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  1. Closest most of us ever get to forking with the wife (unless it's someone else's wife, that is)
  2. Solved it by switching from a 'No avatar' theme. Any way to address this so that folks can use that theme and have a top index as well? @Biff Tannen
  3. I had that problem as well. Switching from a "no avatar" theme fixed it, but I'd prefer to switch back if possible.
  4. NWBuck

    2022 Albums

    New Kendrick is really amazing... you can really tell he's worked through some shit over the past few years. The Black Keys also have a new album out. It's the Black Keys... if you like them (and I do), then you'll dig this. Much more "Let's Rock" than "Turn Blue"
  5. "The Ukraine war is a progressive cash funnel/campaign fundraiser" (by allocating even more federal funds to the bloated weapons manufacturers that Republicans have been getting donations from for years?)
  6. But only three days. That's it. Period.
  7. Which is fascinating when you remember that many Evangelicals weren't involved in the early anti-abortion movement because it was a "Catholic cause"
  8. NWBuck

    2022 Albums

    Kendrick dropping soon:
  9. Well, maybe just a dash of Data from The Goonies.
  10. SIAP- The directory/index/forum listing seems to only be available at the bottom of the page (previously at to and bottom) Server s103 on Google Chrome, using "surly main, no avatar" theme
  11. "We are THIS close...." Bitch, I was this close to putting a bullet in the back of your head four episodes ago.
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