretty cool website I found to build it this time around. Here are my specs. Nothing crazy, I usually spend around the same every time, $600-$700 or so. https://www.userbenchmark.com/PCBuilder/Custom/S93822-M810675.1024806.607339.89269vsS0-M?tab=GPU Virtual Benchmarks Gaming 79% Battleship Desktop 91% Nuclear submarine Workstation 74% Battleship Bench Value Bench Value $715 CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 84% 92% $203 Copy from baseline GPU AMD RX 5600-XT 88% 74% $280 Copy from baseline SSD Crucial P1 3D NVMe PCIe M.2 1TB 250% 91% $101 Copy from baseline RAM Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200 C16 2x8GB 87% 122% $58 Copy from baseline MBD Gigabyte B450M DS3H $73 Copy from baseline Got WoW Shadowlands and Godfall for free with the 5600-XT. Was a nice surprise sine my brother and I are gonna start playing WoW again after about a 6 year hiatus.
  10. So on those fibonacci calculators things, I plug in 3580 and 2237 right? I have the day off today. Fibonacci Retracement in Down Trends Retracement Levels High: 3580 Low: 2237 78.6% 3292.598 61.8% 3066.974 50.0% 2908.5 38.2% 2750.026 23.6% 2553.948
  11. About the time I had a Nicole Eggert poster on my wall...
  12. I'm pick 6 this year in my 10 man half ppr league. Who am I wanting for the first 8 rds? Rd 1 - Kamara or Thomas or Henry? Rd2 - rb/wr which ever I didn't get in rd1. Jones/jacobs/chubb/Hopkins. If helaire is there at 15 should I take him? Rd3 - fournette/ Evans/ cooper Rd4 - Carson k Allen Gurley Rd5- thielen chark ertz Conner Hilton Rd6 - rd5 picks plus Ridley Ingram Rd7 - Prescott Murray Watson Wilson Rd8 I like taking back to back QBs here as it gives me 2 top notch players and deprives another team from getting a top 5 QB Rd9-14 value picks my hand cuffs and other handcuffs Defense and kicker with last 2 picks. Maybe I take tucker earlier or the kc or no kicker but my league tends to draft kickers way way too early. I'll probably stream my defense against whoever is playing Cincinnati or whatever team sucks. Poke holes in my strategy. Tips etc. From what I'm reading I'm starting to like pick 6 this year.
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