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  1. Nice! Grab some crab beignets at LPG for me please. Love those.
  2. Might be gone. I know of guys who’ve been to a couple of locations that were already cleaned out. Great prices though...if you can find stock.
  3. That Norman-Ford scope has a dent in the side of it but it is a fixed 6x and the reticle is still clear and centered so I'm hoping it will still group. I'd like to keep it all original. Worst case is I buy an old 50's era Weaver on amazon or ebay and swap it out so I can shoot it. I love the stories behind old guns and since I bought this at auction, I of course don't have one. As you said @BabaYaga , in my mind a rancher went into town in Mason, Llano, or Fredericksburg and went to the little Sears Catalog Store to order it.....or maybe from a display at Buttery Hardware. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  4. Is he a traditional rifle guy or does he tinker with AR's etc.? I've given the mats that show the exploded view of AR's and AK's before, along with a dedicated armorers kit for that style of rifle. On a vice, I'd consider the space he has to work with and then hit up Midway USA - They've got damn near everything a tinkerer would need and you could make sure the vice in question would be a good fit for his shop space.
  5. Picked up a Pre-64 Model 70 (.270) this week. Beautiful gun. Built in '49. Looks like it was a safe queen age considered. What's most interesting are the optics - Side mount by E.C. Hechner Co. in Boise, ID and the scope is vintage - Model is the Texan by the Norman-Ford Co. in Tyler, TX of all places. I'm doing some research now but can't find much. Once or two references that the scope was made in the early 50's and the Hechner mount was made for that era Model 70's and a couple of other rifles. Anyone into older optics that has ever heard of them?
  6. PSA - Walmart is exiting the handgun and 5.56/.223 ammo market and are putting all of their current inventory on sale - very cheap. Pretty sure .22 as well. They aren't advertising it much but the clearance is on. If you can fathom / stomach going to a Walmart during December you can pick up some pretty cheap range ammo. 9mm is $.09/round in 100 packs if that gives you an idea.
  7. AR-15 Platform..... 5.56/.223 is on the light side with regard to hunting capabilities for bigger game (hogs/deer). Many would argue either way, but it is still a lighter round for hunting. The 6.5 Grendel and .300 Blk are more akin to traditional hunting rounds in the same vein as .243 and 30-30 respectively....That's a huge generalization but you get the drift. Pushing rounds of 100gr or more with sufficient energy for that sized game. +300 yard range for the 6.5GR and 200 yards (supersonic) and 75-100 yards for the subsonic .300 blackout AR-10 Platform..... Based around a longer .308 type case, the AR-10 allows for longer cased rounds such as the .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor which would be a step up in both range and energy if hunting medium sized game....in excess of that for which a 6.5GR or .300 blackout would be practical/prudent. If you want a rifle that you can take to the range and blow through a lot of cheap ammo, then the AR-15 with a 5.56 upper is all you need. If you want to be able to hunt with it as well, add a 6.5GR upper and you have 2 guns for the price of 1.5. If lots of range time and high round counts aren't your thing, and you want a rifle for strictly hunting and / or the occasional range time (especially long range shooting) then the AR-10 platform in either .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor (or both by using two uppers) would a good call. Bear in mind that an AR-10 is going to be a heavier firearm than the AR-10 all things being equal because of the larger receiver and heavier barrel. Start with what you want the tool to be used for as a primary and secondary purpose and then walk back from there and the right choice for you will be pretty obvious.
  8. ^^^^ Correct^^^^ Have to pick a platform first (AR-15 for things like 5.56 / 6.5 Grendel / .300 blackout OR AR-10 for .308 / 6.5 Creedmoore etc. AR-15 uppers and lowers even from different MFG's are very forgiving with regard to compatibility b/c they are for the most part mil-spec. AR-10 not so much if from different mfgs. You'll need to make sure the upper you are looking for properly pairs with the lower b/c they won't all be the same - not mil-spec. I've had a ton of luck buying PSA AR-10 lowers, and then pairing them with PSA complete uppers in both .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor. With an AR-10, keeping your upper and lower in the same family isn't a requirement, but it can sure help. Otherwise you need to look and ask a lot of questions to verify compatibility. If this is just a shooter for hogs, deer, occasional range days - a PSA upper / lower combo and a decent scope is a great value and you won't have any issues. Simple solution is to buy an AR-15 lower and an AR-10 lower. Then start adding uppers in various calibers suitable for each lower so you can end up with numerous rifles. Then be sure to label your mags and be careful in keeping cartridges separate. Our, as Speedtrucker says - buy a complete gun 1st and then add uppers if you want to diversify.
  9. I'd love to see Goines' gun collection - Odds are better to win the lottery multiple times than to find 99% of the homes you search in Houston are absent a firearm.
  10. Tulemar fan here. I'd think you can find plenty to do both on property amongst yourselves and in town with regard to nightlife, especially considering/discounting the benefits of staying there....It's a beautiful place and if you aren't squeezing your dollars too tightly its worth it. I doubt you'd be unhappy or feel like you were missing anything......and that beach is beautiful! Flying into SJO and arranging for a van/mini-bus to Queposs/Tulemar is easy and you could get your party started on the way (and stop at a store en route to stock up on supplies). It would also be pretty easy for the concierge to arrange for a dedicated van driver or two to haul you around at night if you gave them some notice. I've found them very responsive to off the menu requests. Would be a great trip. Enjoy.
  11. If you are using propulsion other than compressed air - yes. Compressed air models like we used to use to launch shark / bull red bait off the beach aren't an issue unless you re-purposing them to destroy property. Then you just get charged with dipshittery. Add something that burns or goes boom and the ATF might take an interest.
  12. We have at least 10 known velvet steers on camera now spread over a couple of thousand acres that we need to take this year. That's after 3 were already shot during bow season. We have a lot of exposed granite. It is unique and can even vary by property within a given county. The more granite outcroppings the more prevalent. 2-3 miles can mean the difference between them being very common or non-existent. And since the have no testosterone, they don't rut / roam and stick around where they were born.
  13. Depending on the county it may also be toxic castration instead of trauma. I've talked about it before on this thread I think but there are multiple counties where some fawns get chemically castrated due to eating a certain plant that is native to granite outcroppings. They become steers and stay in various forms of velvet - are extremely timid around other bucks to low T-counts and are nothing more than eating machines. Very common in Mason, Llano, etc. depending on rainfall, when the plant blooms, and when the fawns drop/wean. Once they get some body weight, the toxicity level is low/harmless, but if the stars align against you, you can get a large number of your bucks in a given year neutered shortly after being weaned.
  14. Ruby Slipper / Canal Street may still be closed due to the Hard Rock collapse. Not sure if they got the all clear yet or not. The one of Magazine tends to have less wait than the one on Decatur - but both may have extended waits if Canal is still closed and they are picking up the slack.
  15. Just that makes me hungry for Tempura Fin Wings and Sizzling Smoked Oysters. I could eat those every time I'm in town and be content. Enjoy!
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