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  1. Just don't vote for Donald or the tire iron, that way nobody can ever trap you in a gotcha moment and you won't catch feelings
  2. Think Fozzz was the first person I put on ignore. Just rolls around shitting on everything. "I'm not gonna vote cause one is Donald and one is blue lives matter" is the perfect Fozzz post. It was nice when he disappeared for awhile and I didn't have to worry about people quoting him
  3. As soon as Rice is announced I'm popping a Zima and raising my official dnc flag
  4. One trophy? Add 9 more axes, bells, barrels and spittoons then come talk to us /big10
  5. Susan pulling the American flag blanket out of the back of trumpy bear and then curling up under the flag blanky while cuddling the bear for protection against the ms13 gang members coming to kill her was just perfect
  6. Pffft they didn't cancel the season after I gave half the women's volleyball team the herp and that's some real lasting "after-effects"
  7. I couldn't figure it out either. Fuck him for writing like a dipshit
  8. According to my wife and girlfriend, this is not true.
  9. ACC has some real universities as well, here they are telling the real universities its ova, while simultaneously telling the southern schools not to worry
  10. Yeah maybe I'm under selling a G League, and maybe that's because the NFL is actually a beating to watch most of the time. It gets the highest ratings, but that's because it's the end of the line of America's favorite sport. I love college football, but I think it's probably the connection to the university that makes me love it so much. Would anyone really give a shit or show up to watch Sam or Chubba play for a minor league football team?
  11. Games could potentially reach sun belt conference attendance figures.
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