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  1. Black Sunday + there is super high quality footage of the Cowboys vs Steelers first Super Bowl
  2. I'd like to add that the dual lane drive thru has no place in this current society of absolute morons...you get in one of these without an employee giving specific instructions on which vehicle to follow and it's like fucking Thunderdome...McDonalds, fuck me, all I want is a damn coffee not a fucking daily demolition derby initiated by some asshole who wants to cut the line to get his disgusting McGriddle
  3. yeah right no cloak room at all ....get this fucking shit over to that fucking retard zoo
  4. There is more cool in that ring than the entire wwe has had on their roster for the past decade. UWF Jim Ross was the best JR
  5. This is correct this = negged
  6. Purely Sexy is taken, sorry
  7. That is a terrible call and 49ers FB knew what he was doing with that reaction
  8. 283 sounds like he did a Buster Douglas vs Holyfield training camp ...but knowing that shit ass division he’ll probably clubber Joshua
  9. Correct. But, then the hope is invested in ..."he's our new web-back he'll get 2 dozens touches a game" DOOOOOMED
  10. I completely expect to get the defensive coordinator from one of the Super Bowl or conference championship game teams as the new HC, and pairing him with Kellen Moore... Jerry talks about the number 1 offense under Moore’s leadership, says how important continuity, familiarity, are to justify it ...franchise operation stays the same, they nibble around the edges and replace the special teams coach, and a few others...rinse repeat
  11. Aikman -HC Romo-OC Irvin - WR Coach Larry Allen -OL Coach Charles Haley- DC Ken Sellout Norton - LB Coach Deion -DB Coach Leon Lett- DL Coach Bill Bates - Special Teams SHOW ME A LOSS!!!!
  12. This is correct...for one big reason, Ron is bringing back current Carolina OC Norval E.Turner! lololo
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