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  1. Fair enough. While she was performing her wedding, I ran back into town to get a silver ring for her. And of course, I needed an al pastor snack. That’s $2.25 worth of tacos right there: Last night, found a joint that had Tampico style pork and a chicken mole enchilada: We’re staying at a fancy all-inclusive, on someone else’s dime, but….f that, I ain’t gonna eat all gringofied grub when in the homeland.
  2. I'm thinking y'all should have sex and let her figure out dinner.
  3. We are currently in Mexico, and the wife has now discovered the glory of cheap, fresh chilaquiles topped with a couple of over easy fried eggs. Grabbed a beautiful plate at the mercado this morning for $3. Yours look damn fine.
  4. They musta listened to Skeet's story and not liked his Mentone.
  5. The harm will continue to come. There’s a mathematical chance that his family gets caught in the crossfire - someone will be, and for the universe to have any justice, it might as well be someone with a complete lack of empathy, so THEN they might actually understand. It’s going to happen. Wishing it would happen to assholes instead of innocents isn’t crass, it’s the only sane approach.
  6. They have Texas toast. They have cheese. They can make it.
  7. Can I embellish and say I banged her in exchange for my rent? It wouldn’t be accurate, but I see that as no impediment for surly posts.
  8. The lady who played Pickford’s mom was my landlady in law school. Pretty cool chick, nice looking too.
  9. Impossible. Poe tells me that such things don’t really happen. So me suggesting it might happen to him and his is meaningless. Might as well be talking about them being trampled by unicorns. Oh, and it IS going to happen again. I’m just suggesting that mathematically, it’s possible that it happens to Poe’s family. And if it does, I will simply show him the same empathy he shows the people to whom it has already happened. Because karma is a bitch.
  10. Bingo. If you want to know how the holocaust happened.....now you know. It takes a few dozen nazi leaders. And several million willing Poes.
  11. Yes it does. And more importantly, your entire circle rewards the people who sow that poison. Rewarding those who throw gasoline on the fire is arson just the same. Someone who rewards murderers for their actions is guilty of murder. Just because you don't get your hands dirty doesn't make you any less of one. You are one. And the great thing is, for at least some of the scumbags like you, your kids are going to grow up, learn about the world, and realize what a giant piece of shit their parents are. I hope that yours do that, on two counts. First, it will be great for them -- they'll have a chance in this world. And second, they will disown you, and leave you to die alone and loathed, as you deserve. You can't sow or support the poison you support without risking the blowback someday. I hope it comes your way.
  12. I guess they shouldn't worry about it either. I guess it's no big deal when a cop cavalierly talks about going to the border to hunt wetbacks. I guess you're a fucked in the head piece of shit who doesn't care because the stochastic terrorists fomented by your political movement aren't going to hunt you. Correction. You care. You like it.
  13. He doesn't give a shit. He sees what they stand for. He knows what they foment. AND HE LIKES IT. This is the dirty, awful secret they don't want you to know. All your "conservative friends?" The ones who are "good people?" They support and reward candidates and a movement that foments violence and murder of those who aren't "American enough." Just because your friends and neighbors have some social graces doesn't mean they aren't monsters. If you reward and encourage monstrosity, then you are a monster yourself. Poe will stand on the still-slippery blood-soaked floors of a grocery store in Buffalo, a synagogue in Pittsburgh, or an El Paso Wal-Mart, and tell the shattered family members standing over the broken bodies of their loved ones that "you're damaged. There's something wrong with you. Nobody caused this. There is no such thing as replacement theory and stochastic terrorism, and even if there is, it doesn't have any effect." And that's not because Poe doesn't believe this happens, or why it happens. He knows why. And he likes it. He's polite enough not to get his hands dirty. But he's happy that someone is doing what it takes to save this country, one dead mexican, black, or jew at a time. He may want to look away, because it's grotesque, but it's the natural result of a movement that he happily supports, and will continue to support. Dead minorities isn't a bug. It's a feature.
  14. You argue that the tactics of your team have no consequences. I simply point out to you that they certainly do -- many of those consequences have names. Many of those consequences have headstones. Perhaps you will not deny these things when they are visited upon you. You are incapable of empathy for the other. So perhaps someday you will understand when the things that you deny -- the very real things, that happen to very real people who just happen to be different then you -- happen to you and yours. I wish nothing on you except the things that you deny. If these are imaginary, and are not a broad problem, why should you bristle at my posts at all? Why, I am only wishing upon you fantastical things that don't even happen -- no worries at all, right? Fuck you to hell. If you won't stand up against evil wrought against your fellow man, then you are the lowest layer of shit on the bottom of the ocean. You are worthless scum.
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