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  1. I'm gonna have to start leaving a trail of Fox News and Trump love just in case it gets me out of a poor decision later on
  2. Dammit is there any way to reverse a dropped player? I dropped the wrong dude
  3. It's fascinating how big of an issue this is to some.
  4. That actually wasn't a bad fsu team, but three of fsu's first four possessions in the second half were fumbles, including the scoop and score. Just a complete meltdown, but fsu was way better than they played that day.
  5. I personally like The Office better, but I'm obviously in the minority. I'd argue Parks doesn't happen without the Office though, and the Office should be in the top 10....
  6. Yeah not sure how parks is in the top ten and the office isn't
  7. This is frustrating. Nelson was very interested in Clemson and was essentially a fastball down the middle and Dabo didn't even take the bat off his shoulder. Playing stupid recruiting games that worked 5 years ago but you're not getting Manning and you just got worked by Riley for your best shot at an elite QB in 23.
  8. Hey South Carolina is creative, if nothing else. A disgusting cockroach? Let's call it a palmetto bug
  9. The ex and that side seem pretty legit. You could see his reasoning coming from a mile away and he was very convincing.
  10. Columbia SC is horrible, maybe the worst submission on the list. Could be Clemson for SC, but I'd go Charleston. The chicks at CoC work hard at making sure nobody goes to bed solo who doesn't want to....or so I've heard
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