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  1. We are just north of you off of 140. Practically neighbors. Keep it down over there, would you?
  2. Our deer numbers seen through the end of the 5 month MLDP season stay pretty steady and may actually increase by the end of January due to breeding season movement. Whether an early or late season survey it is always an educated guess to take 3 hours out of an entire year to survey for deer. The bioligist says the helicopter survey is anywhere from 30 - 70% accurate but the idea is to see a trend develop from an established base line. We are low fenced with a river running through the property. We never know what we are going to get showing up in the pasture from the river bottom (ie. never before seen WTD and then the odd wandering Sika, Fallow, bison and Axis which have all passed through for a cup of coffee). On the 2600 acre pasture, we counted 82 does (normal), 22 fawns (down), 21 mature bucks (normal), 20 middle bucks (normal) and 20 young bucks (normal). 5 "unknown" deer. Leave out the "unknown" deer we are at a 1.3:1 doe to buck ratio and 1 deer to every 15.29 acres (inlcusive of the "unknown" deer) which is pretty good for our area and range conditons. Range conditions were VERY dry. Many deer did not run or move and the 1/2 to 1 mile of heavy and mature mesquite cover next to the river always makes counting in that are extremely difficult. The bioligist allows for a 20-40% boost for that area. It is very thick and difficult to spot anything on the ground around the river. Feral hogs were way down due to dry conditons and the neighbor to the north and east depredating with helicopters. The dog count was low but they come and go. Quail was down, turkey down, javelina normal. Saw several bobcats, too.
  3. Perfect morning for helicopter survey. 50 degrees and no wind at sunup. IMG_0175.MOV
  4. On the Frio in Uvalde county. Over by that mesquite tree.
  5. I don't think I have ever seen a euro mount on an elk. I’ve got 2. Take up less room.
  6. Need some rain to refill the Frio.
  7. Great job!!!! Elk hunting is awesome. I miss it. Where in CO?
  8. Architect / home designer. Need to know what you can do
  9. I want to appear as far outside the norm as possible but want to be treated as normal. Uh, OK. You ridiculous dude.
  10. The afternoon dove shoot down below the cantina in Frio River bottom. Lots of mourning doves decoying to mojos.
  11. The Texans are a pathetic football team. Gutless and weak BoB sucks and should always wear his COVID mask in hope that nobody recognizes his sorry ass.
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