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  1. Horns 37 Jbirds 27 Horns better be ready! Horns getting the "W" is all that counts!!! Hook'em!!
  2. Horns 55 Cubs 12 Yards: As many as needed with everyone staying healthy.....Hook'em!!
  3. Pass or run OL has to execute and own the line of scrimmage from first to last possession for Horns to enjoy trip to Bryant-Denny. Defense has to contain Milroe meaning Watts can not blow coverage and miss tackles in critical situations. Horns 31 Tide 27
  4. Luv2win


    Remember when psychedelic rock was cool? These are still in great shape.....
  5. From West Texas: Abilene High 49 Odessa Permian 14 https://www.oaoa.com/sports/high-school-football-abilene-high-defeats-permian-in-season-opener/
  6. This excuse for Texas baseball would be embarrassing in Williamsport...what a freaking joke Pierce!!!
  7. Luv2win


    Searching for an accredited music appraiser for anticipated appraisal of large vinyl collection. Am aware of other services on east and west coast. Prefer a source located in or near Austin region. Please PM if interesed. Thanks!
  8. Any info on TV coverage streaming or otherwise?
  9. Thank you Coach Gus for legendary Longhorn baseball! Outstanding baseball coach and great Longhorn!
  10. Luv2win

    F cancer.

    Prayers and mega-positive waves for your Dad; as well as your mom, you and family!
  11. 11/09/1963.....Carlisle jumps Elkins route and intercepts pass with 22 seconds left to win game and send Horns to Cotton Bowl...yall know the end result! When crowd erupted the sound was thunderous as if 100K were in attendance that afternoon. Guess standing on West sideline made roar even louder. Hook'em!!
  12. No witty or clever comment....just a gut wreching thirst for vengeance....it's OU....so beat the hell out of'em....nuff said! Hook'em!!!
  13. Think the NCAA has opted for a coin flip....just to have fairness in play.
  14. If Stevens get the nod, he's gonna need scoring support from offense to be effective....duh! So whomever is on the mound, aggressive plate performance is a must! No frigin' spectators at the plate! Not to mention errorless defense through 9 innings. I guess that means playing Texas baseball or it should! Hook'em!!
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