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  1. And, while nice, $2.5 mil ain't really all that much.
  2. We call it "Tribute" in my house, only because my wife wouldn't let me explain "the vig" to our children.
  3. It really is fascinating how quickly things moved from "9/11 was Al'Quaida, and we need to bomb Afghanistan back to the stone age" to "9/11 was supported by Iraq and they have weapons of mass destruction so we should bomb them back to the stone age" to "9/11 was an inside job done by our own government and we should bomb it back to the stone age" for many of my "conservative" Republican family members.
  4. I've got a One Plus 7T on Verizon. Took a phone call to set up the voicemail box, but otherwise it's been great.
  5. My experience didn't include the voice of Phil Rizzuto, but I can verify that this song is otherwise very close to actual events in my life:
  6. This is certainly interesting. But I can tell you that OSU message boards seem to have more folks who are blaming "liberal college administrators and snowflake scaredy cat lawyers for making a terrible decision just to hurt the President's re-election"
  7. Man, fuck Rutgers and Illinois. If the Big B1G schools go out on their own, everyone else can live without their TV revenue.
  8. Maybe... or maybe the Clinton Caliphate killed him. (like a Coen Brothers movie- "You killed who??? Not THAT Kamala Harris, you idiot!")
  9. I legit spit out my coffee... Nicely done. Looking forward to Hannity or Carlson running commentary on this with pictures of whoever is the secretary of state dressed as Kim Chee.
  10. God... I have this happen all the time and it's ridiculous. Living in Seattle, we have 63 amazon trucks go by our house every day... You couldn't put the box on one of those?
  11. This doesn't sound like tampering or anything...
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