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  1. Ben is a terrible character and is ruining the season for me. He’s the opposite of a deus ex machina. Only two episodes left thank goodness.
  2. Meh. I’ll stick around for the Ed Harris episode but I’m not feeling this season. Why is every line whispered?
  3. That was a whole lotta woman. Also, biometrics don’t work on dead people.
  4. The Russell’s Reserve 10 year is very solid. Would be a good one to give to a bourbon newbie. Smooth but not too smooth and tasty.
  5. Buzzrock

    Tiger King

    They make some damn good BBQ
  6. I have Les Paul pickups in my G&L Tele.
  7. What happened to Rachel? Are they just ignoring her this season?
  8. “Bridge in Juarez” was a good scene
  9. Buzzrock

    Tiger King

    I can’t believe there weren’t more injuries/fatalities with that many idiots and that many cats involved for that amount of time. Even the lost arm seemed more like an accident where the tiger snatched her arm through the chain link fence and the fence did most of the damage.
  10. Episode 5: gross. Glad for the dark.
  11. Even the daylight scenes are so dark I can barely tell what’s going on. I think I’m less into this season because there is enough grim shit going on in the world right now, I don’t need to seek it out as entertainment.
  12. Buzzrock

    Tiger King

    He looks like he could be the third brother of a local bbq crew.
  13. It’s just not a thing here for whatever reason. Lots of Americanized places with chilaquiles but never seen migas on a menu.
  14. Buzzrock

    2020 Drunk Thread

    Careful you don’t capsize
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