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  1. If you’re getting onion rings and not getting a creamy pepper dipping sauce to dip them in you’re missing out. And as others have pointed out the chophouse cheddar and Monterey melt ingredients are available year round. The one is miss is the A1 Thick and Hearty. I guess I could buy the sauce at the store and add it myself, but that’s little too much effort for Whataburger.
  2. These two make a really good substitute for traditional chips and queso if you’re eating low carb. The torchys version looks good.
  3. Pretty sure I read years ago the green sauce from el pollo regio was just jalapeños boiled until soft (15-20 minutes) then allowed to cool. Stems removed and then blended in a blender with some soybean oil till it’s the right consistency based on how many jalapeños you used. Then the salt added to taste. The Donna sauce is very similar although it’s not as hot as the ones I get from the Dallas area el pollo regios.
  4. Is that potato salad in the gumbo? Had duck gumbo at FQF years ago with potato salad in it and it was awesome.
  5. Lee about to shank Lincoln in the back to the delight of MAGA.
  6. This dude married a chick that looks like his mom, is a that a good sign or bad sign?
  7. Tried to watch, turned it off after mid way through one of the first if not the first question he tried to say that his wall was going to stop coronavirus from getting to us from Mexico.
  8. Covri

    Dallas | Pizza

    The simple basil at ZaLat really is one of the best pizzas in town. Their margarita is good too.
  9. Blow leaves into pile, run over with mulching blade mower, blow way with leaf blower, now all they are are just dust (leaves) in the wind....
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