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  1. if you want to see a little white on white basketball crime watch Bobby Jones posterize Larry Bird at 8:54 ....I've watched game six and seven from this series the last couple of days...A LOT of layups ended up with people scraping themselves off the ground
  2. Big change in the sport. Good luck against qbs like Mahomes.
  3. 3 days of NFL people saying “we’re in this together” is going to suck huge duck
  4. I was really hoping "coofed" had a more deviant meaning than that
  5. 270 cases and most people I know are going on like normal and think it’s a joke....”it’s only old people, I don’t feel sick” ....city is going to be good test case for how much this going to spread over the next week
  6. nothing like watching McHale in the low post, I miss that part of basketball I don't know if anyone has mentioned the great Jack Sikma ...he finally made into the HOF last year...6'11, great passer .. and his step back pivot in the post was revolutionary at the time, my 8th grade basketball coach taught that to me in 1988 and I used that move with good success for 4 years in college and six years playing in Europe.. he was a big influence on the game ...that jump shot tho Weber, McHale and Isiah on Sikma: https://www.nba.com/video/2019/01/08/20190108-players-only-webbs-wheel-jack-sikma
  7. it was somewhat enjoyable to see lunacy at that level ...I'm no PETA guy, but any sentient being knows that the animal abuse going on in those places is off the charts ...all of them should be shot in the back of the head for that or at least put in a cage and poked with a stick repeatedly
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