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  1. These are true, and exporting more natural gas to Europe to replace capacity lost from Russia is a real thing. The leading cause is still a lack of production compared to previous years. Demand has increased and extraction/production has either stayed static or dropped since really December of last year. Natural gas increased prices almost identically match that time frame. And beside the point, even if we did produce more, not sure we could do anything with it because we don’t have infrastructure to transport it, convert it to LNG etc. because of lawsuits, regulation/permitting issues etc.
  2. No to fracking. No to drilling. Cancel the pipelines. Regulate LNG. Why is electricity and gas so expensive? lol it’s not the winterization costs, fyi. Look at spot natural gas prices, which is the biggest driver for variation in electricity costs. Went from $4/mmbtu to $8 in 6 months, and it’s still rising.
  3. these fucks are intolerably dense. Just admit it already. Most people aren't even upset that they went aggressive as hell with bags for recruits. It's just annoying that they want to claim this recruting championship is because of the shitty town of college station or the staff of a 4 loss team that had to forfeit a bowl game because of depth in the HC's 4th year. Just say we followed the rules (they didn't) and we're excited for the upcoming season. Instead these butthurt assclowns harp on some misguided fantasy that everyone loves them.
  4. Looking for bbq in Houston galleria area (truth is too far into town). Is roegels the best option? If so, is this a place I have to be there early to get meat? Or can I show up at 1215 and still eat?
  5. I'm not saying this is happening in this circumstance, but recruits do often take visits as a favor to coaches whom they like, especially when its mutually beneficial.
  6. I'm not getting my hopes up on addison. This reeks of being a done deal with USC with this all being for fun/cover and a hat tip to his previous WR coach that he likes. Hope I am wrong.
  7. When you admit literally anyone and everyone into a glorified 4 year junior college you are bound to have a small group of outliers.
  8. You gonna put one of those sweet time capsules in there?
  9. Agreed. Layered cake. We should have the biggest strongest foundation for legit NIL that meets compliance which is what most of the people here are working for. This seems much more difficult than fast food bags full of cash. That doesn’t make the other shit irrelevant, just not the deal breaker it was for us against Alabama/UGA etc prior to NIL.
  10. Don't know shit about gaming systems these days - but wife wants me to buy my 7 going on 8 year old a Switch for his birthday this summer. Personally I would prefer a PS5, but without the NCAA FB game being a real thing and the current prices, I think this makes more sense. This would be his first gaming system and he has very little experience with them. Was thinking about getting the following, does this seem reasonable? This is all from Amazon - but should I look elsewhere or need to buy anything else like controllers or anything? Nintendo switch with red and blue controller and 128 gb memory card $320 Mario Kart 8 $55 Mario Party Superstars $55 Switch Sports $50
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