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  1. Johnson saw the video. She cited to it several times in her letter saying “don’t prosecute the defendants, Arbery was the bad guy here.” Crooked. Bitch.
  2. Love it….but do they have anyone on their announcing team who has hit puberty?
  3. Correct. But the purpose and culture around them wasn’t “tactical I’m a militia!” Shit, I bought an M-1 carbine at a gun show in high school. I bought it because it was a cool piece of history, and it made a decent utility ranch rifle if I saw a coyote. That’s it. I didn’t buy tactical goggles and helmet and socks and shit to go with it so I could be Billy badass and take on all comers including the gubmint. There was a serious difference in gun culture back then compared to today, and you know there was.
  4. Hahahahahahhahahahhahahaha!
  5. Oh….the sack is sweet cherry on top.
  6. But it’s also the equivalent of a mix of the Holocaust, fascism, soviet Russia, and manipulation of instant replay video to change the outcome of football games. Or so I’ve been told around here.
  7. That sucks. Enjoyed watching him back in the day. I’m wondering if CTE played a role.
  8. Auburn fucking blew it.
  9. This. It’s also when gun shows became something completely different than they used to be. I went to them in the mid 80s, and you could check out all kinds of hunting guns, accessories and parts for them (new barrel, that sort of thing), along with some old military surplus (M-1 Garand and carbine, that sort of thing), along with some basic accessories and outdoor gear. Then around that time, they became something else. Lotta black rifles, AKs, and “tactical” everything. Along with fucking weapons of mayhem - I remember a booth selling shotgun shells filled with razor darts, or lead balls connected to each other with wire. And the last gun show I went to had a booth with shit like a cane that if you pressed a button, blades popped out the bottom sides. I asked the guy what the hell anyone needed that for. He explained that it was good for “beating off dogs….of any color.” Then I saw the actual KKK commemorative lockblade knife in the display case, and I walked out. They went from a gathering of outdoorsmen and shooting enthusiasts, to a gathering of super-tactical aspiring militiamen. It was fucked up. And in the past 30 years, I’m sure it’s only gotten worse.
  10. Everyone? No, of course not. Too damned many? Yep. See below….this is just fucked up:
  11. Yes. That’s exactly what they fantasize about. This is the problem, dude.
  12. It means “bring a gun, shoot somebody” is a solution that is much more popular than it once was. And it’s tied to our culture and the way we think. E.g., 35 years ago or so, I had a shotgun in my car for probably 4-5 months of the year (we’d go to and from dove and goose hunts directly from school). I mean, it was right there in the parking lot, every day. First….the culture was such that the fact that I had a gun on school property didn’t flip anyone out. Admin was well aware that we kept our shotguns in our cars; our dean of students even helped us move them between cars one Friday afternoon as we were chatting. Second….it never even OCCURRED to me to go get my gun to resolve a dispute. And yeah, I had a fair number of disputes and even physical fights in high school. But it literally didn’t even cross my mind to “get my gun to protect myself.” I never thought that way. Honestly, I still don’t. I don’t keep a gun in the nightstand or under the bed (I actually did for a few weeks this year when we were sheltering a victim of domestic abuse and there was a specific threat, and it made me pretty uncomfortable). There has been a shift in thinking to “a gun would be a great solution to this problem,” and it’s not a positive shift for us.
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