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  1. Galway was my favorite place we visited while in Ireland. Which is saying a lot bc we loved everywhere we went. There's also a very cool B&B on Inch Island just a little ways from Dingle. We stayed there a couple nights before finishing up in Cork then Dublin. Amazing country.
  2. So this dude had whataburger and was late to his flight...boarding lady said give me your whataburger and I'll put you on...he refuses and she doesnt let him board the plane. What a COOKY story! That lady would've been murdered.
  3. I need this man to narrate my whole life and remind me to tape up my britches.
  4. Been to that gas station before about 15 years ago...Tiger was kinda heart breaking and worst smelling bathroom I've ever experienced.
  5. Damn. He's actually lucky that knocked him smooth out. Looked like his instincts were telling him to try and stop that thing.
  6. Bill Dickinson may need an intervention. He looks like shit warmed over.
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