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  1. I can't wait to see some of the ridiculous passing Team Lebron.
  2. Thoughts on JJ Reddick rental? Rumored it is Dallas and Denver interested. Could be done by sending James Johnson and a 2nd rd pick most likely. Doubtful he would resign in the offseason
  3. Couldn't you open businesses back up but keep the mask mandate? Couldnt wait until we finish 1b.
  4. According to what the nurse told my wife at the Wilco setup at Georgetown HS, it was a cluster because someone fucked up and they had close to 1000 doses they had to use or lose today. Apparently Wilco let it known on social media anyone could come get one even if no appointment. The site was understaffed and not ready for the amount of people who showed up.
  5. Got an email from Wilco about open appointments today at Georgetown HS. Wife signed up and went. She has been in line for two hours with little movement.
  6. It has been almost a year since we had to put our English bulldog down due to heart issues. We just started having discussions about getting another dog. Anyone have suggestions on where to get a doodle type dog or other low shedding type?
  7. Lolo pissed me off. If you were winning, training for the Olympics wouldn't be an issue. This situation taught you to revert back to your training? Quitting? I wish Josh would have been voted in. Devin is good for entertainment.
  8. HEB process was super easy. I arrived at 2:00 for a 2:30 appointment. Checked in at pharmacy. While waiting for shot, already received email for my 2nd shot appointment time. 2:31 got called in to a room and received shot. Used the 15 minutes of post shot waiting to grab a few groceries and then went on my way. Around 7, I started feeling tired and warm. Went to bed earlier than usual. Woke up fine other than a sore arm.
  9. I am seeing more tweets/articles about KP trade rumors. Cuban has denied it. Most of the scenarios the Mavs taking back expiring contracts, draft picks, and young players with potential. All of the ones I read had me very meh.
  10. I have mine scheduled for tomorrow at HEB (if they're open).
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