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  1. i also love the mental gymnastics that the only team in CFB that got better as the year went on was Alabama.
  2. i saw some tweet that said the Wynn dealers make a record number of tips on Saturday night. the exact number escapes me but something like an extra $2-3K per dealer vs normal Sat night.
  3. 25% in. One more dip This is not a drill. I need your exit liquidity.
  4. All the linemen were down field thinking run
  5. i think there was a permanent stickied thread about UT PUF taking money out of west Texas oil and that Tech should get some of that back on that old board RaiderPower. the Tech old guard was very salty about that. no fuss no muss 14pt win. let's get it done.
  6. tbh, Frontier, Spirit etc... really provide a valuable service to capture the lion's share of this nonsense. maybe they should be monetized when crazy shit goes viral on their planes.
  7. we did Banff many many moons ago maybe 25 years back?, i think in Feb. on just random trip the wife and I took. number one thing i remember was how fucking cold it was. i rode the whole time but we were really just doing 1 run off the chair and then straight to the bar to warm up and have a drink. Then repeat the cycle of freezing our ass off on the lift, skiing down and warm back up. I am pretty sure we stayed at the Fairmont Banff Springs. not very helpful i know
  8. Portillo, Chile booked for late July. have this thread to thank for putting the bug in me to go and it took zero arm twisting to get the fam on board. nabbed one the chalets. hopefully they are as cool as they look.
  9. the whales colluding with the exchanges are going fucking wreck the options they don't like.
  10. 3x lev is for pussies less risk averse than the Iowa offensive coordinator. 100x or GTFO
  11. yeah, any comment RE: someone's family/health is usually completely BS and code for they are about to do the opposite.
  12. is he OkieST bob now? i guess i should listen to the show, but now that OSU is in line for a b12 champ game slot, he was giddy that the bad reffing continues
  13. yeah some places will do like a week pass (7 day) with 4-5 days to ski. have not been to CB yet so not sure. We are headed there in Feb, but bought the Epic pass really early on. Should actually get decent use as we are headed to Whistler over spring break as well. I think the break even price for getting the pass is skiing 5-6 days total, so it's normally worth it. from your post many moons ago, RE: the kids and lessons. since they are all first timers, it might be worth it to do a private lesson for all 3 at the same time for the first day, but totally recommend some sort of lessons for consecutive days for them.
  14. So I guess we get TCU hat Corby next week
  15. it's just old. not sure there is much you can do other seeing if the vet has any ideas or if there is something actually medically wrong causing this.
  16. peter millar has some Rangers WS Champions stuff if you are inclined for more stuff to wear while yachting. Texas Live looked insane and fun as hell last night. We strolled through there before Game2 and it was packed 4 hours before first pitch. John Smoltz trending on X last night was tremendous. Seeing all the memes and hot takes on his disdain for the Rangers was awesome. If you did not catch Raymond on with the Musers this morning, he had a badass interaction with Boch after the game. As the players were moving into the locker room for champagne fun, Raymond caught up with Boch and he said "finally got you that fucking ring, boy" (badly paraphrasing)
  17. Happy to have attended the lone Ranger loss in the series.
  18. it's right there in the comments "...written by people who use X" fucking druggies trying to cover up the truth edit to add that drew the same conclusion as Sydney RE: her name
  19. aggy bets $76MM +400 on Jimbo getting fired, then fires him
  20. here's hoping we crush their souls again from jump and Smolz can talk about how great their fans are and lament that we can't play this series 9 more times 'cause the snakes would clearly win them all. Maybe throw out a random superlative for the Orioles while he's at it.
  21. They got him a wheelbarrow to carry his balls around. Back was tightening up
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