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  1. Anyone here using Webull? I had been using Robinhood for several years but just got on Webull a couple of weeks ago and it makes a nice companion to Robinhood and allows margin trading but not options at this time. It seems to have more analytical information available quickly but not as quick to submit a trade. It also seems to be a bit ahead of Robinhood on pricing most of the time, when I have them both open looking at same the stock the price is most always closer to real time on webull.
  2. I wouldn't call it garbage but it is certainly more along the lines of unintentional comedy.
  3. I ruined a couple of pair of good boots as a kid trying to turn them into some like James West had.
  4. The Rock should play him but as a transgender.
  5. Lonely are the Brave was my favorite movie as a kid and still watch it about once a year. And I never forgave Archie Bunker.
  6. that Fleabag show on Amazon cleaned up
  7. It looks like a well made WWI version of Saving Private Ryan.
  8. Only Bruce Lee fan boys have a problem with that scene.
  9. What in the fuck? Is this supposed to be schizophrenia incarnate.
  10. veritas aequitas

    SNL 45

    I was afraid they wouldn't do any of his old characters and thankfully I was wrong about that.
  11. Dodge has been a great head coach at his 2 coaching stops that had a winning history and he has sucked at the 5 stops that didn't. The guy can win when he doesn't have to start from scratch.
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