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  1. Yep, just a series about vore shit. Guys riding around on enormous fleshlights.
  2. My kid won an award for his AP English class this year, his worst subject. The subject where he’d have Aspie meltdowns in middle school. (He’s actually on the spectrum.) I asked him about it, he said he was just better at it than the rest of the class.
  3. That’s pretty much what I said, though I knew that a comic fan would be along to criticize my use of the word “multiverse” because I’m too lazy to look up the overarching term for the entirety of everything.
  4. They’re going to run the Marvel franchise into the ground by going full comic-book on the multiverse. That’s not a criticism, just the best path forward. Otherwise you end up with the historical hodgepodge of separate universes, frequent reboots, and failure to extract every last dime from fans.
  5. I have no problem quitting on shows. There are very few shows, in fact, that I’ve watched all the way through, especially in the pre-binge era. R&M has settled into comfortable sitcom territory. It still has the promise of developing the overall plot(s), (Evil Morty, etc.), but even without that, the eps can be entertaining.
  6. LOL. The scene isn’t of pussy eating, it’s a now-cringe discussion at the beginning of the movie.
  7. Not too long ago I rewatched Pulp Fiction. It occurred to me, as I explained the ninja sword to my teenage son who wandered through the room, that the collection of characters and aesthetic is just one step above the urban legends that make up Less Than Zero (the novel). Doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great movie that changed the path of the industry, but parts of it are as cringe as the pussy eating scene in Chasing Amy.
  8. FATWS needed to be longer, maybe 12 eps, and include the virus plot (or another subplot). It needed to be slower and to give the plot time to marinate. It ended up being formulaic and almost checkbox-driven. Not just show us once to establish the plot element, e.g. not being able to trade on his name with the bank, but actually make us feel something. WV and Loki had no problems in that regard.
  9. Canada is probably easier, but that’s just what I’ve heard. If I were in ZA, I’d look into the digital nomad destinations like Cancun, SE Asia, etc.
  10. This Kang sometimes seemed like he was channeling Bill Cosby and was about to ask if they wanted a pudding pop. Or like Willy Wonka. It was great to see a true believer villain that isn’t a zealot.
  11. Anyone have a good AND *free* mbox to .pst converter? I've found one for $25 in the MS app store, but was hoping I could save a buck.
  12. Much like South Austin’s mom’s penis, it only seems long the first time.
  13. I’m choosing to interpret this episode as a satirization of the low-hanging fruit. If they’re serious with that “You’re a woman now” shit, well, the show sucks exactly as much as you say it does.
  14. It was all over the place, but they kept at it and it was funny.
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