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  1. Am I the only one that sees the similarity between Connor Blumrick and Derrick Henry? Trust in Jimbo!!!!
  2. This in Texas? If so, that is absolutely factually wrong. And if these companies are paying tax in that manner, please let me know so I can fix their shit. The company building the circuit boards qualifies as a manufacturer and purchases qualifying equipment to produce them, tax free. The circuit board materials themselves are purchased tax free for resale. If you are reselling the boards as TPP to an end consumer (likely) you should not be paying sales tax either, as you are buying them for resale.The end consumer may or may not be paying tax as they may qualify for a use based exemption. Every state in the nation that imposes a sales tax offers a resale exemption to effectively tax the end user of a taxable good or service to avoid double taxation. Some states have exclusions or qualifications to that resale exemption that allow for double tax or cascading of tax under certain circumstances, but that’s rare. In the event that it does happen, most of the time it’s because morons don’t administer the tax correctly. VAT’s while similar, and also regressive, impose tax all throughout the supply chain when value is added by utilizing a credit mechanism (think outputs less inputs). Still, the full value of the item is only taxed once, and sometimes never. Now the VAT tax base (what it’s imposed on) is typically greater, as well as the rate to compensate for lack of income taxes.
  3. Bitch why you just saying something now? We could have had this guy weeks ago.
  4. lol. Wondered the same thing. Figured someone hit the wrong button.
  5. All of them returning to service shortly. Probably tripped over a rock on their way to the humvee.
  6. In the fantasy world of guilty until proven innocent, sure. Thankfully the house did a stand up job of putting together a substantiated, airtight case to send to the Senate. I’m sure it has the bipartisan support that the Speaker said an impeachment would require less than a year ago.
  7. I’d be a bit more worried about re-election if they hadn’t started this impeachment clown show. The great thing is we get to see if Tom Herman and Donald Trump will still be in their current positions in less than a year.
  8. I should neg you for the image in my head, but I won’t.
  9. Last attempt at keeping Trump from getting re-elected? Unemployment is at record lows, markets at record highs. All wages increasing, but at the highest rates at the lowest levels of income. If you can’t point to impeachment, all you can point to is orange man bad; and with the current cast of democrat presidential candidates - that ain’t a recipe for victory. Over 40% of the American public wanted him impeached before he even had this call with Ukraine. Nancy herself said they had been working on this for two years. This was always going to happen with a majority democratic house.
  10. Badge of honor IMO. However, as much jerking as I do on a given day, I guarantee you none of it is done in a circle.
  11. Probably more surprised than anything that someone from the college of liberal arts found $100 to donate.
  12. Booked second week of March madness at park mgm. 125 for 4 nights and includes a $100 food credit. Going to crush a burger at the place in Cosmo and definitely some Taco Bell cantina. Did prime in bellagio last year, will likely stick with more casual stuff this time around. FYI as far as game watching spots go, Twin Peaks was solid last year.
  13. Goddammit this was almost forgotten. You bleu it.
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