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  1. I didn't realize the WAC was still around.
  2. Pffff....I've seen the ads. Thomas J Henry calls that a Wednesday.
  3. Yeah it is. I've Pieced together around 1700 rounds between .270, .223, 9mm, and 300 blk. GT and Guns Warehouse have been where I've had the most luck.
  4. Have you guys Watched. The. Tape?! Whenever he's running through the wet grass, his opponents are always a step behind. He never tires, and always WANTS it.
  5. 1st run yesterday evening. I love this thing.
  6. Look at the baby, look at the baby
  7. Secretly I kind of wanted the home at home. Would have been a bit surreal.
  8. Getting mine in a week or two. Can't wait.
  9. Well that's on you, buddy.
  10. New tractor getting dropped off. Ready to get to work!
  11. Hey I bet that quilt is comfy as shit
  12. It's no his actual account
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