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  1. Obviously it’s totally fine to dislike CFA’s food. I happen to disagree, a freshly made spicy chicken club sandwich is fast food heaven. But their service experience is consistently excellent. I used to work near the busiest one in the world and we would walk there for lunch. No matter how slam packed it was they got the orders out fast and never ever got an order wrong. And every employee is polite. They keep their menu simple on purpose. They never add something to the menu until they market test it to death to make sure they can offer a very consistent product. Keeping the menu simple helps keep service simple and customers from being confused. Compare to Taco Bell, with a very confusing menu of the same five things remixed forty-eight times. The company itself is a bit of a cult. It’s hard to get hired there and they screen their franchisees rigorously (read: you better be a church goer). I also don’t think you’re allowed to own more than two, and you have to work there a lot.
  2. They have the best customer service in the industry and they serve more than chicken sandwiches. But you’re probably right, what lessons could they possibly learn from the market leader?
  3. Needs to be posted here too https://www.instagram.com/tv/B7rWVjxBqgJ/?igshid=7rfz6wce2r1k
  4. At Libertine Social, the new gastropubat Mandalay, they have a $175 beef short rib pastrami for the table. They slice it and give you some accoutrements like lettuce wraps and horseradish. Then they take about half of it back and make reubens out of it. It’s ridiculously good and feeds probably six people. I didn’t get a before shot.
  5. Buzzrock


    Just took out my AirPods instead of my chapstick and got half way to my face before I realized it.
  6. Buzzrock


    Just took out my AirPods instead of my chapstick and got half way to my face before I realized it.
  7. Ghost Donkey is worth seeking out for a drink but fair warning, it’s pricey. The latest in the Cosmo secret spots.
  8. I’ll take the point but sheesh. Mustafi.
  9. The non-Vegasness of it is why I like Vdara. Killer location without the mayhem.
  10. He’s enigmatic for sure. He has the best right hand I’ve ever seen. It takes a ton of work to be able to pick every note like that and pick it cleanly. I rely on way too much legato myself.
  11. Talladega is awesome. I love rednecks. First time I went I took a black friend and we sat next to a bunch of guys tatted up with all sorts of ignorant white prison shit. I think one of them had gotten out of the pen that morning. They couldn’t have been nicer to my buddy, explaining stuff about different drivers, sharing beer, etc. They said all the tattoo shit was just how you got by in prison. I missed the caution free race but I was at Charlotte when they set the record for most cautions. Damn that was a long race. I want to try a whole weekend at Talladega in the RV. Maybe this year.
  12. I’d take this one though. I think these are a grand.
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