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Awful horrible bad shit is happening in the USA right now, if you are afraid of your fucking feelings getting hurt this isn't the website for you. ×


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  1. I am by no means a bush fan but reading some of the stuff he did in regards to planning for a pandemic and Obama continued really shows how much of a fucking loser Trump is. That was something that was a no brained bi partisan effort that simply required funding some scientists and storing some supplies.
  2. It’s funny it already kind of got brought up, but if Obama and W did have a joint press conference calling for unity would Trump send in the guard to shut it down?
  3. That guy doesn’t have 3 chins. Shit he doesn’t even have 1 chin. He looks like a thumb.
  4. The way she moves her head while miming African Americans will never fail yo make me laugh.
  5. Alamo trending on Twitter now for not good reasons. SA could be a shit show this evening.
  6. Yeah that was some weird shit, but looks like they left some tear gas in their wake. Looks like cities across the country are going to be in fire tonight.
  7. CNN is right in the middle of the police, national guard, and protestors. This may get ugly in a few minutes. Curfew starts in 2 minutes.
  8. I like taco casa. Basically what Taco Bell used to be in the 80s/90s before they started going crazy with the menu choices. I would say they have the best crunchy taco* of all the fast food joints. *JitB tacos are their own category of taco.
  9. The Reese’s eggs (and the slight different shaped Christmas ones) Peanut butter cups mini peanut butter cups Nutrageous (do they still make this?) and apparently the Take 5 candy bar is now Reese’s Take 5 so that vaults to the top.
  10. Lord I never drew firstBut I drew first bloodI'm the devil's sonCall me young gun
  11. The movies are tough as each has winners, but anyone picking Reece’s pieces over peanut m&ms is wrong and should not be allowed to vote or drive. Reece’s pieces are not even top 3 Reece’s offerings.
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