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Finding a new Xbox Series X machine?

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There's a pretty good account on Twitter, @linuswilson that is a good follow for all things next gen console. He posts any drops that happen or are scheduled to happen. He's how I knew Best Buy was doing a drop 2 Sundays ago where I secured a Xbox X for my nephew. Currently, the best bet is getting one in person at Walmart. That might not be easy given Covid and your age. I'd imagine there will some more online drops in the next couple of days. The good thing is you're not after a Playstation 5 which is the Furby of this Christmas season. If you go the online route, I'd create an account with Best Buy and Walmart. Add in your credit card information ahead of time. Then be logged in when the ones go live. Best Buy seems the easier of the two as you are scheduling for a store pickup and they are bulk shipping the consoles directly to the store. You can then choose your store and move around until you get one. I had no trouble finding one online yesterday when they went back up. 

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