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  1. I have to get a draw from you prior to offering an opinion.
  2. Help me understand your friend’s plight. He has worked and worked for this company, say all 52 weeks in 2019. 2 of the 52 work weeks in 2019 were earmarked for PTO but your friend didn’t take them. He just worked all 52 weeks. Now he’s laid off in 2020 and he wants his 2 weeks of 2019 PTO in addition to his 52 weeks; 2 of which were to be PTO but went unused by your friend? is this right?
  3. I left Houston 3 days ago with a nagging, week-long head and neck / shoulder ache due entirely to stress. Blew a tire on trailer just east of Columbus on way to deer lease. Someone swiped my 4 way tire iron so I was stuck and had to call road side service. I fell asleep in truck halfway through my hour long wait. I woke after a brief 5 minute nap and had no headache and no neck / shoulder ache. Got tire replaced and back on the road Since then it’s been pure bliss loading protein feeders, mowing, building an electric fence, drinking whisky and delaxing. Leaving in morn for Houston but wish I could ride out C19 here. Don’t need the stress.
  4. deadshank

    Tiger King

    Oh, OK, Mr. Masterpiece Theater.
  5. deadshank

    Tiger King

    Hello, all you cool cats and kittens!! If I ever hear that coming from behind or in the dark I’m letting the fury of both barrels come to bear.
  6. Dude. Not funny. OP's employer is pretty ballsy. I'm not saying the relief act isn't needed (I think it is with stipulations) but free money rolling around will hatch many a scheme.
  7. Ferguson bought Matera Paper out of San Antonio and Matera's statewide distribution system of.......toilet paper and cleaning supplies. ....they knew.
  8. Good move. We did that for employees and subcontractors.
  9. I scream, you scream We all scream for crack
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