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  1. No shit. Talk about a fan base that gets it
  2. Well my Kst bet paid off and I had a ML parley of Washington and Baylor. Squeaked by on that one so I think I'll do something dumb like find some NFL games to blow it on.
  3. Meh. Definitely better than losing. But the real best case is we win by 3 TDs. I'd pay $50 right now to guarantee that.
  4. I couldn't help myself and took Kst +7. If they beat us, I make some money. If we beat them by more than 1 TD, that was worth the $50 for the reverse jinx
  5. Wiler77


    sorry, forgot the key point which is hte flight is Saturday. 4 days later
  6. Wiler77


    Going to see Trotter this Friday, with surgery temporarily scheduled on Tuesday Dec. 3rd. What are the odds I'll feel like getting on an airplane for a really long flight to the Middle East? Well, I mean due to the surgery.
  7. There is a 100% chance I'll be seeing that.
  8. The Amigos had the same dilemma with the people of Santa Poco, and they came up with a solution. I'm sure we'll be fine.
  9. Pretty much this. It's clear something needed to be done. But I'm not sure how you even draw the line. And who's to say what is fair market value for what they should be making. If someone is willing to pay them $X amount, that is market value.
  10. This advice here is freaking money. Also good stuff from bernorange and syndneycarton. I will simply reiterate what they said in terms of opening your eyes to other regional cuisines and flavors. About 5 years ago I flipped my animal/plant protein intake ratio around 180 deg. I refused to give up cow milk in my cereal because all the alternate milks disgust me, and eggs are a life saver when you have 3 kids and a wife that works. But other than that was vegetarian. I wasn't a nazi about it, and when I travel for work or we go out to eat, I generally get what I want, which includes vegetarian sometimes. But we don't go out to eat very often. I'm pretty much the same now, except we typically mix in seafood 1x/week, which turns into 2x with leftovers. I'll say it's not as hard as you think, and you shouldn't be concerned about not getting enough protein. There are plenty of plant-based sources, and you don't really need as much as you think you do. Here are some ideas for various meals. Breakfast: cereal, oatmeal, fruit, smoothies (I'm talking good smoothies that are nothing but berries, greens, and lemon. You can put some chia, flax or hemp seeds in there for additional nutrition. And a splash or OJ helps getting the kids to drink it). Lunch: I'm a creature of habit, and for as long I can remember I've had a sandwich, chips, and a couple of pieces of fruit for lunch. When I changed my diet, my sandwiches had to change, as I used to eat regular deli meat. I now substitute hummus for the meat. There are 20 different flavors to choose from at the store, and when you added avocado and a green of choice, it's a way better sandwich they I used to have. Dinner: It's easy to fall into using carbs like pasta and rice as filler when you go vegetarian, but there are lots of substitutes out there that leave you just as satiated. Black bean pasta, Soba noodles, cauliflower rice, wild rice (this actually isn't rice). Mix those with eggs, nuts, veggies, beans, good cheese if you want, and you have a killer meal. Curries with potatoes, beans, and veggies is also really good. Someone mentioned soups in the Instant pot and I couldn't agree more. Lentils, black eyed peas, or black beans make for good soup protein. Mung beans and white beans tend to break up when I cook them, but I'm likely doing it too long. But broken up beans make for good dip starters, which make sore good snacks or even sandwich fillings.
  11. What an absolutely stupid fucking argument from chin pubes. The Ags have beaten TX State and Lamar as their OOC opponents. Any conference win by anyone in the B12 surpasses either win they have on their OOC schedule. I love that he's holding up beating Miss St as their shining accomplishment.
  12. That's the shit you taste.
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