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  1. 1 -- that's hot. 2 -- every one of those fuckers she's stepping on deserves to be crushed underfoot. Is that supposed to rouse sympathy or something? I guess that we should be appalled because usually, they're licking the boots of authority figures?
  2. I'm on ios, not sure what version -- I updated it recently (probably the past week or so), but it was working fine last night.
  3. More recently, he dished out on two lakefront properties on Lake Tahoe, which cost a combined $59 million. One of the houses, called the Brushwood Estate, is 5,233 square feet and on six acres. The property features a guest house and a private dock. BUY BUSHWOOD?!?!?!?!?
  4. Put this in the hopper with the drone tech that Azerbaijan used against Armenia the past month.....dude.....fucking Terminator is coming, and right quick. What could go wrong?
  5. There's not. We've just seen, in neon-brightness, what a shitty, shitty species we are. Not only will people continue to shit in the public water supply, they'll do it on purpose and with pride, because "E Coli is fake news! I'm a scientist! If you don't let me shit wherever I want, my butthole will explode! Freedom liberty eagle gun!" Many have said hyperbolically in the past "what we need is a good plague." Obviously, that was incorrect. Because a good plague doesn't kill stupid people at any higher rate than others -- but it sure as shit uses them as its preferred vector.
  6. But those are who kill the rest of us. All it takes is a few people shitting in the public water supply to get everyone sick, so to speak. The lowest common denominator is the dominant life form.
  7. Oh, when the more effective plague comes, I doubt we'll have the luxury of picking our time. It'll be a jar full of black beans we get to draw from. Once you put enough "stupid" into the recipe, it doesn't matter what other ingredients you add -- it's just a big steaming bowl of "stupid."
  8. So, Tapa is doing that thing where it won't let me log in (I never logged out, it just decided that I had), says Operation timed out after 5000 milliseconds blah blah blah. It's done that before. Don't know if it's a Tapa-end problem or not, but in any case, I'm locked out of Tapa, maybe others are having that issue too. If not, then I guess Tapa just sucks on my end, and maybe it will resolve, maybe it wont.
  9. I think I'm coming to the conclusion that the problem with COVID 19 is that it's not 100% fatal. Human beings aren't worthy of being the dominant life form on this planet. Time to die off, let evolution have another go at it.
  10. Back when I was a teen and still learning to cook, I had a simple recipe for orange chicken, based on a package of mixed ingredients prepackaged by the meat counter at Randall’s. It was great. The main thing I has to add was 1/4 cup of orange juice. I bought the ingredients again, and thought that this time, I’ll make lemon chicken. All I have to do is switch out the orange juice for 1/4 cup of lemon juice. I cooked it, and it was a beautiful golden yellow, smelled fantastic and lemony. Then I took a bite....and my lips puckered so hard that my cheeks passed each other. I hadnt thought of the lack of sweetness, and all the extra sour. Had to scrape the whole thing into the trash, and nuked a coupla hot dogs for dinner.
  11. Winning. I do similarly with a hock. However, it often doesn’t cook through enough in the time it takes to make the beans. Remedy? Precook the hocks for a coupla hours, then add the stock and Hicks to the beans. Red beans and rice with chunks of sausage and hocks? Victory.
  12. The replies demonstrate that the vast majority of the people in this country have zero grasp of facts, reasoning, and certainly even the most rudimentary concepts of an objective concept of the rule of law. Instead, any ruling that doesn’t give me what I want, no matter how outlandish my request, is a “corrupt miscarriage of justice.” We get the stupid government that we deserve. Truly a government of, by, and for the morons.
  13. Yeah....that occurred to me a long time ago. If these idiots want to invalidate “votes” or “ballots” all over the place, then that includes doe ballot races. Many of the local legislators have terms that end, and without a vote to re-elect them, there’s no holdover. They’ll have fucked up legislatures, some of them unable to act. It’s self-dick shooting dumbfuckery of the highest order, and their moron base is calling it genius chess mastery. So perfectly America 2020.
  14. That is among the aggyest things ever.
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