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  1. Of course you would give a racist Democrat a pass.
  2. Of course Trump isn't LBJ. LBJ was very racist.
  3. That's sounds more like suicide by wife. You know damn well you shouldn't trust her with things like that.
  4. bt, you should take your own advice
  5. And Russian trolls, such as you
  6. Unless it is choke the chicken. Then you win every time.
  7. I can't comprehend what can go through someone's mind in a situation like this. Take someone elses life and throw your life away. For a few dollars? Unfucking believe able.
  8. A simple yes would have sufficed
  9. Do you have to be a prissy little bitch with every post in this thread?
  10. Seems like your beef should be with Judicial system
  11. leaf

    2020 Rain Thread

    Fuck, now I am getting hail
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