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  1. I don't even want to imagine the traumatic and terrifying memories that her mattress might have.
  2. I somehow always check to see if it's the former Sportscenter Dan Patrick when his name comes up in these contexts.
  3. Well, we are where we are because an tan suit wearing secret Muslim Kenyan became president through legitimate means, so I wouldn't be all that surprised if the same folks who responded by being OK with Putin's involvement in 2016 might be willing to overlook a little thing like Constitutional Succession.
  4. Stupid question- If/when the president is impeached and removed from office, and if/when evidence is released that substantiates the impropriety of this all, would there be consideration for bringing some of these House/Senate leaders up on charges of obstruction or treason?
  5. And a number of these corporate farms are foreign owned.
  6. Well, his family sucks so it's pretty on brand
  7. Not just you... https://www.theringer.com/tv/2019/11/14/20965328/mandalorian-justified-westerns-star-wars-disney-plus-han-solo
  8. I'm not sure Pence ever comes out, to be honest...
  9. Dammit... I missed that. Delete post, ban user etc.
  10. Interesting contrarian position... You know, at least Sarah Palin had the common courtesy to run an entire state before pretending she was a figure of national importance. That hasn’t been the case with fellow small-town mayor Pete Buttigieg, who has become the ascendant moderate in the Democratic primary race after butting into third place in Iowa caucus polling and giving a speech at the Liberty and Justice dinner in Iowa that, inevitably, stirred the souls of every Never Socialist currently operating in mainstream political punditry. Here’s a money quote from Buttigieg’s speech that surely got Chris Cillizza’s glasses steaming with ecstasy: “I will not waver from my commitment to our values or back down from the boldness of our ideas…" BUT…? “…but I also will not tire from the effort to include everyone in this future we are trying to build — progressives, moderates, and Republicans of conscience who are ready for change. The time has come.” That’s a telling quote because you believe it only if you’re a fucking sap. You believe that you can enact bold ideas but still get everyone to go along with them. You believe that there are “Republicans of conscience,” and that there are a lot of them. Just an army of Mitt Romneys out there waiting for permission to turn brave. You believe that all it takes for every American to coexist in harmony is for a swell guy like Mayor Pete to come along and tell them all to be nice. This is all bullshit pandering
  11. Half Dome is sweet, but I've always thought Cloud's Rest was a better hike (with a better view, and no cables)
  12. Right. Like Kurt could have even felt the mushroom...
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