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  1. 'cause most of America is not in a cult?
  2. They have value in that someone might pay for them, similar to baseball cards having value solely based on someone else willing to pay. a small portion of NFTs had/have buyers that kept the prices up. thousands of copycats and outright scams trying to replicate the successful ones make up 99% of failed NFTs. if they ever reach mainstream or develop any sort of utility there exists a possibility greater than zero that some of these current NFTs could achieve rare baseball card status. I played around in NFTs and made a few shekels but out of the hundreds of projects i bought and sold, i am only keeping 2-3 to see if anything ever happens down the road as yes, the conventional wisdom was that 99% of all projects will eventually approach zero value.
  3. so does the streaming 'come with' the satellite service? I keep a DTV sat dish sub so my folks can have it in their RV and also get Dallas stations in their hometown (that does not get them) but also use Uverse at our house. So it would be ideal if i could just drop Uverse and go with DTV streaming but still keep the sat thing going as well.
  4. some version of No Country for Old Men where Anton never finds me
  5. is that part of your deductible from HOI policy? Insurer is not going to cover 100% when the deductible is not met, right?
  6. I think QE just needs an AR visor that makes any team he plays have Bama jerseys. Shirley we have the technology to get that done.
  7. as a tall human, i absolutely need to pick my seat, so SW in normally out. never flown discount other than Ryan Air over in Europe maybe 20 years ago. Normally fly AA (live in Dallas). They actually came through after they scrapped our plane to Birmingham for the Bama game (said the brakes did not work, which was sort of an auspicious malady for a plane full of Texas fans) but we had to return back to the gate and then deplane. We got a new plane with in an hour and were on our way. They did piss off a lot of people in boarding group 1 by just making it essentially a free for all boarding the 2nd plane and eschewed drink service rather that wait the (they said) 45 extra minutes to load all that stuff up. But i dngaf as i just wanted to get there at a reasonable time in my bulkhead seat.
  8. I, for one, think Brisket should stop dodging the question and answer.
  9. For RBs where does Mostert fit in with D. Montgomery/Bijan/Gibbs? My bench tore it up this week Mostert and Kyren Williams going off. If Ekeler is out again, Kyren is starting over someone, but Mostert looked strong last night.
  10. we need The Purge rules enacted anytime anyone says the word 'woke'. You have 1 min to main or kill them. it's already like the dancing baby of words.
  11. Mark Cuban had his metamask wallet drained. said the loss was ~$860K worth of stuff.
  12. limo still picks me up in the same place. must be a poors problem. but yeah, i think they do this at SLC airport from what i remember from last year. They had a designated Uber zone that you had to walk to. I just said eff it and took a cab last time in Vegas cause you could just walk right up and get one instantly. Aria hotel in Vegas has a different ride share zone as well.
  13. i think it stems from all the 'bathroom bill' legislation freakout that trans persons would just be hanging out in the 'wrong' bathroom and start assaulting anyone that entered. Then bud light had the audacity to market to someone other than bro sportsball man. Couple that with school libraries having a handful of books that cater to LGBTQ kids and suddenly it's a full on conspiracy to 'groom' god-fearing normal kids and turn them in something non-cis. At its heart is to drive hyper local hate engagement and create stickiness for more people to glom onto the maga/gop party all in the name of saving the children. Bonus points for masked AR carrying dickheads that get to experience an erection by holding a gun in public feeling 'tough'. tldr drag shows = caravans. gotta keep generating fear and hate.
  14. so i was thinking about this the other day after watching that Ted Lasso episode where they 'steal' / hat tip whatever a bunch of famous lines from various TV/movies and even the AI (heh) Practice!? We talking about practice?! press conference. For that specific Lasso episode, would any of the other works receive anything? most of the references were exact lines from the original from what i remember.
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