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  1. Reagan1k

    Getting old sucks

    PSA test is more reliable than the old digital exam. Many places only do the digital if you have a strong family history of prostate cancer, but a normal PSA.....done as a double check, or maybe just b/c the doc likes you.
  2. Yeah - by destroying the meat you do tend to invalidate the study. Why even run the test if it isn't applicable to the way ANYONE who wants a dry aged steak will actually consume it. When the only flavor or juiciness comes from the A-1 slather on it, that tends to affect the results. "Let's run a test and see how well a Prius handles at 200mph.......Yeah, I know a Prius won't go 200mph, but shut up - I got a research grant."
  3. In my experience, it's nickles and dimes to increase that coverage on specified items. Once you already have a rider with specified items, the incremental cost to schedule more items isn't much at all....and certainly not worth forgoing the coverage. Hell, I had a situation not to long ago where I added a piece of my wife's jewelry and I got a small premium reduction. I questioned it and all the agent could tell me was that she thought I'd somehow hit the number perfectly and the addition kicked me into a higher coverage band, with a discounted cost per $1000, and it somehow actually dropped the net cost. Made no sense but that's not my problem.
  4. Maybe a little off topic here but the point made above is where I keep being led with regard to no-know warrants. In today's world with the level of technology and surveillance techniques that are afforded to law enforcement, I think that there needs to be a complete overhaul of the no-knock warrant approval process. In many cases where we have seen evidence of these go wrong, it appears to me that simply slowing the roll of law enforcement and using no-knock warrants only where innocent life is in immediate peril would be prudent. I'm no lawdog and don't know how you revamp the system, but it would appear that a specially appointed panel or overseer should be the go/no go decision as to whether a no-know warrant (and the likely use of force that follows) is justified. Their task would be to obviously determine whether a warrant is justified, but more importantly whether it meets the threshold of meriting a violent entry. To me, simple drug crimes like this one do not meet the threshold of being necessary to risk the lives of all involved; LEO, suspects, and innocents alike. Ted Bundy has 5 kids locked in his basement and is torturing them - Go. Joe Smith is moving meth out of an apartment and has been doing so for years - let's wait until he comes outside and makes a run to HEB. These no-knock warrants amplify the warrior mentality, create the us against them mindset, and don't seems to SERVE the greater good in many cases - when weighing the risk vs. reward.
  5. That means blindly firing 10 shots into an apartment without having a fucking clue at what or at whom you are shooting, after you screw up royally on a search warrant.
  6. Quoted for truth. Exactly what I do. I'll never argue with an experienced hunter taking head shots (I know and respect many), but for me the downside outweighs the benefit. The "off switch" in @BabaYaga's picture causes an immediate ass drop and then the upper body follows it down.
  7. Keep doing the deal! Nice job.
  8. Where do I attach my Sig Arm Brace?
  9. Biological magnification was the driving force behind the outlawing of lead for waterfowl. The contaminating or poisoning effects move up and magnify throughout the food chain. That entails not only shot birds that eventually die and are consumed (pellets included) but even shot that accumulates on the marsh floor for instance, and is picked up by bottom feeders; whether birds or fish. As they die and are scavenged, the lead builds up. I did a research paper in the early 80's on the move from lead to steel shot and it was very interesting. Hell, that may be all I remember from high school. I also still have a couple of cases of lead #4 Remington Express Magnum waterfowl loads. That was some hard hitting stuff!
  10. That's an amazing analogy. I can really relate to that. All my life I had such a problem rationalizing the questions I had about religion vs. what I believed in a spiritual sense. I had so intertwined my self constructed theory in which I had to "believe" everything that my religion taught me in order to be spiritual, that I doubted everything, believed nothing, and was unable to have a relationship with a higher power. The concept of a god of my own understanding was such a freeing notion for me. I had always felt most spiritual when I was "the guy fishing". However, if you put me in a church pew listening to a sermon about water turning to wine or seven loaves of Sunbeam and a few mullet feeding 1000's, all that evaporated. To me, having a conscious relationship with my higher power is an equivalent or greater miracle that the obsession to drink was lifted from me. I now enjoy "church" and can take the messages I need for my life and leave the rest with no guilt or shame. Thank you so much for sharing that.
  11. I wouldn't say I "enjoyed" it, but hey....you do you. I will say it was a far better experience than all these stories up-thread about stitches, pain, swelling, and being stove up for days. Walk in, walk out, and drive yourself back to the office or home. Take it easy on the running or workouts for a few days and put it behind you.
  12. So cidercade or Cybercade Sunday is where the next mass shooting will take place.......Good to know.
  13. There are a large number of 1903 shooters that have low serial number guns who won’t shoot higher pressure rounds due to some strength differences in the bolt mechanism in the early vs. later productions. To stay on the safe side many of those with low number 1903s will not shoot higher pressure loads. There’s some debate about this but if one wants to be cautious and not risk damage to the gun or person, it’s a reasonable compromise to shoot the clones of the original M2 ball Ammo. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle but since the Ammo is there, anyone who wants to be careful has an option. I’ve got one of the CMP Garands they they rebuilt and added the spacer block In order to convert to .308 . I don’t know if they still sell them, but it was a popular option for people who wanted a shooter and not a collectible back years ago.
  14. Excellent points. Several major mfgs have now started making Garand specific loads for the 30-06 to mimic the old M2 Ball ammo. For those military buffs who want to shoot their Garands, that's an excellent and safe option. The CMP also sells a line of new production M2 ball from Creedmoor Sports that are used by a lot of Garand competition shooters who don't reload their own. If someone wants to shoot their Garand, its not a problem any more and can be done without risk to the rifle. (Same goes for 1903 shooters)
  15. My partner just got a new Howa Mini-Action 6.5 Grendel with a 20" barrel. Threaded, synthetic stock, with a box mag. Light, short, smooth action.......helluva truck gun. I've had nothing but good luck with Howa for great performance in a lower priced bolt gun and that's why he went that route. He's planning on running a can on it from a blind since 6.5 Grendel suppresses well, but it'll be a great ride around gun without it. Would also make an outstanding rifle for a kid or smaller framed shooter.
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