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  1. There's a whole 'nother thread for this stuff... pretty sure you know that.
  2. So yet again Oregon gets a bye before the UW game. Surprise, surprise (especially because for once this year UW was to have the bye).
  3. The logo and uniforms turned out really well. Wasn't my first choice for the name but it's grown on me. Clearly they will play in the Krakhouse (sorry Lemon Climate Pledge Arena) and we fans will be Krakheads. Plus there'll be plenty of rum drinks, one would assume.... All in all, I'm just excited that we're finally getting an NHL team in what will be an amazing arena five minutes' walk from me. Release the giant squids!
  4. I voted other specifically to choose picanha. That's become our tailgate beef o' choice. A little coarse salt and some pepper and onto the grill. Eat it with molho da campanha (Brazilian "salsa" but with vinegar) and some farofa to soak up the juices. Damn. Muito bom!
  5. I heard 12. There's a plaque in the Hall of Air and everything.
  6. Sitting here watching this mess... at least prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is decent. The Dragons' offense is simply a beating to watch. They are doing a decent job of explaining the rule differences, etc. Would be more fun if the game had any offense whatsoever. But then I realize that Johnny Manziel wasn't good enough for this league, and I laugh.
  7. There's a metric fuckton of German, Dutch, and British tourons on Ibiza (and Mallorca). A drunker lot you'll rarely see.
  8. flatdawgs


    That's fucked up purple. Boy's ten miles of bad road.
  9. Got damn. You're all overthinking the hell out of this. The smartest thing here is to leave the Big XII and Pac-12 conferences alone (Big XII to add two teams if desired) and form a media partnership with guaranteed cross-conference OOC games. Football only - there is no reason to mess with any other sport. UW cross-country doesn't need to travel to Lubbock nor does Texas VB need to travel to Corvallis. All this stuff about "move UA and CU to the Big XII" ignores the fact that the two most successful football programs both financially and in terms of fan support outside of LA are UW and UO. Stop overthinking this. Keep the regional conferences and work together. Take that to Disney or Apple or Amazon and see what they throw at it.
  10. Should indeed be low scoring but I expect the Seahawks' O line to be shredded by the Packers' D. Russell will be running for his life; fortunately (I guess) he's gotten used to that. Would love to see a rubber match with SF next weekend but I think it'll be the Packers going to Santa Clara.
  11. I've heard from Coug friends that Mrs Grinch absolutely hated Pullman and didn't hide it much - have no idea if that's the case but if so might make that a difficult pull. Avalos is solid.
  12. Lots of people do. Barbecue or extra crispy?
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