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  1. You are correct. Had some way back in the day. So cool but heavy af
  2. Since we are talking Italian, really enjoyed Mother wolf last month.
  3. They both rock because I can get tacos and frozen margs delivered from each. Torchys packs a little more heft vs Velvet per taco. Velvet passes off rice as a valid ingredient in a lot of their tacos
  4. Lol worrying about snow in whistler Enjoy pic of my wife
  5. This is glorious. Never mind that Texas beat *checks notes* Bama, who won the SEC, with our little decent team.
  6. Doggo loving it. Staying at a cabin about 3/4 mile from CB. Easy to park for free at the visitor center and take the bus up. Today a lot more crowded vs Thursday (ghost town) and Friday (2 min at most wait). Spicy bloody Mary on point at Paradise warming hut
  7. Yup, we got into CB on Wednesday.
  8. i see this as whale profit taking before pull back. thnk it will go ~35K ish before we would get a true bull run that sustains for a while. give the whales time to load up at a much lower level.
  9. i am kinda nervous. we are headed to whistler for spring break (early March) and i've been watching the videos about the bad base conditions. hopefully get some colder weather.
  10. we have been to Canyons last 2 spring breaks. We stayed right at the base of Canyons right next to the orange bubble lift in that big hotel/condo place. From our research, it was nicer than equiv $$ on the PC side, at least for the 3-4 bedroom condos with big kitchens/livng rooms. you can either 'ski' to PC (mostly riding lifts, then a gondola that connects PC and Canyons) or take the bus. Taking the bus back right at lift closing time can be a beating, but otherwise it's not too bad. You can bus into PC proper for dining/shopping fairly easily. We never rent a car but just uber from the airport to the mountain. the base at PC has an ice rink and more shopping places for sure.
  11. yep, it is becoming harder and harder to find CEX (as a US cit) that do not require KYC. I have not had issues with CB, but i doxxed myself to them a long time ago and bank transfers are usually pretty fast. I still get nervous when transferring crypto from a 'fly-by-night' CEX back into CB though. if you send something on the wrong chain it could be lost. I have been using Phemex and just saw some people get their withdrawal function frozen as they may be forcing KYC. I really don't care as i am not trying to cheat uncle Sam, but the fewer places that know of my info the better. Coinbase does not offer some of the coins i am trading in, so have to find other alternatives. CB also does not have the greatest fee structure.
  12. yep, our flight to Bham for the UT/AL game was scrapped due to mech issue. we get another plane ~1.5 hours later and AA just said fuck it and told everyone we were taking off without drinks/food or it would be another hour delay.
  13. was out at the place a few weeks back and snapped a pic
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