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  1. So they don’t have local distribution set up...how about a volunteer drivers? I can make some runs this weekend. Makes me wonder about meals on wheels, too. I don’t know what they’re doing.
  2. Damn, man...well-done. Bird by bird, man. That’s how we get this shit done. Awesome.
  3. They are openly proud of their stupidity. It’s truly fucking amazing.
  4. Thought this was an excellent place to point out the contrast between Fauci and the gelatinous blob of self-absorbed narcissistic sociopath that somehow occupies the White House. From the super lefty commies over at Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/williammeehan/2020/04/08/anthony-s-fauci-md-man-for-others-servant-leader/?fbclid=IwAR0yen9LBUhHvEPR385mOCW7k_xy2Zc9Ac7Ea9x-ZfULDIRUa7TgIvmWSdI#6a1dcda172be I mean, it doesn't bother me at all that the piece directly notes the "man for others" model of Jesuit education, of which Fauci is a product. But for the love of God, look at that description. My kingdom for a president who even understands the concept, because then he couldn't completely ignore it. The idea is so beyond Trump's comprehension and grasp, he wouldn't even understand if someone berated him for being the opposite. Sigh.
  5. The president should be there with the team. It gives them an air of legitimacy, gravitas, the confidence of the nation. This is OUR team -- the team of we the people. But what he says should be quite abbreviated. Introduce the various team members with a nod to what they are going to talk about. Offer no more than 5 minutes of empathy, leadership, and calls to action. Be a fucking SERVANT LEADER. "I know these times are hard for so many. From those who are in the hospital, or worrying about their loved ones in the hospital, to people out of work, wondering where their next paycheck, meal, or rent money will come from. I can't offer you any easy or quick solutions. But we can offer each other so much [share an anecdote or two about Americans helping each other]. If you are afraid, I am afraid with you. If you wonder where you will find the strength to go on, I stand next to you -- so do your neighbors, all of your fellow Americans. If you are standing and fighting to help get us through this, my administration stands and fights with you. The greatest periods of American history often meant that we faced some of our greatest challenges. But we faced them together, and we emerged on the other side. We are strong -- because we are strong together. We cannot go around this, or over it -- we must go through it. And we will. The strength of our nation lives not in the White House, not in a military, not in any leader. It lives in the first three words of the Constitution. We the people. WE will go through this together. All of us. May God Bless you all, and may God bless these United States." I pounded that out in three minutes. He hasn't offered a single goddamned thing anything like it. And note how none of it pretends to be an expert on epidemiology, or PPE, or any of that shit? That's because the president isn't supposed to be the expert. He's supposed to be the guy who's smart enough to listen to several experts, discern, and decide. I've never known a single executive at any level as unsuited for the job as this SOB. Not one. And I've known some pretty piss-poor executives over the years.
  6. Yeah, I'm torn on this one. I mean, I'm one of the folks who had a really epic and nagging chest cold late last year, and wonder about it. It seems POSSIBLE. But it also seems that, if it was COVID, we would have seen hospitals straining way before. As much as I WISH that I had already had it (man, that would be a load off, and maybe my plasma could help people), I just have to doubt it. It was probably another similar cold virus going around back then. But, it will be good to find out. If for no other reason, than mapping and predicting future epidemics.
  7. Y'all be careful, though. Sometimes when something goes away for a while....it ain't the same when it comes back....
  8. Man.....those musta been some SERIOUS penis enlargement surgery complications.....Glad they cleared up, though. Good to have you back.
  9. The second-worst one. The worst one is the one where we end up in a nuclear conflict, too. And actually, I’m not sure which one this is yet. There’s still time for it to get WAY worse. And if there’s one rule that this admin has NEVER broken, it’s the rule of “it can and will get worse.”
  10. "those are the risk/benefit discussions that are handled by hospitals and prescribers." -- then the brainless fuckstick should leave it to them. "Just because POTUS says he thinks it has promise" - nope, you don't get to do that. That's not what he said. He said "what do you have to lose?" He lies plenty. You don't get to lie for him.
  11. So, he's worth negative TWO billion dollars now?
  12. The judges also would have accepted "eleventeen jillion."
  13. Maybe YOU will. As for me, I've got an order of some jars of powdered tiger penis and an awesome lotion made out of bat blood plasma en route from China as we speak. That is one stupid-ass straw man logical fallacy. Because the concern is what's stated below: Every human on earth wants SOMETHING to work. If it's chloroquine, great. If it's goddamned peanut M&M's, great. If it's a teaspoon of diesel fuel, great. The only problem we have is watching a complete fucking moron, with zero expertise in the field, with zero valid data to back him up, pimping out chloroquine/M&M's/diesel fuel and actively INSTRUCTING people to take it. That's the fucking problem. "What do you have to lose?" Would you be so cavalier if he was saying this about taking a shot of diesel fuel, which might kill you? Guess what -- the same is true of chloroquine. Even though it's been around a long time and its performance in certain types of cases is well-understood, it's still a powerful fucking chemical that he's telling people to ingest without 1) knowing if it will help or 2) knowing if it will hurt. Jesus shitdicks you apologists are some disingenuous dumb motherfuckers.
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