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  1. Or just don't respond at all, eventually, she will come to you.
  2. I've had progressives for over 30 years and they are great. I don't have to tilt my head to focus at different distances and it doesn't feel like I am wearing bifocals at all.
  3. Cops don't ask for insurance cards anymore. They can look it up on their system. I can assure you they do. At least as recently as a week ago.
  4. It's kinda scary how many on your list are within a year or two of my age.
  5. I am the same age as her and I damn sure can't move like that.
  6. Egging is not cool. My first car was egged one year and I didn't see it until the next afternoon. When I washed the egg off the paint came off with it.
  7. In this case it's not upselling. Swollen lug nuts is a well known problem on Ford trucks.
  8. Yes it is, they remove the first joint on their paw.
  9. I got a parking ticket in New Orleans about 20 or so years ago. They sent me a couple of threatening letters which I ignored and then I never heard from them again.
  10. I like how it was my 'last chance!' about 85 notices ago. Fuck them. They just installed new gas lines all the way up to my house including a new meter and then sent me that letter about gas line insurance.
  11. Ten points now, maybe they knew something.
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