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  1. Didn't ESPN and Fox admit that they gave more than the Big 12 was worth to try and keep it together during the last round? I thought I read Texas and OU finding out that this next round of money correcting course was the impetus for bailing. Why would the powers that be put a matchup between the remaining 8 on a main channel? I guess if two are ranked in the top 15 they could probably get a time slot, but there's about to be a ton of content in the secsecsec, and the ACC and Big 10 will come next in the pecking order.
  2. In these games, Republicans are never in charge. Either we use the governor and senators if it's a blue state, or we use the mayor if it's a red state. Either way, we're gonna find the liberal responsible
  3. We really are living in the Matrix. Ten years ago Swaim was laughed at and ridiculed along with the handful of other "realignment insiders" whose shit never came true. Now y'all are linking his tweets and wondering why KSU is on the Pac's radar. Here's some inside information, they're not, and the next thing Swaim calls correctly will be the first.
  4. Yeah that's the "official" reason. The real reason is nobody likes them. I'd bet WVU makes the top 5 for every ACC school's list of worst fanbases.
  5. Nobody left has any marketability. There are a handful of programs that could force their way into the Big 10. SC, ND, and UNC might be the only ones who could cause a shake up. Maybe Oregon, Clemson and FSU, but they don't really fit the Big 10 profile. Look at this graphic below, what hammered dog shit. That league excites exactly nobody and makes no money. The Big 12 leftovers just need to chill until the Big 10 strikes back, and the Big 10 has to hit the ACC because killing the already dead Pac won't change anything. It also has to be a combo of the teams above, because the move has to make a huge splash. When that shit happens, it will force the formation of the super league and we can all be friends again.
  6. Well Greene has been all over the place with visits and interest, but I think he commits to one of those three. He has events lined up back to back with Clemson/UNC and Georgia has made him a priority
  7. Yeah Dacari could surprise. The WR recruiting is just bizarre. For awhile Thompson was the only offer out, while Clemson fell behind with Greene and Williams. Greene is looking like a Clemson, Georgia, and UNC battle.
  8. Big 10? sheeeeeit if this doesn't happen the ACC will show up on the 40 acres like whatever you want
  9. I know most are soaking in the aggy misery, but Georgia is currently in the bargaining stage of grief. How about pods? Pods work with Bama in a different pod than us!
  10. The Georgia tears are underrated right now.
  11. Damn bros, that was pretty fucked up, I thought we had a pact? Well we still got your back if Louisville tries to join
  12. Lol imagine walking up to the podium to announce that shit. yes I'd like to welcome you Pac 12 media days, and let's get right to the big announcement: we are beyond excited to announce the addition of Oklahoma (mumbles state) and Texas (mumbles tech).
  13. Nobody wants WVU, nobody likes them except for the Big 12. As crazy as it sounds, the ACC could poach WVU from the Big 12 right now, but nobody wants those battery chuckers. I guess the Big 12 knows a different WVU, but when it comes the the Atlantic Coast...
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