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  1. are there secular tyrannies anywhere (much less everywhere)? do they have a good football team and affordable housing? asking for a friend.
  2. appreciate your perspective. i have not walked a mile in your shoes and yes, schools are trending (more) anti gay and are taking away and preventing existing measures to provide aid, acceptance or common decency for gay students. i just posted what i saw as the underlying facts because the headline was a little misleading wrt to the mechanics of what was going on. it does not make it any less of an attack on the gay community. I hope my post was not taken as support of the policy.
  3. to be fair, i don't think they are prohibiting lgbtq kids from getting food/school lunches. The aim is to get explicit protection for lgbtq kids if the school is receiving USDA funding. this would get rolled up under title 9. headline is a little misleading in that it suggests schools are taking food away from kids because of their sexual orientation. this seems like a better article explaining it https://thehill.com/changing-america/respect/equality/3478940-usda-launches-initiative-to-combat-discrimination-against-lgbtq-people-in-accessing-nutrition-programs/ predictably, GQP is pushing back on offering explicit protections for lgbtq kids (while still providing lunches and such equally to all kids)
  4. about twice as many people voted in this Kansas primary as did last time again, putting a single issue like abortion or gun restrictions and you will get Rs that will vote like moderates/libruls. But getting them to vote for a name with a [D] after it is a bridge too far in most cases.
  5. not a Kansas constitutional scholar, but from what i have read it's in their state constitution (an amendment) that abortion is a right. It's not that just there are no laws banning abortion, but that it is a right for all women. This vote was to take away that amendment and put them back at square one, where predictably, all the handmaid's tale stuff would then be introduced at a time of the GQPs choosing. so the GQP put in that they *might* put in allowances for rape and safety of the mother to try and bring in moderates. But really, had this passed, we would have seen total bans.
  6. yeah, after re-reading, maybe txhorns is nowthis?
  7. people have been calling for the demise of the NFL for some time now. apple and amazon are currently fighting for NFL scaps and willing to pay billions. i think the same thing will happen in college football. people will hem and haw about the good ole days and say no one will watch it anymore...then tune in on Saturday in the fall.
  8. well, even though it was implied that all the rights went to white men, it was (unfortunately for GQP) not explicitly spelled out as such and all the women, POC and even Native Americans are able to glean some protections from the Constitution. GQP can't be havin' any of that shit. also, gotta walk back that separation of Church and State bit so they can install the 4th branch of gov; the waspy pope.
  9. but they don't pay for free air on Emergency Brake of the week
  10. Have a coworker who is on the quest for a Daytona and that's the message he has been getting. buy some jewelry and that might improve your odds. and this is a dealer he has purchased a Rolex with before.
  11. SIAP earlier. it probably has but don't care https://www.blackenterprise.com/lets-go-brandon-signs-coded-to-insult-biden-helps-autistic-8-year-old-find-his-courage/
  12. now do it for if the hospital is run by a religion and some pederast bishop is in charge whose entire religion thinks women shouldn't make decisions and has never received sex ed whatsoever is making the decisions. Saw something like 15% of all hospitals are run by the Catholics. We have religious looneys refusing to fill birth control Rxs at CVS but people expect them stand up and do the right thing when a fetus is involved?
  13. so to give women needed medical procedures, to save their lives or prevent/reduce physical/mental trauma, the onus is on the admins/docs to play chicken with a DA and dare them to bring charges against them personally? The fucking DAs are already trying to go after docs in other states who provide legal abortion. This is your take? JFC glad you disapprove of the laws you brought about. about as helpful as thoughts and prayers lol
  14. so you don't think the environment of abortion bounties and elected officials trying to out-zealot each other proclaiming they will sue/prosecute/jail/fine any entity that dares to help a pregnant woman may contribute to having doctors looking over their shoulder? Give me a fucking break trying to pin this on hospital admins. This is working better than these sick fuck GOP misogynists could have dreamed of.
  15. yes, they could ride trains to get there and IBM could be tasked with identifying and tracking them. what could go wrong? not to say that a safe humane place for homeless to go/live is a bad idea. But that's not really the vibe i would get if say his good buddy Stephen Miller implemented the program.
  16. yeah, biggest issue is WTF do parents do if they both work? I guess that cost 'savings' gets pushed to them to find child care for each Friday.
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