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  1. Ha. 35 same situation. I'm 6'2 and usually hover around 215-220 which is obese by BMI standards but I guess I carry it well since I don't think I look fat, but certainly no model. Anyways I'm attacking intake first by eating a very low calorie diet. Between 500-750 calories/day. Those calories are generally limited to items of protein, but I wouldn't call it a Keto diet or anything. Went from 213 lbs on 4/18 to 201 as of this morning with some cheat days mixed in for special occasions. Slowly trying to mix in a bit more physical activity since working from home has drastically decreased
  2. Is economics no longer a required course at UT? WTF people
  3. Yea I was gonna say that seems off or maybe from like 30 years ago. Around 2007 I was making $150 on a 7 hour shift as a bus boy.
  4. The TX ones do but not the increased federal programs. Those are set to expire around Labor Day though. There is some truth to this, especially if you hit the right profile and get the TX max plus federal, but the impact is overblown. I think service industry folks have just moved on to other gigs.
  5. Lina is regarded, period. But she has monster jugs underneath those lesbian button up shirts and I’m on board.
  6. If you’re on a lucky streak, why would you need to buy more chips?
  7. Combination of several of the things above. I think the increased demand after a lack of in person dining for so long is a huge culprit though.
  8. Just because he's dressed that way, it does not make him a pimp, which is confusing. He is however wearing a pimp's outfit. - Dave Chappelle probably
  9. Let's just say from a person I know that goes to a lot of these and see him probably at least once a month - he always has something on and it's not the same item. Hat one week, gloves the next, shirt the next time. Never once seem him in gear from any other school. This person (not an Aggy/Texas/OU fan mind you) is also convinced that Banks is a much better prospect.
  10. He wears A&M gear to every camp and every workout fwiw.
  11. Tried the whole Mississippi roast yesterday; was phenomenal. Using leftovers tomorrow to make a got dam sandwich in a role with provolone and the diced up pepperoncini.
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