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  1. Well, I’m out of reasons to pull against destruction of the entire planet by a giant flaming meteor. Fuck it, it’s time. Just fucking end it already.
  2. Gotta tell ya...I’d have MUCH preferred the taco truck version of that outcome.
  3. What phase is the phase where Bill Gates slips his mind control microchip into the formula? That seems to be an essential element of all vaccines these days, or so I've read on the internets.
  4. And that's fair. There's no getting between a control freak and his rage against a planet that refuses to bend to his will. It's a significant personal flaw.
  5. Fuck faith. I'm a big believer that we control our own destiny, and from what I've seen, we're a bunch of blind drunks at the wheel trying to imitate Dale Fucking Earnhardt....and it keeps ending up as you'd expect. We've royally fucked ourselves. Even if a magic wand was waved tomorrow to make the virus go away, the unfucking will take a long-ass time.
  6. The wife bought a spin bike. I've done spin classes, and like them. I'm gonna get a pair of shoes with clips so I can do that while it's too hot to exercise outside. I like cycling, and it's damned good cardio. And, since it's at home, I can eat a taco while I ride.
  7. You and me both, brother. You and me both. I have zero room in my fucking life for optimism these days, so I'm not even going to dare to hope......but I can't just forget about it, either.
  8. And I've said this numerous times here: nobody is coming to save us. Nobody is going to help us. We are on our own, and we are hellbent on self-destruction.
  9. Do they offer varying levels of spice? Do they offer multiple accompaniments with the main dishes? Do they offer sporks? Then, fine dining it is.
  10. The fact that Trump hasn't dropped dead from a massive McHeart attack during one of these pressers is 100% proof of one of two things: either there is no God, or God has completely abandoned the United States. Every day, we dig the hole even deeper. We can't stop the massive bleeding. And half the country cheers as it happens. God has forsaken us, and we absolutely fucking deserve it.
  11. I need to lose some poundage. Quarantine has actually helped - not going out for nice lunches, no fancy dinner when travelling, and walking every night (except lately, when it's over 100). I've lost a few, but need to lose a good bit more. Made a nice veggie-heavy low fat gazpacho yesterday, had a bowl for lunch today. Better choices and such. The challenge is -- and this is a big one when you are trying to lose weight -- I like me some good groceries.
  12. you know.....this analogy is not off-target. We've eclipsed that death toll by far, and the bulk of it is due to complete mismanagement of the situation (again, spot-on analogy). The effects of this pandemic on our human population, on our economy, on our culture, on our long-term well-being as a nation, are going to be fucking horrific. We are going to be talking about this 20 years from now, because we'll still be dealing with the fallout. We wanted to take a flyer, and "elect an outsider! He's a BIDNESS MAN!"......and this is exactly how that fucking turns out. It was never going to turn out any way OTHER than this.
  13. I dig a good brunch buffet, but they are all way overpriced. Jack Allen's is a good one, though. Chicken fried chicken with green chile gravy, green chile grits, a great tomato/basil egg pie, poached eggs cooked to order, it's good stuff.
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