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  1. Episode 4 was really good. First 3 I was just hoping the series would be good enough to be picked up again. But episode 4 was damn good. I'm in. Nyneave at the end was cool as shit. Loved how they are portraying logain. The writer of this episode wrote 4 of the game of thrones episodes. Some of the best ones actually
  2. Episodes 2 and 3 play much closer to the books than episode 1. I agree there were lots of liberties taken in the first episode but I knew they were coming so it didn't upset me. Mats parents were my biggest issue.
  3. My expectations were low and they exceeded them. It's nice to see these books come to life. I'll keep watching. Already renewed for 3 seasons so someone thinks it's good.
  4. As long as they dont touch Princes Bride I'm fine with Hollywood continuing to be devoid of talent and originality. Hopefully they will just make another marvel movie instead.
  5. Eventually we will need new penalties to deter abhorrent behavior. Saying "We are a civilized nation. We dont do things like that." doesnt cut it anymore. This case is a step in the right direction in that regard. Life in prison with excellent healthcare or death by injection wont do here.
  6. I dip my chili dogs in ketchup. They taste better that way. Same with Mexican hotdogs. Not sure what the debate is. Ketchup on hotdogs make them taste better. Just like A-1 on filets make them taste better.
  7. It's inferred. They are female incels. I see nothing wrong with those choices.
  8. Yea those are the Red Ajah. They really hate men. Looks appropriately cast to me. Liandrin, the blonde, looks like a real cunt. Perfect.
  9. Loved it. Can't wait for part 2.
  10. My brother has a house in the country and he built an outdoor movie theater for this premiere. Heading out there to see the first 3 episodes with him and my best friend. We all grew up reading these books. Trying to keep my expectations low.
  11. They need to poll people after all the facts come out and see how many still believe baldwin was upset and made that quote about killing them or was ranting about trump. I say 40 percent of our population will believe one of the lies after this is all said and done
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