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  1. Your post made me wonder: Worldometer says India is 136th out of all nations in cases per capita, and 128th in deaths per capita. The US is 20th in both. I guess when your population is 1.4B the sheer numbers are gonna be really bad, but I was surprised on the per capita stack rankings.
  2. How’d it turn out? We’ve got a 90” setup in an upstairs bonus room but it gets a lot of light so it’s mostly used by the kids.
  3. Star Wars frequently treats planets like they just have one city. I guess a lot of sci fi does that.
  4. Another painfully slow episode
  5. Yeah it’s showing back up at IMAX next week but not at the one by my house. It’s an hour away.
  6. You truly belong in the ACC
  7. When you’re feeling low Longhorn fans, just remember: at least you aren’t Georgia Tech. Outscored 100-0 in the last two weeks.
  8. Most recently 2008, 2014, 2016
  9. Go Jackets. To Hell With Georgia.
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