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  1. Great point... I was thinking of this in the abstract, or maybe after leadership change at the national level. Because it's not like there's much in the way of common sense and best practices there either.
  2. I think I'd be OK with only giving limited support to states with leaders who intentionally defied common sense and best practices regarding limiting viral spread. Maybe only medical support, none for businesses? And even then, contingent on a change in leadership at the state level.
  3. Given the smell, I appreciate some truth in advertising
  4. Ugh. That's atrocious. Particularly given that I've visited parts of the state where the entire population seems to have met those criterion.
  5. We know he hates Bezos, but I really think supporting an independent bookstore would help community business owners.
  6. Weren't good to eat but sometimes you need meat.
  7. All these parents home schooling their children... Best birth control known to the world
  8. Booked a trip through an online vendor back in February. I've emailed them daily to cancel or change since end of February. No response or acknowledgement. Today I get an email telling me that my flights have been changed, and giving me the opportunity to click on a link to confirm my acceptance of the new itinerary. No indication of what to do to change or cancel it. And these folks want a bailout. Screw them.
  9. I've always hated the Colonel with his wee beady eyes, and that smug look on his face, "Oh, you're gonna buy my chicken!" Of course that's only because he puts an addictive chemical in his chicken that makes you crave it fortnightly.
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