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  1. Bye Tom. Maybe if the team didn’t spend the day before a game playing basketball and wiffleball on the field and maybe watching tape we wouldn’t be getting our ass kicked each week.
  2. Rec for somewhere to watch the astros tonight in Scottsdale? Staying at the Andaz resort.
  3. Fuck Greg Davis and then Rutgers coach that came down to Austin before this game.
  4. I hate our slow developing play offense. Nothing across the middle and way too much Greg Davis Horizontal bullshit
  5. Brandon Jones scoffs at an edit. He got a fucking motion picture film.
  6. This was the exact moment when I knew the Texans were a joke franchise and would never take them seriously.
  7. That UH Dline was probably better as well.
  8. Also - hope the little TE seam pass up the middle re-emerges. (And Sam hits it)
  9. Man I wish we wouldn’t have used up all the interceptions last week. I think Jake Smith and Brennan Eagles are going to feast this weekend and RoJo gets glory late as OU wears down.
  10. Surprising that they would do UF back to back but with LSU being so highly ranked they probably want to have a game there. Hurts that the RRR is also a Fox game.
  11. Just trying to increase the money line payout for Texas next week. Mensa
  12. Yea they’re gonna sell out on the run. This better be a quick pass
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