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  1. In space, I one can see you scream...or something.
  2. Nothing, because they are committed to the man at the top. He defines them. Soldiers are expendable. The Godking is not.
  3. Personally, I love how they threw in vaccines, too (see the syringe?). It’s kinda the omnibus “everything” conspiracy theory. One-stop shopping for all your batshittery.
  4. Not because they have moral standards. Just because they think he’ll lose.
  5. I hate when these guys talk. Because then they make me feel guilty for making fun of someone who is clearly mentally deficient/retarded. Seriously. Why are all of these guys such pathetic fucking creatures?
  6. Yep. Bama Chick probably needs to get her head examined, because she thinks WAY too much like me, and that can't be healthy.
  7. Except....what if he didn't? Asking for Michael Morton. Every person on death row or in prison was found guilty BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. That's a really high burden. But we also know that some of those folks DIDN'T [checks notes] murder his wife (again checking for Michael Morton). That's it. And no amount of "no, I only mean this for the cases where we're REALLY sure, like super-sure, that he's guilty" is meaningless. Because we're already super-sure that someone found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt is guilty. Except we're wrong sometimes. So, be super-sure, and rush to execute someone like Michael Morton. And then, years later, when the evidence that proves him INNOCENT comes out, go apologize to his grave, I guess. No deterrent effect. Even with instant execution. There's no sound policy argument in favor of the death penalty other than bloodlust/vengeance. Which I get. Believe me, I fucking get it. But I also get a LOT of other baser instincts and feelings we have.....many of which should not be indulged, as they are counterproductive to civilized society. I've tried to defend the DP. I tried to stick with my former position. I even went through your sequence of thought -- "Well, maybe just for those cases where we're SUPER-sure." But because there's no meaningful way to draw that line, I realized that my position was just to defend my bloodlust and past errors in judgment. Which is not solid ground on which to stand.
  8. Bufalina regularly has a potato pizza. Surprisingly, it's pretty fresh-tasting and light.
  9. Again, being that they named themselves the translation of “Al Qaeda,”....yeah.
  10. Probably just worked out well, what with what was surely a busy work calendar for all of them. They seem like career men. Probably stockbrokers or something.
  11. Well, technically, a few years ago, the geographic "center" of Austin was something like the 5700 block of Burnet road. As Austin has grown, what's defined as "central' has grown. When I moved here in 88, I remember going to a buddy's house on 49th street and -- relative to the Austin I knew, which was downtown and campus area -- I though he was taking us to fucking Dallas. Then, when my wife and I would wistfully look at houses on Sunday afternoons, I remember looking at one on Greenlawn in Allandale. I remember telling her "I know it seems way out here, but this is probably where we could afford something." A few years later, in 97, we bought right inside 2222 in Allandale. When we sold in 2010, it was easily marketed as "central Austin," at most "near north Austin." Now, we live in NW Hills. Which has been "near north Austin" for a long time, but is starting to be included in a "Central Austin" that is huge -- basically between 35 and Mopac, and between 183 and Ben White. Although that bulges in the middle, too, and crosses over 35 and Mopac the closer to downtown you are (e.g., Mueller is part of the new greater "central Austin"). Which seems really big compared to what Austin used to be. But Austin ain't what it used to be.
  12. Summary: we live inside a cartoon written by a drug-addled chimp who's the product of Soviet mind-control experiments, projected onto a shit-smeared screen, while Yoko Ono music blares in the background. Also, everything is on fire. And Republicans are fucking thrilled about it all.
  13. Seriously. And I mean this in the spirit of honest discussion, not to be demeaning. The scenario I described is what he is, it's what he does, and it always has been. I'm going to give a big benefit of the doubt, and presume that lots of folks thought/hoped that he would perform differently in the White House. I get it, sometimes we vote on hope. But he's been perhaps the most consistent president in my lifetime. What you saw in his life before the presidency, and his campaign, is EXACTLY what you've gotten in the presidency. There's no mystery. He is entirely predictable, he runs the same plays over and over. Today, you KNOW that whatever the issue that might bear some attention and improvement (let's go with Iran, as a recent example)....instead of improving it from its current status, he's going to amp up the crisis to dangerous/terrifying levels, then ratchet it back from that terrifying level (thus causing all of us to breathe a sigh of relief), and claim some sort of victory for avoiding disaster. You can't honestly expect that he'll ever do anything BUT that. Right?
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