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  1. It’s only messed up because our AD and donors aren’t doing the same thing thinking kids will just magically fall in love with our brand and getting on cameo for $50 a message. Fucking clown show of the highest order.
  2. No worries. We’ll drop $500 on a couple FB players to speak on a podcast and that will definitely resonate in comparison to the other universities dropping down payments for homes on these kids.
  3. I've missed the last page or so since I've been busy eating at Chili's three times a day (it's our only option) and driving in 6 hours of traffic to get to city folk and culture. The peace and quiet is nice out here, but I sure wish we had internet and paved roads outside the inner loop. Guess I should have lived downtown where I can overlook being mugged in my driveway in order to afford a 3 story 2000 sqft home with no yard, no amenities and shitty public schools.
  4. If you’re going there to drink you’re doing it wrong. It’s the trim walking around there that make it worth it.
  5. Brought to you by the same folks who determined Texas A&M is the iPhone.
  6. Turns out beating unarmed protestors in the streets and then imprisoning them for 20-30 years with limited power, internet, medicine, food is incredibly effective for maintaining power.
  7. Shoot the Moon in Spring Branch I believe has this in Houston.
  8. Probably something along the lines of: “Sorry, I can’t come to the phone right now, I’m on a safari. Please leave a message and I’ll call you back at soon as possible. Whoop!”
  9. Yea the wins over the canceled nonconference opponents the likes of Abilene Christian, Fresno State, Colorado and North Texas really would change my mind.
  10. I think by the time this was leaked and the Houston chronicle article, their only move that wouldnt have been embarrassing would have been to welcome the addition and throw some slight jabs at “following” A&M. Instead they bitch, moan, fight it, and then make a spectacle of their insecurity and still end up taking it bent over. It’s so perfectly aggy.
  11. If anyone knows Daniel Figurelli, can you please send him the suicide hotline number and tell him we’re worried about him?
  12. Double it? Wonder if this will happen quick enough for us to be in the SEC for the next NCAA FB game in a year or two.
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