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  1. Where's your office? I think I watch the same thing happen every monday from where I work.
  2. He's advertising to the lowest common denominator of peoples ethics and IQs. And that shit works.
  3. WHOOAAA BOOOY!, WHOOOA BOOYY, whoa boy, whoa boy....whoa boy....shh shh shhhhh
  4. I'd try but I'm getting mine here in a few weeks
  5. Anyone seen Littlekenny yet? Just watched them all (only about 2-3 minutes each) hilarious...they need to make these full episodes
  6. I didn't know Takeo Spikes had a son that old
  7. I would murder every last one of them if I was playing behind them.
  8. Memes related to the decade being over depicting how hard it was on them. Or really just any entitled, attention starved millenial (usually) who needs people to realize how hard their life has been. It's not that hard, grow up.
  9. We would kick the SHIT out of the football though.
  10. Liking it so far. Cavill sounds exactly like Geralt from the games.
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