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  1. 5-5 or 6-4 are most likely scenarios IMO. The SEC isn't good. Miss At showing up against a completely depleted LSU team in week 1 doesn't mean they're good. Same with Ole Miss. And will LSU be any good at the end of the year? Who knows. Aggy has some talent and they aren't as bad as they showed yesterday. Also, they are a perennial .600 program. It's who they are
  2. Jesus, Aggy is going to win by 60 points and still find a way to lose.
  3. I detect some sarcasm. If you're implying that she's going to cheat on me in order to get another kid, yea...no. She's accepted it and is very happy in hindsight. Agrees it was the right decision. If you're saying I'm going to slip one past the goalie do to increase sexual activity, I took care of that. See vasectomy thread.
  4. I don't play the lottery, but I will let you in on your future...You win the debate about not having a 4th kid and she gets new tits when she finally concedes. So in a way, you do win the lottery.
  5. We have an hallway closet my wife calls "the gift closet". When we had our first child 9 years ago, she decided it would be a good idea to buy about 20 presents for various ages and both genders because of all of the birthday parties we were going to be invited to, and "this will just be easier than having to worry about buying a present each time." We have 3 boys now, have been to countless birthday parties, and I can think of exactly one present that has been used. Every time I suggest using a gift from the closet, there some reason why it won't work. It's been 9 years, and we literally still have those same presents she bought all those years ago.
  6. I think Jesus Moose is a more likely explanation
  7. Best beer I ever drank for me has 2 entries. Well, more like most memorable. 1. 20 years ago I went fishing in Alaska in a remote location (i.e. float plane in, "see ya in 6 days", float plane out) with a buddy of mine. We packed some whiskey, but the weight restrictions didn't make loading up 6 days worth of beer feasible. It was a great trip, but exhausting, and we were stuck for an extra day due to weather. We got back to Ketchikan and took the best shower of my life, then went to a local spot for some fried halibut sandwiches and about the coldest, most refreshing beer of my life. I have no idea what it was, and it really didn't matter. Something hoppy. 2. 5-6 years ago went skiing with a different buddy. Had a great day, very few breaks, and we were freaking worn out. We went into a local pizza joint and they had Pliny the Elder on tap. I had never had it, but had heard of it. That first sip was magnificent. Not just the taste of the beer, but the shot of adrenaline it gave me. We camped out for about 3 hours and got shit-can hammered and ate an entire pizza each.
  8. And he's from Plano. Chance to play close to home for 2 years while getting a masters.
  9. I can't help but laugh. I mean, we've all been there, but it's still funny. I hope you got yourself a slumpbuster this week.
  10. I had to watch the video again, and I just noticed the brilliance of you specifying diet cola. Fucking LOL
  11. Dickbutt chiseled by Michelangelo would be fucking awesome
  12. He's made an NFL roster for 3 years and has a shot at more. After never having played the position. Hardly an indictment on his TE abilities. More of an indictment on Mack and Charlie's QB roster management and ability to maximize someone's value.
  13. I remember Henry Shelton, but not any Melton.
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