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  1. I dunno man, Hartline signed pretty much the perfect WR class last year and is on pace to do it again this year. The Clemson board thinks bags are involved, but that's their default stance any time OSU or UGA beat Clemson for a recruit.
  2. Anyone can vote by mail and election day is a federal holiday
  3. Right, but she's one of the biggest names in the party, and the most visible advisor to Biden at the moment. This isn't 2008, and I'd say there's an extremely small chance that Senate Democrats would turn their back on her, especially if Biden supports her being majority leader, which I'd say is a near certainty if she continues working with him as much as she is.
  4. So you think after hitting a walk off and landing the presidency and the senate, the Dems would then break against Warren? Come on
  5. Senate majority leader is the most important role Warren could possibly fill, and it's not even close...
  6. I know Dems are trying, but it sure seems like we need the never trumpers like the Lincoln project in order to get in the mud and fight dirty like Donald
  7. I feel empowered now that my older, tougher brother is back home standing up for me. Hell, I'm almost ready to go back outside and confront the meanies who have been bullying me for the last 3.5 years....almost
  8. Donald cut Roma off, now ToddDunk is our only insider.
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