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  1. LOL, well I guess it depends on where you stay, but I didn't have a problem with driving, and I didn't find it very difficult. It fact, it greatly increased our flexiblity. It's not like we drove everywhere. We drove to Pompeii one day. We drove to Amalfi to catch the boat to Capri. And we drove to and from the Rome airport. We pretty much walked everywhere else. We can agree to disagree about Capri. Once we got away from the tourist trap where all the boats drop off, we enjoyed the island. Had one of our most memorable meals of the trip there at a random restaurant tucked away in the maze of stairs off the beaten path.
  2. Not that it's not impressive as shit, but that floor has some spring to it.
  3. The Amalfi Coast is 30 miles long, so saying you aren't leaving the coast doesn't mean you won't need to get around. But if you plan to just hang at the house except for the day trips, you'll be fine. You'll miss a lot of cool shit, but yea you won't need a car. I was going to ask where you plan on eating because unless you're in a town center, I don't remember seeing a taxi. But hiring your own chef is a pretty cool idea. I'll be interested hearing about your experience.
  4. Disagree with Penelope on skipping Capri, but IMO a few hours in the town was plenty. We hired a boat in the town of Amalfi and did a 1/2 Capri tour (was like 5 hour round trip, with multiple stops for swimming). Any reason why you are definitely not renting a car? My wife and I had one, and frankly I'm not sure how we would have gotten around without it. I know people do it, but it takes a lot of planning, and then tearing up those plans because it's Italy and nothing runs on time. If you are outdoor people at all, I highly recommend the Path of the Gods hike. It was one of the most memorable days of my life. Started in Bomerano in the morning, hiked to Nocelle, then down to Il San Pietro de Positano hotel to eat lunch at the Michelin starred Zass for lunch. We packed a change of clothes in our backpacks. Had a 5 course tasting lunch (really more like 7-8 with the extras they bring) with wine over about 3 hours, then changed back into our hiking clothes and hiked back the way we came. Even stopped in an old abandoned shed along the way back close to sundown for a quickie. The hike was absolutely amazing.
  5. It's Barbers Hill ISD. You should know going in they want a clean cut
  6. Baby A's was always shit, but Trudy's back in the 90's at least up until 2005 was pretty good. Migas hit the spot every time. They had good quesadillas as well. Stuffed avocado, too. And I remember one dish called Ciro's Special. Grilled chicken cut into cubes, mushrooms, spinach, and sliced avocado, all covered in queso. Yes please. I was excited when the Dripping Springs location opened because I hadn't been in several years, but that location sucked from day 1.
  7. Aim for small dumplings. Think "small meatballs". It's much better when they have a chance to cook through.
  8. I hear you. We typically make our own sauces, but for Indian food, it takes so damn long. And it's a great way to get our kids to eat some vegetables. Miraculously, they all like curry. The ingredient list for the Maya Kaimal curries isn't too offensive.
  9. These Indian sauces are really good. They have several flavors. Cook up some veggies, potatoes, and add some beans with this sauce and you are in business. Had that one day last week.
  10. Smashed chickpeas and avocados make a great sandwich filling. I'm having that this week for lunch. I use canned chickpeas, ripe avocado, dijon mustard, pickled jalapeno juice, squeeze of lime, and some cut up greens or cabbage for crunch. Sometimes cilantro as well. Here's a recipe, but I usually just wing it. You can do it with any bean. https://www.feastingathome.com/smashed-chickpea-avocado-sandwich/
  11. Made this last week and loved it. Added more vegetables than the recipe called for. Onions, carrots, and red bell pepper to be exact. http://www.eatingwell.com/recipe/275768/chickpea-dumplings-in-curried-tomato-sauce/
  12. Wife made a fantastic soup in the Instant Pot yesterday that we saved for today. Garlic, onions, red and yellow bell peppers, carrots, white beans, and barley. Then I add some of this to my bowl. Cornbread on the side.
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