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  1. Well I can tell you that fake accounts are still signing up to follow Traces of Texas, but I think the pace has slowed the last few days. Part of Twitter's valuation certainly comes from the number of users it has, so there's hardly incentive for them to look too hard at who's signing up.
  2. But not worse than 10-9. That still kills me. I felt so sorry for Craig Curry after that game.
  3. I laugh every time I see it. Earl just pancakes that defender. At least he's got a story he can tell his grandkids. "Yeah, I played against Earl ..."
  4. Were I a recruit I'd include Texas in my favorites every single time because of the perception that Texas has so much money to spend. In other words, I'd use Texas even if I had absolutely no intention of ever coming here.
  5. I thought about that when he took that 80-yard INT for a TD against Bama in the championship game. Damn.
  6. They think the Russians may have lost 1000 troops in this failed river crossing? Woah.
  7. I dunno. Like Tito's but just vaguely feel that that's somehow tacky. Not sure why.
  8. Russian Generals turn on one another to avoid Putin's upcoming purge: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/russian-generals-turning-on-each-other-to-avoid-putins-purge-says-ben-wallace-tkg5m3c9z
  9. If only they understood how close they are to a long cheese.
  10. Really? I'm not particularly bright and I see how Niemoller's words apply.
  11. Many of the responses on that thread state that he was a malcontent who wasn't happy waiting his turn at Alabama and that he started whining/tweeting when he didn't see playing time immediately. I have no idea what the truth is, but if he does that stuff here he won't get the benefit of the doubt by Texas fans, either. Players would do themselves a lot of favors by staying off social media.
  12. What propaganda platform is that? The platform that opposes the Russian decimation of Ukraine, finding it morally repugnant?
  13. We're doing very well on that front in Texas, too. There have been times here recently when a huge percentage of our electric power was produced by renewables.
  14. I confess I may have had a thump over the head with Samson's jawbone.
  15. I have no idea. Just relaying what a friend told me.
  16. Somebody told me that Amazon Essentials and Bonobos are made at the same factory and are the same thing, with Amazon essentials being about 25% as expensive. Don't know if that's true.
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