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  1. You've lived your ENTIRE life without one (the one you THOUGHT was for "fiscal responsibility" was running a shameful con the whole time). Get used to not having one. And quit looking for a unicorn to ride off into the sunset. Seriously, it's hard reality-check time for everyone. EDIT -- man, I was SLOW. I wasn't even the first to make a unicorn reference.
  2. Jesus, the bots on her feed as well. Look at the "supportive" tweets, then click on the account. Bots. Pure bots.
  3. Always. Tackle. The existential threat. FIRST. That's the fucking rule for pretty much everything. Lawyering. Medical treatment. Military strategy. Anything. Because if you don't fucking survive, then you don't even get the luxury of dealing with the secondary mess. I'm not going to sit here and defend crooked Dem politicians out there. I'm not going to defend smug Frenchmen, or imperialist Limeys. But I'm going to joyfully praise the Lord and pass the ammunition to them so they can shoot the everloving fuck out of Nazis, the existential threat. End the threat first. Deal with everything else second.
  4. Bitch thinks de Tocqueville is a brand of designer purse. I should probably tell her it is, that this bag here is a limited edition, and sell it to her dumb ass for $25k. She hasn't read a word of fucking de Tocqueville in her miserable sniveling pathetic life.
  5. Of course it's fucking real. The GOP is not a political party. It's a criminal syndicate.
  6. What you have to understand is that the French act all smug and superior, so we shouldn't support them in fighting against the Nazis. What you have to understand is that the Brits had a whole empire that did a lot of bad shit, and they kinda still have parts of it, so we shouldn't support them in fighting against the Nazis. What you have to understand is that Norway has some pretty messy history what with all the Viking raids and rapes, so we shouldn't support them in fighting against the Nazis. Fuck you. I say fuck the Nazis. I'll load the gun for anyone who will put them under fire. After the nazis are defeated, then I'll deal with knocking the smugness off the French faces, liberating the rest of the Empire, and getting the Norwegians to apologize for the Viking shit. The GOP is an existential threat to the Republic. End the threat. Then worry about the next steps.
  7. Here's the part where I tell you there is no peak Brisket. It can always get worse. And it will. There is no bottom.
  8. But...and always, always remember this....it doesn't matter. Trump could have confessed to the murder of all of their children on live TV. And while they might have puckered....within 90 seconds, they'd have convinced themselves that their children probably deserved it, because they didn't MAGA as hard as their parents did, and that really makes them traitors to America, and every good parent would rather see their child dead than alive as a traitor. Nothing matters. Nothing has ever mattered. Nothing ever will matter. We are run by a criminal death cult, and they may have enough support to destroy us all along with them.
  9. That almost certainly would have been me. And I was unfamiliar with the location calendar for Murph these days. He was always good accompaniment to the beef, libations, and lovely company that the S&S had to offer.
  10. But a couple of the last ones are the ones that matter: We're dealing with fascists. We didn't kill trust, but it's dead We didn't create the divide, but we mustn't bridge it Persuade who you can, but watch for those who have made themselves unpersuadable Withdraw trust from those who would use it as a tool Tell the truth Fight We're dealing with fascists. Do what you can. Register. Donate. Volunteer. Call. Argue. Canvass. Vote. Always protect the targets of domination. Tell the truth. Fight. Fucking fight these fucking fucks. Everywhere. At every turn. If someone bothers to run for fucking County Ditch Digger as an (R), crush him. Fund his opponent. Punish the party. In every race, at every level.
  11. Nope. That's a waitress from the Scotch and Sirloin. Emily was a cute 20-something blonde from Enterprise, Alabama.
  12. Well, what you have to understand is that Peggy Noonan is a libtard who molests and eats children in a pizza parlor with Hillary Clinton and (((Soros))).
  13. The bolded is false. And the thing that makes it false is what makes it important. Ukraine didn't have to investigate Biden and Burisma. They only had to ANNOUNCE the investigation. The verb matters. That verb distinction tells us that in no way was this about corruption. Rather it was ONLY about public perception, which is a political goal. You're not stateless. You are aligned against a hostile power called Trumpism. There's a shitload of us. Get on board. Fight hard. Why don't you jump on the team and come on in for the big win? Bravo. Here's an easy way to think about it -- say this out loud, Republicans: "The President can remove an Ambassador because: 1) the Ambassador won't make a personal gift to him of $1,000,000 2) the Ambassador refused to appoint the President's daughter as "Assistant Ambassador for handbags" 3) the Ambassador refused to solicit payments from a foreign country to the president 4) the Ambassador refused to ask a foreign power to kill an American who insulted the president next time that American visited the country 5) the Ambassador refused to solicit a foreign country's sabotage of an American political party's computer system 6) the Ambassador refused to solicit the statement of a foreign country that it was investigating the opposing political party's nominee We can do this all day. There's fucking PLENTY of circumstances where the president's action would constitute an illegal act. It might be bribery. It might be a campaign violation. IT might be murder. All are laws. All are broken by the listed actions. What we know is....the GOP doesn't care. Make no mistake, there is only one law in the mind of the GOP: if the GOP does it, it's legal.
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