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  1. When did Greenville get moved to the Dallas area?
  2. Ol' Big Game Bob has a staff assembled and ready to go, that XFL gig was just a front.
  3. He learns to be a coherent criminal like most do, behind bars. He'll escape after a few years in the criminal academy.
  4. He was terrible in just about everything for years. It was kind of sad much like Chappelle was for awhile, they just lost the desire or something it seemed.
  5. No one has been raped in Mt Vernon this year so the Art Briles reformation is a done deal so hire him.
  6. Eddie Murphy still has it, this move is way better than anything he has done in a long time. Great that he is bringing back Rudy Ray Moore to younguns that may not have heard his stuff before too.
  7. I usually pick them up at 2nd monday for $3 to $5 a pair for either goatskin, pigskin or cowhide.
  8. It was an ok movie but Joaquin Phoenix killed it (though he looked near death) and really think that guy may be actually disturbed.
  9. Probably not an true adaptation since the book wasn't all that great and didn't have all the connected stories but this story should be made into a movie.
  10. Better not mention anything of the sort I got piled on pretty good back when he was hired for questioning why everyone was saying he was a great guy.
  11. Fact: South Florida was a program on the rise. Then they hired Charlie Strong and crashed.
  12. Should have gone with Heim's
  13. So you spend $99 to save $69? This sounds like something my ex-wife would do.
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