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  1. I always enjoy watching the whole group holding up their cell phone to record some sort of reaction while yelling at people.
  2. Marcus Burris was a longtime A&M lean before Oklahoma worked really hard this spring to change that. He was very close to committing to the Sooners, but decided to hold off. Now, the Aggies have worked their back into a tie at the top. Texas is also on his public top three but the Longhorns are not likely to land take him.
  3. "Hi Chris Del Conte here - are you still interested in season tickets, or at our discretion without notice, making an unplanned donation?"
  4. Proposition 15 Update for CA since we were discussing 13 previously: Proponents of an overhaul were successful in getting a measure fully qualified for the November 2020 ballot. If approved by a majority of California’s voters, the measure, Proposition 15, would establish a “split roll” property tax regime wherein a different assessment scheme would apply to commercial and industrial property, as compared to residential property. Spoiler because of the length, but I tried to highlight the key considerations. Supposed to increase revenues by $11.4B, but most of that would not be for several years down the road. TLDR version - this measure made it to November 2020 ballot. Will impact commercial and industrial properties over $3M. Not sure how they plan to implement all of these exemptions but it smells ripe for some tax planning.
  5. I went eero and agree that it is super easy to install, even with Uverse. I wired one eero straight into the gateway and then placed the other two boxes across the house and was able to get the same shitty internet speed across the entire house. I may or may not have bought a new house so I can get fiber internet and am eagerly looking forward to putting them in the new pad.
  6. I really really like a lot of the IT content, writers etc, and out of the 9.95ers they are my preference, but this always bugged the shit out of me. Anything even remotely considered East Texas, and Wells (and to a lesser extent Nahlin) just obsess over it for the entire cycle.
  7. They plug into an outlet? Fuck if I know. I was pointing out they should stick to what they’re good at.
  8. Well they figured out televisions. Maybe they should stick to that.
  9. Why don't yall just go ahead and meet up for your PNW gangbang already? Let's talk crootin!
  10. I asked for the manual j calculation from the builder to confirm they sized this properly - if its appropriate then so be it. Will be interesting to see if they provide it or not. Just don't want to move in and immediately notice that the AC has to run constantly to keep the house cool because they undersized it. FWIW - I asked my realtor to ask a couple other CM's and they all thought it seemed low and one of them remarked that it may have been low, and they plan to use dampers in some of the smaller rooms to divert more air to the areas of the house with higher ceilings. (which is of course 75% of the home)
  11. No shit, dumbass. - I don't disagree. I posted the video because it seems relevant to a murder that has caused a nationwide protests, social activism and yes some rioting and violence. The fact that you are triggered by the posting of a video that should have been shared months ago says everything.
  12. Please show me where indicated that I think this helps his defense or have defended the officers involved, anywhere. Just pointing out that a) its fucking absurd that we are just seeing this now, and b) that there may have been complications to the exact cause of death/events/health leading up to his death. Also, go fuck yourself.
  13. Also appears to confirm he was having some sort of attack or anxiety or heart issue well before the officer put his knee on his neck.
  14. well yea because they get playing time lol
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