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    At that point I’d probably rather just do mushrooms
  2. At least it’s not some guy that works at H-E-B
  3. Pescado_Rojo


    Hometown Hero is a local company. I order online and usually have it the next day. You can find their stuff in a lot of convenience stores but I usually order online because they have a better selection. Big fan of their 10mg full spectrum gummies. 10 mg thc, 10mg cbd.
  4. “Dutch Sheets” sounds like something I’m not going to look up on Urban Dictionary
  5. Same experience at BNA this morning. Clear line was substantially longer. Skipped it and went through regular pre.
  6. I doubt it. The US has a new air to air missile coming on line this year called the AIM 240. My guess is our friends at Raytheon talked someone into clearing out a few crates of AIM 120 AMRAAMS to make some room in the warehouse. The Ukes may have figured out how to hang one or two off a long range drone.
  7. Clear is now $189 a year, and is a worse customer experience at AUS than simple TSA pre. Yesterday there were 2 hosts at checkpoint 1, and 15-20 people in line. I just skipped it and went through the nearly empty precheck line. I don't mind paying a premium for a better experience, but Clear seems to be getting worse over time.
  8. A few years ago they built a really large "affordable housing" community over by my kids high school. It was one of those developments that looked like old row houses. Narrow, 2 story, with the garage around back on an ally. My son and I used to drive through there to get to one of the Brushy Creek MUD lakes we liked to bass fish. Every house under construction had a sold sign in the front yard. Every one of them was also for rent, most listed by the same agent. So a huge chunk of this development that was supposed to be affordable housing got bought up by investors and turned into rental properties.
  9. looks like booger got caught robbing the Alpha Beta house.
  10. He really could have used a pocket full of kryptonite.
  11. Reason #1,766 I'm never getting on a "budget" cruise line
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