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  1. They'd need at least 15 to dive in front of him and ensure that none of his girth was impacted.
  2. Gladwell has an interesting take on that... that, and Pat Boone. https://www.pushkin.fm/episode/in-a-metal-mood/
  3. Since this seems to have turned into the "law enforcement responds to spoiled white people threatening the safety of others, now with Mexican Food!" thread, here:
  4. NWBuck


    Since they don't play music videos anymore, who can blame you?
  5. That's a good connection, particularly if his parents wanted to ensure that he had no loot.
  6. Personality, I hope they hire Kenny Ray to replace her.
  7. Or alive with a dead boy. Either way.
  8. And the Food Network the "Sad Cooking Contests" network? Hell, History is just "Pawn Stars, Aliens, and Nazis".
  9. My family considered jello a salad and cheese a vegetable.
  10. Didn't W commit to fighting this axis of evil? #WhyNotDone
  11. Like the stupid narrator on that "Curse of Oak Island" show. "Could it be....??"
  12. Agreed. And it's making my life even more challenging, since I have a module of one of the classes I teach on CRT and leadership. Now I have to overcome aggressive resistance instead of just unfamiliarity. #FirstWorldProblems
  13. So? Dear Leader was once a Democrat. Those who aren't Nationalists are grifters and opportunists
  14. Already mentioned, but the historical note is timely:
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