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  1. I'm almost 45, a father of 3 boys aged 10 and under, and I just cemented my status as "loser" by having to google to make sure this dude hadn't gotten into comedy.
  2. This sentence made me laugh. Glad you clarified that you were describing a realistic scenario
  3. We recently got 4 chickens. Apparently the completely cracked out dude that sold my wife the chicken from his parents farm/puppy mill/rabbit mill gave my wife a rooster by mistake. Sure looked like a rooster to me when she brought it home. My wife claims no way, he knew we didn't want a rooster. 5:45am on day 2..."COCK-A-DOODLE-DO!!!" My response: "Well, that would explain Big Momma's poor egg production" I was quite thrilled to be able to use that line as intended. My wife was not.
  4. I don't remember anyone asking me to have my shit together, and at no time have facts ever come into play on this website.
  5. Preparing my butthole for what the 2022 appraisal will bring out here in Driftwood.
  6. His ideal weight if he was 11 feet tall
  7. Good info. It's a pretty damn cool looking spider.
  8. PSA there are Zoom interview spots open this evening for Global Entry approval (TSA Pre included). I just had my conditional approval email yesterday and checked on interview schedules. Everything booked for months, expect tonight starting at 530pm. Log into your account and check
  9. Not an expert, but I think that's part of the widow family (i.e. extremely dangerous). They can have all sorts of different markings other than the classic hourglass. P.s. are you still alive?
  10. Same way we feel about your posts
  11. LOL. I started frantically googling "Tom Herman UCF" because I couldn't believe I missed an announcement. That screen shot is hilarious.
  12. She was a fairly major character on Wings for multiple years. This type of stuff scares the shit out of me. I'm 44. I have 3 boys aged 10 and under. I don't consider dying at 54 a reality I want to even consider. Yet people die younger than that all the time. God damn.
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