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  1. Clearly flexed our muscles today in that aspect with a certain portal commit
  2. Would've gotten clowned even more than they already are for having their only draft pick being called "Mr. Irrelevant"
  3. Lenoir-Rhyne checking in...
  4. A lot of Texas detractors are running with this tweet. Thanks again, Anwar.
  5. powerhouse Ouachita Baptist gets a player drafted
  6. Just missed out on the best edge in the portal to Nebraska. Nebraska outbid us. Holy fuck.
  7. Between no players drafted and now the Mathis news, just a banner day overall in recruiting here and going forward.
  8. I'm in the camp of not bad players, but bad player development. We'll see how some of the undrafted players come out of this year's training camps.
  9. Now a Kansas player drafted
  10. Northern Iowa and Chattanooga have 1st round players, and we might only get Dicker drafted at all if we're lucky. God dammit.
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