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  1. Sigh. I’m going to buy some backup pet food, and a few extra dry goods/frozen veggies compared to what we’d usually keep on hand. I think where this is going to have the biggest impact soon is when they start closing large blocks of schools (entire districts etc). Parents will have to stay home, and work from home if possible. I know that law firms are starting to discuss protocols, plans for having people work from home, etc. I presume other businesses are doing the same. To me, it seems certain that: 1 - the virus will go free range in the US within a couple of weeks, probably sooner. 2 - to limit spread, large gatherings and institutions will close (schools, festivals, sporting events) 3 - the supply chain impacts from the virus in the Far East are going to cause issues with some critical items, like drugs. I also think it’s reasonably likely that we’re going to see broader quarantines - orders for people to stay home, not go out to stores, etc. I have a friend who works for the feds in the security arena. He’s come out and advised people to lay in 3-4 weeks worth of supplies and to make a plan to work from home. And noting that the masks don’t protect you, they protect others from you. Best steps are to wash hands and avoid touching your face...but there’s no stopping this from spreading. The economic impacts are going to be the biggest thing. The health impacts hopefully won’t surpass them, but it could happen.
  2. I do see what you’re saying. Now, MY kids were born on third, or at least second. But for me...the point is definitely that I was born rounding the bases. Other people are born without even knowing where the stadium is.
  3. Do the “plastic wrap around your suitcase” deal when you’re flying in to Kyiv to keep your bag from being ransacked. Trust me.
  4. Nope. Been a while since I've been through that way. Cases end, and I find a route that I drove 100 times no longer on my list.
  5. Yes, right after the current episode of OW! MY BALLS! ends.
  6. I occasionally get LJS when on a road trip and needing to eat dinner in the car because....well, maybe because I hate myself. But I still like it once in a while. Cracked up when I stopped at the location in Brownwood, and in line in front of me were cowboys about as cowboy as you can cowboy -- stained hats, dusty wranglers, bowlegged, well-worn spurs on. Just seemed a funny image in a fast-food fish and chips joint.
  7. I don't necessarily think that they should be free, but I definitely think they shouldn't be a taxable purchase. Which puts me at odds with Republican officials, who think that making tampons tax-free will....lead to hoarding. So...yeah.
  8. Secret info -- you always have more fresh water on hand than you think:
  9. Gotta drive around all the abandoned cars, so that's an issue...
  10. This is important. We should celebrate the free flow of ideas. Perhaps this will staunch the bleeding of the pocketbooks of the working class. Sure, it will take some time for society to absorb the true import of this step, but this goes far beyond merely padding Scotland's social welfare bonafides. And if you don't like it, you can stick it up your....whatever.
  11. Yep, word is that it's a killer party.
  12. Also, dude, "Cruise Ship Americans" is not the preferred nomenclature. "Fat White People," please.
  13. Agreed, but it's still likely that more passengers disembarked in LA than anywhere else....and they had contact with workers at LAX. And she went and stayed in a hotel and wandered Koreatown. It may be that the virus went other places, but the most favorable place is LA. Flight attendants, man. Y'all may recall what the man who was pretty much "patient zero" of AIDS was a promiscuous flight attendant.
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