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  1. But how do they catch on fire in the garage?
  2. Couldn't you use that logic on just about anything you cook? Bread, hamburgers, ice cream, etc. Cooking can be fun, and it will likely taste better than the cheap shit at a fast food place. There's a reason it's cheap.
  3. Actually this is why I decided to give up alcohol while we are working and teaching from home. After Spring Break, it seemed like it would be really easy to start drinking at 3-4pm and not stopping until bed. Wife and decided to give up alcohol for the time being. I'm really looking forward to having a 512 IPA.
  4. Well, nothing messy besides the obesity and infertility from the plastic leaching into your food.
  5. Update: In addition to the Rosemary Focaccia, she's now made bagels on 2 different occasions. There is no shortage on our usual bread or bagels at the store. She hasn't bought flour or made bread in at least 9 months, but now that there's a shortage on flour at the store, she's using up all of her stock. The homemade bread is fantastic, though.
  6. I thought the story around "Garden Party" was that Nelson thought they were booing him, but there was actually some sort of disturbance in the crowd people were reacting to.
  7. So everyone is of the opinion this is a quick bounce, but overall will likely settle back in lower, right? Chance to make quick money on a few stocks, but buy and hold is extremely risky. Trying to understand the general consensus.
  8. I know what Pandora station I'll be (Islands in the) streaming all day
  9. My wife has like 6 different types of flour for a total of about 8-10 bags, and it has been a source of ridicule by me for years, and really should be a post in the "Trivial things that annoy the shit out of you" thread. Keep in mind this is her usual stock. She hasn't bought a single bag this year. Now she's walking around like
  10. Wife made some beer bread with a similar recipe to Steamboat's last week. Yesterday she made a rosemary focaccia. It does not suck.
  11. Collective Surly fighting urges to jump back in: Trying to figure out when to turn into this:
  12. hord hopefully that person is sterile
  13. I'm selling our Double BOB. It's in fantastic shape. It's used, but well taken care of. New versions retail for $700. Link to Craigs list ad
  14. No shit. They're trying to add some sanity to the situation. "Everyone chill out. We're going to restock our shelves every day, and to do that we're going to reduce our hours. Every one can get the necessities they need as long as they aren't fucking jackasses about it." The problem is assholes with 100 roles of TP at their house are going to go restock every 3 days so they never drop below 95.
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