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  1. It is illegal to drive with your hazards on.
  2. I don't think it is as much about getting new voters as it was a chance for him to appear before his beloved cult members.
  3. Kilgorehorn

    Truck Nuts

    If Ford truck reliability is such and issue, why are they still the top selling vehicle and why do people who own them keep buying them.
  4. You do realize that Biden has had a problem with stuttering his whole life.
  5. Who is going to monitor all those bars to see that they are in compliance?
  6. When I had that problem in my motorhome it was a bad circuit board.
  7. So sorry, warm thoughts and sympathy going your way.
  8. Cities need to get their money up front. If they do that he won't have any place to hold his rallies.
  9. Somebody should just ask her what the hell she is reading while being asked a question.
  10. I called 911 from work one night and was put on hold. I live in a town of about 12000 people.
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