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  1. Cmon Horns can I have some hope please damn
  2. That’s how this thread works. Bravo.
  3. Those things look awesome but I can’t own anything with “dawg” in the name.
  4. Eva Amurri is back on the market.
  5. Second tier in Atlanta was $95 with fees and $125 after fees. Buddy got two and I can claim one if I want. Reddit says people have been having good luck checking a day or two before the show. I may give up my option and make a game time decision. I know I’ll never relive the Undertow and Aenima shows (my dumb ass skipped Lateralus) but still...Tool.
  6. Well they aren’t making any more rock n roll bands so eventually they will all be in.
  7. How much are tix this time around? Atlanta goes on sale tomorrow but they haven’t released pricing.
  8. It wouldn’t be a stretch to have BF have escaped the sarlacc. He was wearing armor and well armed.
  9. So are the buffalo flavor. Both are breath-destroyers.
  10. Kettle Brand are misleading, they aren’t crunchy enough. They seem like normal chips to me with lots of flavors. I’m partial to Miss Vickie’s jalapeño. So crunchy.
  11. Oh yeah I forgot to mention he forgot his wallet so I had to stake him. He did Venmo me immediately.
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