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  1. This is a good spot. Been there many times. Great primitive campsite nearby.
  2. Ask the pilot’s pet snake Reggie
  3. Organic weeping willow switches for smoke finishing
  4. Cut the blue wire with the white stripe. NOT, I repeat NOT the black wire with the yellow stripe.
  5. Yep. I’ve seen all that several times. Great stuff. YNP is quite the place to experience.
  6. Please post audio and video of you wife telling you that you're gonna blow up the neighborhood and she should have listened to her mother about you.
  7. Just so I understand correctly, tie the red and white wires at 5 o clock (in pic) together? It appears those are the two you cut (no smart ass intended). I would say yes, put the red and the white together. There are better armchair electricians than me on this board. Some are possibly degreed EEs that don't know jack but they could draw you a diagram (maybe) and stall your project out for months.
  8. Go to Home Depot. Get these and some electrical tape. Most likely low-voltage. Turn your irrigation system off and unplug the brain at the wall outlet. You can do it. If it doesn't work, call a pro.
  9. For the record, real roofers use a nail stripper and not a nail apron.
  10. Don't hit your noggin on the hair dyer
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