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  1. Quincy Jones might not check all of the boxes, but man is his legacy expansive. Dolly and Loretta are on my list as well
  2. NWBuck

    SNL 45

    Phil Hartman would like a word... (but he got shot in the face, so... yeah.)
  3. I'd be more concerned if they asked for genetic testing verification instead of identification documents. Not because of the legality, just because it would be incredibly complicated when all of the results came back the same.
  4. I had folks I work with there in the nearby coffee shop. Close to a major transportation hub. Something something thoughts and prayers something. (It's Seattle, so whatever version of T&P works best for druids... Lamentations to Gaia or Pan?)
  5. Stevie Wonder. Soundtrack for my life.
  6. Seriously? You're going to put that out before the eleventh quartile numbers from Alpha Centuri and Jaaku come in?
  7. I'm not lawyer smart enough to know what this means, but I guess it's not a good thing.
  8. Followed by Fox News "To be fair , it was asking for it."
  9. And their newest client has every intention to keep fucking the country, so there's a theme here
  10. Looking forward to the eventual argument that something is only "crime adjacent".
  11. The same Ken Starr that led Baylor during the time of that significant scandal? The same Alan Dershowitz that's connected to Epstein? Were any of Paterno's legal team not available?
  12. I'm willing to give it a try... you know, for research.
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