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Awful horrible bad shit is happening in the USA right now, if you are afraid of your fucking feelings getting hurt this isn't the website for you. ×


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  1. Better be careful...Gus and Call say horse thievin’ is a hangin’ crime.
  2. I remember “Bob.” And yeah, in sophisticated Nashville...I can see them thinking that, because you know....non white dude.
  3. Make no mistake...for every cop who says that what happened to Mr Floyd is unacceptable....there are 100 like these, doubling down on their “fuck you peasant and RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!” This isn’t ever getting better.
  4. The battle lines are drawn. Spoiler alert: we all lose.
  5. Do you back the man who told cheering cops they should bash suspects heads against car door frames? Of course you fucking do. You just know better than to admit that you support police violence....you just support the people who support it. That’s even fucking worse. You’re not just an enabler of oppression and violence, you’re too much of a coward to admit it.
  6. Be the shadow president. Just do it. Lead. It just requires the act of....leading. Travel to affected cities. Meet with local leaders and listen. Address the public with your plans to help solve the problems as soon as you take the oath of office. We desperately need a president, so be that, even if we’ll have to wait a few months before you can actually implement policy.
  7. Glad to make that bet....but what about when he wins? Because it seems you think the GOP is going to allow a fair election. We have no functioning government. Our country is enraged and on fire. And the other half of the country “backs the blue!”, and can’t wait till they start cracking skulls!And this was all predictable - fuck, we predicted shit like this. It. Only. Gets. Worse. That’s the only rule. Why the fuck are you continuing to argue that this isn’t a shitty country? Turn on 90 seconds of any media right now. We are a failed state. These scenes are something out of a “shithole” country finally exploding under a repressive regime. And it will get worse. I keep posting that...and it keeps being true.
  8. America is a lot, lot shittier than you think. I’ve been trying to tell you.
  9. No, I’m not. If you’re part of the “I BACK THE BLUE!”, you did this. If you support a man who told cops they should smash suspects heads against the door of cop cars, you did this. If you excuse murder after murder of black men with whatever thin bullshit you can come up with (“if he’d have just listened, he’d be fine!”), you did this. You arrogantly thought that your way of thinking and being in this world could continue, consequence-free. It fucking couldn’t. Plenty of us have warned against this shit for years, over and over. It we were just “being paranoid,” and “overreacting.” And now we all have to reap what you sowed. We’re reaping it in fire and blood and destruction. We get to lament that, but you don’t. You fucking helped it happen.
  10. Burn in hell. Fuckers like you broke my country.
  11. Well then, go fuck yourself. You’re getting what you wanted. You and yours push and push. This is on you.
  12. The point went a mile over your head. We want an ordered, functioning society. A society where rights, life, and property are protected under the rule of law. We don’t have that, and those failings fall disproportionately on the most marginalized. We have broken that society. When you completely break society - which is the mechanism for peace and order - the result is chaos, violence, and disorder. That’s the point and the problem. We shouldn’t fucking break our society. Because when we do, all manner of awful shit happens. All the shit that doesn’t happen in an ordered, functional society. Wanton violence and destruction, brutal assaults, murders, all of it. If we want an orderly society...we shouldn’t fucking break it. I want an orderly society under the rule of law. That means I want and demand that we stop fucking breaking it.
  13. And this. It is the ultimate crime a state can commit. And the violent result is guaranteed.
  14. Awful shit has happened. More awful shit will happen. Innocent people will die. When you push society past the breaking point....society breaks. It doesn’t break in an orderly, well-directed fashion. It fucking breaks. The powers that be push, and push, and push. Kneel on necks, kill with impunity, cover for murderers, break down doors of civilians and kill them in their homes, repress any attempts to address such injustices...WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN? You pushed past the breaking point...and shit broke. Our country is on fire. It was inevitable. This is what a broken society looks like. This won’t end anytime soon, because we have no plan to have a functioning society.
  15. “Unlimited” power of our military? Posse comitatus much, you ignorant chunk of shit slime?
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