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  1. Yes. In this time period, truth is what they tell you it is. The result of Donald and the GOP not being defeated is an entire chapter in the history books for the great accomplishments of AG Barr.
  2. There used to be. My dad had to take an etiquette class in high school that went into areas like how to properly dine in a nice restaurant. By the time I got to high school wood shop was gone and metal shop was on its last leg. If it ain't being tested by the state, then that subject is SOL.
  3. Alright, which one of you bastards are responsible for this in the comments: "Nah, I'd have granted it and then dismissed the charges and let the state court in NY try him without a threat of double jeopardy or a presidential pardon to get in the way..."
  4. Well you're obviously not Ohio State material. Pulling your scholarship offer until you agree to share your ladies with your team.
  5. Besides the group of WI, MI, and PA, the top of the list for Dems should be NC and AZ
  6. This is decent, but not nearly as good as the proposal by Dr Sam Beckett to put IA, NH, SC, and NV at the end of the line where they belong.
  7. Yeah this is what I'm wondering as well. What should Chuck do, exactly?
  8. No they won't. They just pop in when they can drop tweets that just ask questions so they can troll around. Then, the other dipshits quote them and ruin my blocked list.
  9. Caught a clip this morning where Pete says "I was driving to work last week in my Chevy...." Nothing wrong with that, but it's so cheesy that it brought the Lulz. I uhhhh, would also like to express my fondness of that particular beer.
  10. Don't fucking start, go back to the Mueller investigation/fisa thread.
  11. What. The. Fuck. "In 2017, a normally routine document released by the archives, a records retention schedule, revealed that archivists had agreed that officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement could delete or destroy documents detailing the sexual abuse and death of undocumented immigrants."
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