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  1. Nick and Jimbo before the game.
  2. Fail. Looks like a pinche bolillo Snap E Tom character is riding an ear of corn.
  3. Texas Wildlife Supply makes nice tower blinds in multiple size and height configurations. We have 8 on our place along with a few homemade "proprietary" models. TWS also makes some on trailers that you can move around. @CHIEF makes (or made) trailer blinds that elevate.
  4. That's a nice area. I used to be on 9000 acres where 99 dead ends at a pipe gate on the south side of Choke Canyon in McMullen county. The Nueces was our southern border. That joint was gamey as all get out. Good luck.
  5. $125-$150 depending on which outfitter is used. You can hunt morning of afternoon. I don’t go for morning dove hunts. Some outfitters will let you come back in the afternoon to fill a daily bag limit if you don’t get it all in the morning. Decent ones will make sure you keep your bag limit at 15 fie the day. No shenanigans.
  6. The weekend prior to this just past, we shot WWs on a day hunt west of Devine. We actually paid to sit in a guy’s perfectly manicured Bermuda backyard between his house and barn. The WWs were plentiful. When shot, they would fall into the cut grass and some even landed on his back porch. The property owner realized we weren’t a bunch of clown Aholes and then sat with us and drank our beer and BSed with us. After the first few birds plopped to earth, he walked over and let his dogs out and they started to retrieve our birds for us. it was quite an entertaining shoot. Sweet old Ash was my new friend.
  7. 1.) Onboarding? What a bunch of goofballs. Trivial thanks that make you surly is that way——-> 2.) Since when does remodeling a front entry and a little interior work require a tree survey? 3.) Your contractor sounds to be all about the business end and contracts and very short on actual building. This is a simple job WTH? 4.) Where are you?
  8. Fairly easy limit this afternoon between LaPryor and Crystal City. Shot over a field of black oil sunflower, monarch sunflower and croton. The first timer with me got 12.
  9. It never happened and still doesn’t. They are an overwhelming force of tenacity.
  10. He must be the son of Steve “the Neck” Grogan.
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