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  1. Already 74 here in Uvalde. Winter, please return.
  2. I like the Roach because he’s a simple man of few words, gets it done and is detached from the chaos around him.
  3. HPD drives a massive, jaw-breaker cock Chrysler LeBaron convertible, of course.
  4. Cartier love bracelet. It will get me nowhere but her boyfriend may get lucky.
  5. Well? Did you go scout it out?
  6. For squirrel in your area, try Heartbreakers on I-45. TPWD has a map inclusive of all public access hunting lands. None are very close to CL/Seabrook.
  7. I don't plan around the lunar phases; however, I do use the iSolunar app for a general idea with regard to activity and have found that it is very accurate. I was skeptical at first but when it said one of the major peaks was at 1:27 PM and I happened to be out working and noticed deer and other animals were running around like it was the end of the world I took it seriously. Its a free app with some other pretty cool features.
  8. Ouch. DHop just developed a speech impediment.
  9. Not if you were my favorite turd.
  10. Ma! Vinny Bagadonuts meets nature. Calls for his ma.
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