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  1. Should have won the Oscar for the mission. RIP.
  2. This has to be what irrational exuberance looks like. I mean the market is completely decoupled from reality. I am riding this in my 401k account which is now up 28 percent for the year because of the change I made earlier in the crisis but my mm account is still cash. Everything about this feels wrong. My mm account is so much harder to pull the trigger on because it is all my after tax money that I physically transfer from my bank to vanguard. My 401k feels like play money because I never "see" it so it's easier to make a big change. I guess what I'm saying is I'm still a pussy.
  3. One of the most unique songs ever written. Every time I hear it on the radio I listen till the last note. Love devil went down to Georgia. RIP.
  4. I don't know my states on a map as well as I thought I did.
  5. Sorry to disappoint you but I have no memory of 2010-2020. Did we play you in something ?
  6. California still pissed about '04 and '05 I see.
  7. Wife and I are surprisingly enjoying season 3 so far. I was a bit skeptical about what would happen after the end of season 2 but the first episode this season was really thoughtful and intriguing. Can't wait to finish it.
  8. Half way point of the year is july 1st. We aren't even at the half way point. What else ya got 2020?
  9. I laughed out loud. I dont care if it is real or not. What an awesome post
  10. There are certain threads you are relieved you didn't post in initially. This is one of those threads
  11. Poor guy rolled a 3 on save vs disease and got the covid.
  12. They fucking suck. Their music is what real music shits out when real music has to take a shit. They're awful. There you have it.
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