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  1. We all climbed out but didn’t have much choice. No one around and no cell service. The maintenance guys kinda laughed at us when we told them what happened. And that’s fair.
  2. Yup, 1301 is the unit we rented. It was awesome. Wifi worked fine as far as I recall, I definitley did some work while I was there. Two tips: do NOT overload the private elevator. We did and got it stuck. There is no emergency phone and no cell service. We managed to pry the door open and get out but it was scary for a few minutes. Totally our fault. The master shower is high-up but pretty much completely visible from the road. I learned to just get a kick out of it. Feast your eyes everyone! Also the little bar there is nice, and the restaurant is good. If Annie is still tending bar tip her well and get some strong margaritas. She knows the good day clubs too.
  3. The last I read the gaiters were not recommended due to the lack of protection you mentioned. Is there new info on that?
  4. Is there a mask out there that doesn’t slide down your face when you talk? If so I would like to give the manufacturer some of my money.
  5. Why is everyone except Annie always in full costume? It’s weird.
  6. How hard would it be to put together a little Surly collab? You know, something like this, but better:
  7. Corona Cigar Co. is a pretty badass cigar bar.
  8. We got a penthouse condo during the summer that was really cheap. Golf cart ride to the beach. http://www.isla33.com They have listings on Airbnb. But I’m hoping to be back there the same week you are with friends in a rental house.
  9. I think I was 17 at a Led Zeppelin tribute band at a sweltering Georgia Theater circa 1989. My friend John, not a close friend mind you just a friend, brought me the coldest crispest Miller Lite draft I’d ever tasted, right in that moment. I can snob it up with the best of them (I have Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA in my fridge as we speak) but I’ve carried that beer with me ever since.
  10. Neighbor’s wife found these at bumfuck north Georgia store today and brought them home for him Jelly
  11. I work with a lot of major organizations (though I haven’t worked in government in a long time), and you might be surprised how rudimentary a lot of their processes are. Huge Fortune 500 and G2K companies managing their business in email and spreadsheets and Sharepoint.
  12. Or a grandmother here in Atlanta https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_of_Kathryn_Johnston
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