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  1. That reads like the beginning of a Janis Joplin song…
  2. After the flyover the Coca Cola has a little wang to it.
  3. It won’t be long until Texas is surrounded by legal states. That SHOULD be a wake up call to our state leadership, but instead they will do something stupid like set up DPS checkpoints on all roads into and out of the state where they will search your car for drugs and make all women take pregnancy tests.
  4. What happens if the Russian population get galvanized? They invade Ukraine? Shoot thousands of missiles a day at them? Ukraine is in an existential fight for survival and the west is forcing them to fight it one handed. Bring the war to Moscow and St Petersburg. Rail lines, power grid, logistics hubs, air ports. Fuck it, take the gloves off...they're the only ones wearing them anyway.
  5. Careful, she seems like the type that would hit back.
  6. I remember reading something a while back that the best thing to do would be to take a cohort of young pilots right out of basic flight school and send them to the west to learn on western jets from the beginning rather than take a bunch of seasoned MiG pilots and try to teach them to fly western jets. I don’t know if that ever happened, but it made sense.
  7. Hopefully Ukraine will have the GLSDB rounds before then and can thin the Russians out before they even begin their offensive. Good Luck Striking Donbas Boris
  8. Wasn't that the same game where the ref initiated contact with Charlie, then threw an unsportsmanlike conduct flag on him ?
  9. I was an SE in tech for about 10 years, and most of the good SEs I worked with...especially in more specialized roles...came from industry. Their path was usually college grad>job in industry for several years>Sales Engineer in that industry. A lot of good, vertical specific sales guys had similar paths. Grad>Industry job>Industry management job> Sales in that industry.
  10. FIFY In addition to all the things mentioned, I think another issue is the game has gotten too fast for the 40/50/60 year old men that have accrued enough experience to make it to D1 or NFL football. They simply don't have the speed to get themselves into position to make a good call, so they make it from 10 yards or more behind the play, or from the other side of the field.
  11. I guess it will do until a job strangling puppies opens up.
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