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  1. In for a year? What state are you in? Texas has a 2 year warranty on mechanical trades and a 10 year warranty for latent defects. There is a legal procedure for making sure your builder and his HVAC contractor address the problems you are experiencing.
  2. I saw JR at the Houston Hunting Extravaganza. She was walking the aisles in street clothes, checking out all the red neck stuff and on the arm of some fairly normal looking dude. (much more normal the Surlyite types). He looked like your garden variety schmoe. Who knows? She could be completely normal. Probably not
  3. Keeps us on our fat, little purple diabeetus toes.
  4. Mostyn? Has that crook risen from the dead?
  5. I live about 4 miles south of the location reported. So this hits close to home.
  6. He got likkered up and made a rund at Suzy Koehlber? I must have missed that.
  7. Yep. No bank loan. Reaches into his glove box, pulls out his check book and writes a check.
  8. This is true; however, Chase, WF, etc. are notorious for "holding" large checks to "verify funds" when the check is written by one of their own customers to another interest. They know the funds are there but they will debit their own customer's account yet not make the funds avaiable to the payee so they can float the money in what ever market in which they can make money. /csb: Just two weeks ago, I had a customer write us a $731K personal check to cover a draw for work on his home. Chase took the funds out of his account the very next day and then finally released it to our account after 8 business days and him calling his banker up to chew on his ass for a while. We knew Chase would probably do this but 8 days is redonkulous. Our customer is very well-to-do and I doubt Chase wants to lose him because his 30K employee company banks with Chase and he's type of guy that would tell them to shove it if they gave him too much BS.
  9. He was awesome at Antone’s after hours in the mid-80’s. SRV and Chris Gaines showed up to jam.
  10. Whatever you get, make it the right height for your wife.
  11. That would be more like "Nana fried eggs"
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