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  1. I saw this yesterday. I agree with the extension. Is there a realistic chance it gets overturned?
  2. Seems high but you didn't tell us how jacked up the teeth are.
  3. At least Schultz looks better than last week.
  4. If the nominee is Cruz, does that reduce the Republican majority vote? He would have to recuse himself from the vote right?
  5. Memphis has been an asshole towards David all season.
  6. David finally wins something (disruptor), then acts like he didn't use it makes no sense. Nobody respects him as a player. Take credit for what you did and how it has impacted the game.
  7. I know Howard has said when the show stops, besides him, the only ones financially secure enough to not work anymore are Robin, Fred, and Gary. With Gary he even said he would probably find another job until his kids were a little bit older.
  8. Instead of trying to label the worst, who was the most misused during their time at UT
  9. Schultz ain't it. Going to need an upgrade
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