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  1. deadshank

    Truck Nuts

    After market over-sized tank?
  2. Up your nose widda rubba hose!
  3. I want to answer the question, Mr. Kotter.
  4. During the manufacture of plywood the product is sanded at some point (more for finish grade; less for utility grade. CDX plywood, for example, has a C side and a D side. The C side is smoother having been sanded more). The sanding process removes a portion of the plywood’s exterior laminate piece. The thickness you see labeled on / with the product is the nominal (approximate within tolerance) thickness of the product. 5/8” plywood is the nominal thickness but the actual thickness would more than likely be 9/16” and falling within tolerance. So, yes, they have agreed “close enough.” you asked.
  5. You can tell if it’s post tension if you see these on the exposed portion of your slab below the masonry or siding.
  6. Ha. No. My wife thinks she’s The Predator.
  7. So how did Frank handle that news coming from you?
  8. 1st floor concreek, huh? Is the house slab on grade, structural slab or post tension? If post tension and you have to cut into the concrete be very careful where you cut. The cables in post tension slabs don’t dig getting cut on.
  9. Cringe worthy English. (Sorry. Love ya, Boo.)
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