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  1. Good post. I certainly think that it's time to dial back UE benefits. But I'm certain that will only make a dent in the overall issue, for all of the other reasons you note.
  2. I didn't even know that the University of Arkansas Board of Regents allowed cameras in their board meetings.
  3. Nobody here is denying that it’s a factor. We’re just looking at the full picture, and see that there are a lot of factors, including several that are strong and compelling.
  4. We once had a beat up ranch truck with a rusted out gas tank that ran exactly like that. We rigged up a 5 gallon metal bucket in the bed with a fuel line running to the connector. Had to pump the gas pedal till the seatbelt light went off before you started it. Ran like a top.
  5. Only if it prevails. It won’t. The GQP won’t let it.
  6. The J&J shot is older tech...your urge should be to buy Commodore products.
  7. Has she thought of maybe, just possibly, NOT being Nazi Barbie, and see how that works out for her?
  8. Was just chatting with some German friends, and the adults (not elderly) are now starting to get appointments. One already has her appointment in a couple of weeks for shot 1, her husband is signed up but still waiting for a slot, and their 17 yr old son is signed up and waiting for a slot. But they are starting to get some traction and pick up speed, which is really good news.
  9. So you ARE familiar with the 5th Circuit.
  10. Some things that seem pretty obvious: 1 -- generous unemployment surely incentivizes some people to stay out of the workforce when their alternative is taking work that doesn't pay a material amount more than UE benefits. 2 -- there are shitload of other factors having a major effect on the labor market, particularly the restaurant industry, where many workers found jobs that either paid more, offered real benefits, better hours, more protection from market vagaries, allowed them to work while caring for their children, and other factors, and/or a combination of some or all of these.
  11. Had the same thought....but if they make it 5, I won't just consider it, I'll actually do it.
  12. Nihilist. Death. Cult. It's not more complicated than that.
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