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  1. "The Pennies for the cripple children???" "No, that's the jar, I'm talking about the tray"
  2. Sorry brother. I feel your hurt, I lost my mom yesterday unexpectedly from an abdominal aortic aneurysm...numb, sick, mad, heartbroken. She was out families rock and I can't believe she's gone. I tried so hard to get back home to East Texas before she went but couldn't and it kills me I couldn't be there with my dad and sister when she passed away. That was the longest 4 hour drive of my life. Thank you for sharing...I'm sorry for your loss but reading that someone is going through something similar as me helps a little. Fuck this sucks.
  3. Not on Netflix, but finished a documentary called Sasquatch on Hulu last night. Really liked it. 3 episode murder doc about 3 guys killed on a marijuana farm in the early 90's with a backdrop of being in "bigfoot country". I thought the guy who made it did a great job of basically retelling a crazy memory from when he was younger and deciding to look into it more and find out what really happened. Also, the dude named "Razor" was awesome. I wanna grab a drink with him.
  4. This should be Glock's slogan.
  5. DimpledHomelyHylaeosaurus-mobile.mp4
  6. We're into season 3 now and Janice is back...I truly, TRULY hate her character. Was hoping they'd left her in Seattle for good.
  7. "Perfect. Now just bring it over to my place"
  8. I have little confidence it will pass. I hope I'm wrong, but never underestimate this city's incredible ability to rally the troops at the last minute.
  9. But have you considered opposable thumbs??? Wait....shit.
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