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  1. Counterpoint: I literally just noticed that my Taylor has a crack in the body on the cutaway. I’ll never know which kid or friend or pet caused it, but maybe I should leave out the $150 Yamaha instead of the $1800 Taylor. It’s not a big deal because I don’t intend to ever sell it, and no one would notice but me, but dammit!
  2. The one thing that has stuck with me from the Surly threads is to concentrate on your right hand. Man I wish I’d been told that decades ago. It’s hard to break the habit of over-focusing on the left, but I’m working on it. Here’s another video that helps demonstrate that in a little different way:
  3. Saw that, just absurd. Ten days of wall to wall metal.
  4. Good lord this is good advice. Letting a guitar get away because you were hung up on getting a certain brand or whatever will haunt you for a long time. Go to a store that knows what they are doing. There are a lot of lesser known makers of fantastic guitars.
  5. Uh, okay, ya know, you guys aren't privy to all the new shit, so uh, you know, but hey, that's what you, that's what you pay me for. Aha...Um. Speaking of which, do you think uh, that you could uh, give me my twenty thousand in cash? Uh, my concern is, and I've gotta check with, with my accountant, but that this might bump me up into a higher tax, uh…
  6. Seeing him in November, looking forward to it. Found out about Bully recently via Jason Isbell. Pretty pretty good.
  7. My favorite is kinda wide and kinda stretchy. I don’t see it in my Amazon history so I’ll have to try and figure out where I got it. I’ve been meaning to pick up a couple more.
  8. Trae Young had five buckets in a game 7 and the Hawks won. This team continues to be so un-Atlanta.
  9. I had to watch the whole thing with subtitles, and there was definitely a line in an earlier episode where True said “When I’m from” not “Where I’m from.” Your wife may have caught that. I liked it. True is fucking sexy. I’m bummed that Whedon is off the show, there was a lot of his style that came through in those future scenes with all the future slang.
  10. Fun race. Question for the experts: was there any sort of penalty for any of the drivers who left the track at the beginning? It didn’t seem like it. How does that work?
  11. Oh for sure. And it illustrates how the work is never done.
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