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  1. Yea i probably made a poor choice of words - shut down is not accurate. What I meant was social distancing in the area started prior to anywhere else in town. Some Chinese American folks I work with posited that it was because they knew of relatives that flying to the US from China with stories and news of the virus impact. Some of those very same people also participated in Chinese New Year festivities in large groups, so whole lot of good that did.
  2. The asian populations probably knew the seriousness of this earlier than your everyday americans and thus quarantined themselves. I can tell you even in Houston, Chinatown was shut down and people were staying home well before the required social distancing and quarantines were in effect. They are also better at wearing masks.
  3. No no no this is the thread for cheerleading rises in death tolls and fear mongering only. Get that hope and positivity bullshit outta here!
  4. I’ve had the same thoughts. What I found amusing was the strategy of arguing that “the masks aren’t even meant to protect the one wearing it” in order to get people to give them away to healthcare professionals and not hoard them. If they don’t protect the wearer, then why do the healthcare professionals want them? Riddle me that whydontcha?!?
  5. To answer - it’s because they started before any sort of quarantine or social distancing. My parents have been on one since March 1 out of Uruguay. I told them they were idiots for even considering still going but that was mid February before shit really hit the fan/news here in large part. It was a two week cruise that’s turned into a month plus because no one would let them unboard. On their way to San Diego now and I assume a quarantine is possible once they get there. Surprisingly they may be better off staying on the ship for the time being since at this point to date no one shows symptoms or positive diagnosis. You said it, man .gif
  6. It would be incredibly aggy for them to create a vaccine, sell it to the world as a miracle drug developed by the bestest most smartest engineers in the world, to find out months later that the vaccine causes patients to be infertile or give them something more deadly. Hollywood A-listers crying videos incoming any day now. Asshole tortilla, another great band name. I know which one I choose, but I’m not tied down to anyone that’s at risk. If we delete a large portion of those 65 plus it will do wonders to help keep social security funded, so there’s that
  7. Man fuck China for this. I hope if we ever get back on our feet we pull all our manufacturing back into the America’s and unite the world against these mofos. I had three boxes of n95’s that I bought in January and donated one to a dentist (he is seeing emergency patients only) and one to an ER doctor family friend. Keeping the last one for me and mine. I probably need to research the correct way to put on and take it off so I don’t fuck them up.
  8. Yea ammo is tough sledding during stuff like this, really need to have it beforehand. You can still find range ammo online and if you are willing to buy large quantities it can be found online. I wouldn’t bother trying to find person right now unless you live in the sticks.
  9. The comment was partly tongue in cheek. I understand why we’ve done what we’ve done to this point. Other dude made my point though, we don’t need to pretend like this needs to go on for months or that 20K people dying from this is somehow going to forever change the world and economy. (Well, for the non-20k anyways) Edit to add I’m pleased that this has spurred some betting. Gotta get my fix since the craps tables are closed and now I get to spectate.
  10. 23K people? Fuck! We should shut the economy down! Oh wait, we’ve done that for 70 already. Child care for most people is not a la carte or daily rate where it just turns off when they’re closed. Most of us are on the hook regardless. Which blows, but I guess that means the workers still get paid.
  11. How about lives saved due to quarantine? Around 100 people die each day in the US due to traffic accidents. If you figure that even if that’s reduced by only 50%, coronavirus has been net positive with regards to immediate deaths.
  12. Yes Donald trump caused the Chinese Coronavirus. Nailed it. Based on what I’ve seen of all candidates for the next presidential election we are at a minimum almost 5 years away from that.
  13. No dumbass. It’s the one where Gordon Bombay comes back to coach the ducks at the prep school. Houston? If so, I want in. Willing to trade hand sanitizer or n95’s.
  14. Good discussion here that I have tried to have with others and it falls flat. Most people seem to be stuck on a couple of different feelings: 1) the government isn’t doing enough and we need to spend more, do more, people are dying!!! (without understanding the context of how many people die a day normally) 2) this is just the flu, we shouldn’t be doing any of this (without understanding how contagious this apparently is or the strain it will cause on hospitals etc) there isn’t any middle ground with your everyday person. People are weak and we do seem to be catering to the elderly and sick maybe 10% of the population? to the detriment of the other 90%. Natural selection and whatnot.....
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