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  1. Why did they get on that ship? Why? How did they expect this to end? Play stupid games, stay at sea for 6 months.
  2. I have 2 university boys and an 18yo HS senior. Both older boys were back last week. No problem at all. The two older boys brought home their gaming PCs, and they were locked in. Socialize? Sure they socialize, they were each on group Discord calls probably for 6-7 hrs a day. The biggest problem I had was they din't go to bed until well into the AM. Depending how remote classes go, they may be back (mostly because then someone cooks for them).
  3. Losartan may be a double edged sword. After you get CV19, it may do a bunch of good things protecting your lungs, but if you don't yet have CV19, Losartan might lead to increased ACE2 expression which might make you more susceptible get get CV19. ACE2 receptors are how the virus gets in. It's been posted a couple times before, but http://www.nephjc.com/news/covidace2 is a in depth write up on it.
  4. Oh yeah. About that. Sorry for the skewed numbers. I think 50% of those tweets were my son making the same corona beer jokes.
  5. 6pm? 7pm? What's an hour between friends.
  6. Does Austin/Travis county have a set time they report new daily numbers? The official page is here: http://www.austintexas.gov/COVID19 but it still says 23 cases like yesterday. That would be great, but it's probably not true.
  7. The numbers from China have to be BS. For the big metro areas outside Wuhan, it's possible these number could actually be correct. They've done some serious locking down including dragging people away who break quarantine. But, Wuhan has to be still active; even if it was just other family members in the same house that are getting it, there should be huge numbers....and lots of deaths. Wuhan is a huge city. ... and there is no way this hasn't spread to the more rural areas of China where there is much less health care.
  8. Since the first reports came out of Wuhan about a possible link to HBP, I've been regular searching the web for more data. No where on the web is there any data if it's untreated high blood pressure or high blood pressure that is under control. @The Dog dad my have anecdotal evidence, and I hope he's right, but the reports from the Hot zones that link to HBP aren't specific. Many Meta-analysis on the web speculate that they are making the classification based on the medication the patients are taking. As for the link between Covid-19 and ACE inhibitors / ARBs, both of which I take for HBP, this is the most comprehensive analysis on the web: http://www.nephjc.com/news/covidace2 It's written at a college level but basically explains that we don't know, but science is leaning against ACEi and ARBs being bad in the face of Covid-19.
  9. Texas A&M just announced that there are no classes next week and all classes will be online through the rest of the term. I really didn't think we (Texans/Americans) would climb on the Social Distancing Bandwagon this quick. Maybe with a little luck we won't have to start having triage at the hospitals and turn anyone over 60 away like Italy is doing.
  10. I was completely out of the market...everything. I think the general market has much more to fall as the corona virus hits and it starts impacting the bottom lines. I don't expect to get back in for general stocks for 3 months. But, Oil stock are being hit with a double whammy; they may not have hit bottom, but I'm OK getting it at the current level. I just bought Valero at $55. It has a 52 week high of $101. I have a limit order in for Marathon Petroleum at $30.5 that should trigger any minute. That has a 52 week high of $69. As long as these big boys don't go under, when life gets back to normal in a year, they should climb back to their earlier positions. As far as these go, I just need to close my eyes and hold.
  11. The last week of Feb through March 2nd, I completely withdrew from the market, which means I sat out the roller coaster ride last week. I'm happy about that, BUT... I have no plan on when to jump back in. I wouldn't recognize a bottom if it sat on me. I'm usual a buy and hold kinda guy. I know the coronavirus is going to get much worse in the real world, and I know earnings reports for most companies are going to suck. So I assume that this downturn is going to get worse and last for 6 months or more...but with the Feds pumping money, and if the Saudi and Russians get on the same page, and if people adjust to the new corona-reality, could this thing stabilize and climb sooner? I have no clue. I just worry about getting back in when the dow has already climbed above where I stepped out.
  12. Holy Crap. I didn't realize that this bearded shuckster is the '80 TV evangelist that was in jail for fraud. Can we just send him back to jail. For you youngsters, this guy was the king of slimeballs.
  13. I see. That is a semicolon on the end of line 1. I guess that's different form a period by a matter of a few years in jail?
  14. 46.15(k)(2) is not an 'and' clause to the evacuation requirement in (1). https://www.kltv.com/2019/06/20/law-allows-texas-gun-owners-licensed-or-unlicensed-carry-firearms-after-disasters/
  15. Late last year Texas passed a law that allows anyone who can legally own a gun to carry (open or concealed) for 168 hours after a state or local disaster declaration. The draft version of the bill only allowed for carrying during evacuation and reentry to an area, but the final passed version has another clause that allows anyone to carry for a week. The new part of the Texas penal code is: https://statutes.capitol.texas.gov/Docs/PE/htm/PE.46.htm ( Note - Sec. 46.02. is the UNLAWFUL CARRYING WEAPONS section) An hour ago, the City of Austin, and Travis County just declared a state of disaster. So most of Surly can get their rocks off and open carry. My question is, and I believe the answer to be 'Yes', is: Can anyone in Texas open carry right now? The text above in 46.15 (k)(2) doesn't limit it to people who live in the declared disaster area. Any locally declared disaster in Texas seems to allow all all Texans to carry. Of course those of us with LTC don't need the disaster declaration.
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