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  1. I was wondering that too so I looked it up on the map and it’s this area I assume based on 630 begin involved, but not labeled on the map.
  2. Never tried it with pork and I just omitted the juice figuring it would just detract. The peppers don’t seem to change the flavor whether it’s 6 or 26 so I just put as many as I want in there while eating others during the prep process lol.
  3. The extended award silence after this answer and nobody knowing if he was going to elaborate or they were going to move to the next question followed by them moving to the next question and it being Kirk Bohls is when I changed it to golf lol.
  4. If you’re eating low carb, Mississippi pot roast is great served over mashed cauliflower. We use the buttermilk ranch seasoning packet, an au jus seasoning packet, and a stick of butter. Plus most of the jar of pepperocinis without the juice. The only thing that I warn people of is the leftovers may be 50% or more just butter and beef fat lol.
  5. Covri

    Happy 4/20!

    One of my favorite lines in all the episodes is from this one: “There's half-eaten cupcakes everywhere we're all out of paper clips and the curtains smell like doob.”
  6. Honestly you’re correct and I only had the news on because of it. Well I only had the news on to find out why the helicopters were circling my house because it happened only a few blocks from me. At one point they were over my house looking right at me holding my phone up so my kid would see them on FaceTime over our house. Wish the reason turned out to be different.
  7. It was covered pretty heavily on the local news here yesterday in DFW and is being treated as a family tragedy which it is. The main discussion I’ve seen from it is about whether tighter gun control laws could have prevented this tragedy by making it harder for the son to have obtained a gun while he was under medical/mental health treatment. I wouldn’t classify it as an active shooter situation.
  8. Covri


    Last nights episode was really good imo and one of the better ones In the last 5 years or so. Daniel Kaluuya was great as host.
  9. You can just halve the butter and do nothing else and it comes out pretty much the same. And the leftovers won’t look like 75% solidified butter. It’s great though either way and with a side of mashed cauliflower pretty keto friendly.
  10. Sugar daddies and lemon drops would be my go to “old school” candy. Reeses peanut butter cups are the best if you’re just talking any candy that been around awhile.
  11. I guess that would make them 2nd and 3rd behind the true goat M&M, peanut M&Ms.
  12. You just have to put enough ketchup and/or mustard on both sides of the bun and then smoosh it down real good to keep all the loose meat from falling out. Plus it gives it flavor because you’re right they are bland as fuck otherwise.
  13. Covri

    Drew Brees

    Fuck Drew Brees. AHS Loyal forever.
  14. When this chick supports you, you should probably know you’re in the wrong.
  15. It’s true Ted is in Cancun, saw this picture of him this morning heading to the beach:
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