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  1. "Boastful Idiocy" is the only true American value in existence.
  2. Oh. So you DO understand exactly how Texas works.
  3. We all deal with anxiety in our own way, dude.
  4. Now adjust your standard for "what would a 17 yr old boy eat?" Makes perfect sense.
  5. Yeah....that's not even a credible position. Assume the stupidest path imaginable, and then bet everything you have on Americans following it. You'll be rolling in Scrooge McDuck piles of cash in no time.
  6. Oh, we shouldn't.....but just know that in red states, protected by this SCOTUS, they will. They will do it, they will rub your face in it, and the rubes will continue to cheer them on.
  7. He didn't have to. The Voting Rights Act is dead, because unless the legislature has a stated purpose embedded in the preamble to the effect of "this law is intended to deny negroes the right to vote because they are an inferior race," it will all be okay with a wink. The GQP is the party of open and proud white supremacy and racism. It's not any more complicated than that.
  8. Update -- we got the Popeye's flounder sammich last night. He had just had the Wendy's sammich on Friday, so he had a recent comparator. He says that Popeye's wins, and it's his new gold standard. Also, he ordered two fish sandwiches, one for dinner and one for later. He ate the second one for breakfast today, and said it was one of the best breakfasts he's ever had. So, there's that report from a seasoned veteran of the fish sandwich wars.
  9. Don’t think the EOT is racist itself. But its history is murky enough that this conversation was inevitable and needed to happen. But what I DO know is that a bunch of our BMDs are racist pieces of shot who should fuck right off and not have anything to do with our university any longer. If the price of getting your donations is that we have to listen to your racist rants about “the blacks” and such....nope. Keep your money, and fuck off.
  10. I dunno. “Being relentlessly punitive against brown people because they are to blame for literally everything” is kind of a policy, and they’ve sure pursued it.
  11. Briscoe Cain. Just kidding. They’ll run someone WAY dumber and crazier than that. And he’ll walk away with the nomination.
  12. Or, as I've been telling y'all from out here on the ledge....
  13. Yep -- my daughter needed morphine when she had a horribad internal bone infection, put her in the hospital for a week. She was in so much pain she could barely communicate....the morphine hit, and she felt great. She explained later "I understand why they restrict the hell out of morphine....because it's freaking AWESOME."
  14. Should have just accused her of being a muslim born in Kenya. That sort of thing is a-ok. Translation: questioning the nationality/birthplace of brown people is ok, and in fact, is the foundation for a successful run for president. Questioning the same thing about white people is an impermissible attack.
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