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  1. Can’t believe they did a slow mo replay of him busting ass
  2. I like prog metal more than prog rock. Stuff like this:
  3. Buzzrock

    Concept Albums

    I never thought of it as a concept album, more a collection of stories, but New York is fantastic. Every time I put it on I’m glad I did.
  4. Well shit. But at least now we know.
  5. Buzzrock

    DMX dead.

    Hope he didn’t die alone. RIP
  6. They keep forecasting rain in Atlanta and it keeps not happening. The pollen coating is insane. Went fishing Monday and the boat looked like it was plowing through lemonade. Looks like we might actually get that rain today. The streets will run yellow.
  7. Virginia cops suck. They gave me a speeding ticket for 71 in a 65 in a Volvo wagon with my parents when I was a teenager. Fortunately they didn’t shoot me, but I’m white.
  8. Two shaggy-era posts in a row. Solid.
  9. Good: finding McKenna 10 on a shelf while on vacation Bad: for $70
  10. I know, just fucking with you. I love IM and can’t wait to go back.
  11. Very possible. He said we could have one only if the bellhop assisted us with it.
  12. I agree with that. My neighbor has a killer 4K projector setup and we went to watch at his house since we knew even our decent setup wouldn’t do it justice.
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