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  1. RiverwalkMiner


    Drinking coffee at Captain Quackenbush and shopping at Sound Exchange made for a great afternoon. Another vote for End of Ear and Breakaway Records.
  2. I never played the game, but I've played enough games that I figured that scene had to be a direct port from the game. Totally in for this!
  3. I added a smart plug to my Moccamaster. Best morning life hack ever.
  4. Win or lose, we're going honking downtown. Right?...Right!?!
  5. RiverwalkMiner


    I have all 4 Miles and the Evans from my dad's collection. When I started raiding his closet a few years ago, I didn't understand how detailed Discogs was, and didn't always take the time to look at lables and runouts. He started his collection sometime in the 50's. I probably need to do some edits to my collection. 😂
  6. The music was just perfect and beautiful as well.
  7. As the Miner on the board, I'll say the general consensus was Terry is a recruiter, not a head coach.
  8. MSU coworker just told me the Bulldogs bowl game is in Raymond James Stadium. Would have been cool to see Coach on that pirate ship. RIP Coach Leach, one of a kind.
  9. If the show is about wealthy privileges and the lack of consequences, that leads me to believe Portia, Mia, Lucia, or maybe Jack being one or more bodies in the water. However, to quote Ruth Langmore "I don't know shit about fuck."
  10. Pretty much the only album I need. Yes, I "got that on vinyl" ... snow white vinyl.
  11. My one and only is a Sophomore living on West Campus. The White Lotus HR department must have pretty lax standards, with Armond getting it on with the bellboy and Valentina hitting on her staff.
  12. I actually go out of my way to watch more commercials. 🤷
  13. Well, I fought my way thought the Ticketmaster shitshow and now I'm taking my daughter to Taylor Swift in Houston.
  14. Being born and bred in El Paso, I'll echo what everyone else has already posted. Weather is nice, except for spring dust storms. Also, El Paso is connected to the Western power grid, so less chance of death in winter. Hell, even Alamo Drafthouse House moved in a couple of years ago. IF I could get 3 times my San Antonio salary, I would give it a hard look, and I have no living family there anymore. I would stick to the westside of town. Can't beat the sunsets over the New Mexico valley.
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