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  1. i get that but they also pull the NFL draft card when going heads up with us.. Not worried about it. Program will be better with Sark at the helm
  2. yeah it seems like they are stuck because of geography.. They can have marquee games at 3:30 pm, but that's also the same time slot the SEC puts it's marquee matchup. People on the East coast tune out the 10:30pm kickoffs. Not sure what they can do but the Big 12 does look to be in a better spot when it comes time to negotiate the new media deal.
  3. There was an article about the PAC and it's plan with it's new media deal coming up. They will resign the GOR agreement and they expect a 39% increase... because that was the MLB model for it's recent deals. 39% increase is a bold projection
  4. If I don't move back to Texas in the next few months, I'll be driving to Morgantown in November to see us beat down WV. I like the schedule considering this being Sark's first season and the importance of getting this thing on track coming off the Herman era.
  5. Day is a smart guy, i'm sure he'll figure it out.. can't hurt that they have recruited very well along the OL too. Ewers in their offense will be elite because of all the skill players around him.. Sark will get us there as far the talent soon enough. I'm excited about Murphy, especially with all the negative takes.. You know he reads them and it will push him harder on the field.. having a 5 star talent with a chip is a great thing to have
  6. spoiler that shit next time... don't want to see your morning wood
  7. yep.. Anderson is leaning towards us and he can't even call that recruitment out.. he knows they are out of it.. Waiting for them to say Banks fell backwards into that too
  8. hope this is better than your '21 season W/L scores on the pod this week.
  9. y'all got to settle this on Sept 4th too. After the 1st heat in the 40.. Sydney vs BO&W in the octagon to defend Sataya's honor.
  10. Only one way to prove it... See you at the CTJ open invitational Sept 4th in Austin.
  11. i can't get into MMA at all.. I used to enjoy the ultimate fighter show 15 years ago..but could never get into the sport. Heavyweights now have a new division as well.. I hope before my time on earth is done that another 70's ish heavyweight division comes back again.. We started to have one in the late 80s to mid 90s
  12. Home slate does suck but we play a top 5 team in Dallas, top 10 team in Aimes, and we play a ranked team to open up the SEZ at home. Hopefully Bijan can pad his numbers and indeed be at the Downtown Athletic Club in December.
  13. Who could ever forget TexPete being so bullish on Urquidez lol... i kid, I kid
  14. could've sworn the animated TMNT ran the same way
  15. So it's going to be a stacked summer full of OVs from June 1st to the middle of August when fall camp kicks off?
  16. Didn't Murphy say recently that he knows he has a lot of work to put in to even compete for the starting role in college? He was more concerned with getting developed properly than trying to come in and get PT ASAP.
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