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  1. Who do you like from recent bands? Yannis from Foals Luke from The Struts A lot less recent: Trent Reznor Maynard Dave Grohl
  2. You can rewatch now on NBC Gold if you have that. Peacrap might have it tomorrow.
  3. Peacock sucks. I’m gonna assume it will get better and I will be glad I spent $30 next year, it blows now. No Roku. No rewind. No record option. No ARSLIV highlights. Can’t use a second monitor. Oh wait here are the highlights...on the NBC Sports app. And the replay...if you have Gold. That’s not clunky at all.
  4. Holy shit. Didn’t get to watch and no recording. Thanks peacock.
  5. How to BBQ Right Youtube channel. He has a few different variations but this is a winner.
  6. I didn’t like it nearly as much as Bailey’s.
  7. Tonight is the end of the $30 promo for one year of Peacock Premium. Tomorrow it goes to $50. All PL matches will be on Peacock next year except the NBC and NBC Sports games. Cheaper than NBC Gold at $30.
  8. Totally agree. They need to get access to Chris Stapelton’s song book.
  9. Hmm. I thought the BB episodes were kinda cheesy but I’ll definitely give it a shot.
  10. Man, that is really sad. She was always one of my favorites. Fuck cancer.
  11. DLR not getting enough love. Axl and Hetfield belong in the pantheon as well.
  12. 34’ 2017 Georgetown Class A with an outdoor kitchen. No idea. Wife wants to go the beach but the beach seems like a shit show right now so I’m thinking maybe up in the Blue Ridge Mountains somewhere that it will be cooler. We’ve got five weeks or so before school starts.
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