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  1. Ten points now, maybe they knew something.
  2. I used to play the same numbers all the time until I forgot to buy a ticket one night and realized that if they drew my numbers I would have to kill myself.
  3. I think most peoples problem with religion is not religion itself but people trying to make everyone live according to their religion. Live and let live.
  4. Why do you keep taking him to that groomer?
  5. I'm 76 and I am more concerned with the direction of our government than I have ever been. The turmoil in the 60's was violent but I never felt like out government was as unstable as it is now. Watergate was a mess, but Republicans stepped up and forced Nixon to resign. Trump's republican party has no spine and no soul.
  6. Congrats Brat, we are coming up on 53 next month.
  7. It's hell getting old aint it?
  8. Could you expand on this. Who would have won and how would this have affected the war in the Pacific?
  9. If you haven't read the books, how will you know if they are in order?
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