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  1. As far as “latest” - read some reviews on the CP-33 from Keltec . Guns and Ammo mag just did a review and it sounds kind of cool. 33 stands for 33 round capacity which is great for plinking with a 22. Accuracy was exceptional based on their trials.
  2. Hampton withdrew the ineffective counsel claim in his writ. My understanding was that because of this all evidence of such would not have been been part of the motion that the CCA reviewed. Maybe I am not understanding the law and the context of the CCA, but that appeared to me to be a statement of opinion by a couple of judges simply stating that she had a reasonable strategy, but it did not come across to me to be a vindication of conflict of interest issue nor a rebuff of ineffective counsel because that claim was not in front of the court. You can present a "reasonable" strategy but not the best defense if you have a conflict of interest. Those aren't mutually exclusive. Criminal lawyers would have to weigh in and correct or expand upon that issue.
  3. From San Diego paper quoting their sources including Rear Adm. Philip Sobeck, commander of Expeditionary Strike Group 3 Also - according to Navy Times, only 160 of the 1000 man crew were on board at the time of the fire and many of those were overseeing contractors as the ship was under maintenance/construction work including upgrades to the flight deck.
  4. You may be right. My thought process considered that once in a trial I can see sticking to your strategy. That makes sense so as not to get sidetracked and veer off message. However, she was unwilling to even consider this as part of a strategy in the months leading up to trial while she should have been exploring ALL possible strategies that gave her client the best defense. To say "We aren't going there" when the question of McCarty's presence in the home and his striking resemblance to Kelley were brought to her by multiple people seems odd and out of character with how a defense attorney would operate when the job is to raise anything that provides reasonable doubt to a jury. It's not like the suggestion was "hey, maybe some strange doppelganger broke in, told the kids he was Greg, and molested the kids - let's throw that against the wall." For someone who by all accounts is otherwise intelligent and competent to make the conscious decision to ignore this and discourage talk of it point me to see another motive.
  5. I didn’t think that there was any coral snake anti-venom available in the U.S.anymore? I know it quit being made many years ago and they kept extending the usability of current stock past the expiration date but I think even that finally played out. Maybe it still hasn’t been totally exhausted. Can’t recall the specifics but I think there have been something like fewer than 5 total deaths by coral bites in the last 50 years combined (in the US). Very rarely fatal even without anti-venom but that’s like calling a heart attack minor - easy for the doc to say. Whatever bit him, I hope he’s OK. My 1st cousin’s daughter got tagged by a copperhead 3-4 weeks ago. Lot of swelling and painful but the docs did not resort to anti-venom. As is normal with copperheads, she was walking around some trees at dusk. No doubt snake was there for the cicada buffet.
  6. Camping / RVing as the end goal. I get it if you have to in order to achieve an outcome such as hunting a particular area or fishing certain water inaccessible otherwise, but to go do it for no other reason than to be there doesn’t appeal to me. Weekend getaways at an RV park elicit the same feeling. You do you but I just don’t get it. I can go on a walk, ride a bike or sit around and bullshit outside somewhere close enough to sleep in my own bed or hotel/resort in plenty of places.
  7. Please check your kids vaccination records too!
  8. Yep- I hadn’t considered the situation if they had existing IRA balances and the pro-rated tax.
  9. Haven’t thought this through but you may be able to reclassify that portion of the contribution as a Roth IRA contribution and have the custodian move it to a separate Roth account, pay the tax on an amended return, and then you’ll have a Roth going forward. Much easier to track, and can continue to make proper deductible contributions to the traditional IRA As allowed and excess to the Roth.
  10. Looks like Kelley and wife will be in Burnet Monday at a rally someone organized to protest recent Mannix hiring.
  11. And IIRC (or understood the lawyer speak) even after the local judge found him innocent (not ruling on ineffective counsel as the writ was removed) and sent it to the Court of Criminal Appeals........Hampton uncovered emails between her, her attorney, and a prosecutor representing the state before the CCofA where they continued to throw Kelley under the bus and try to deny his exoneration. She was in it to the end to keep him in jail, even when the threat of ineffective counsel was removed from the appeal - Then publicly uses his story as her personal experience with and reason for passion with regard to her new position advocating for rights of the unjustly convicted.
  12. My wife and I were talking about her last night and trying to rank her acts on an outrage scale In no certain order... 1) Protecting McCarty at the expense of Kelley - knowing his life will be destroyed 2) Knowing that there is a high probability that in protecting McCarty you are allowing him to victimize more kids 3) Fighting to keep Kelley imprisoned due to pride and / or continuing the protection of McCarty 4) Then using her representation of Kelley to bolster her own reputation and pretend like she was victimized by the system as well. She's a psychopath.
  13. The good news is that no one ever went to jail b/c the ate too many Jolly Ranchers or dipped too much snuff.
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