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  1. Republicans: "Human trafficking is huge problem!!!" Also Republicans: "Let's ship busses full of undocumented people with no money and no place to go to other states where they can be taken advantage of to own the libs!"
  2. It's almost like the side that's constantly whining about election fraud is somehow commiting election fraud....
  3. I wonder how hard it would be to refurb a few EA-6B Prowlers and train up some Uke flight crews. Give them anti-radiation missiles and some electronic warfare pods and they could get pretty damn close to tactical air superiority.
  4. When the boy and I took our trout road trip in 2020, the difference was glaring. I didn't see a single Trump yard sign once we left Texas. And like you said, if I saw a Trump bumper sticker, it's was 99% connected to a truck with Texas plates towing a travel trailer going too slow in the fast lane.
  5. Been there. The ex tried to talk me into selling my Hell's Bay several times when the kids were small. So glad I didn't let her win that one.
  6. If I had won the powerball the other night I'd have one of these on order. Absolutely the finest built skiff floating these days. They make about 12 a year, all by hand. They have about an 18 month lead time. Drake Boatworks
  7. Don't do it! They'll end up better fishermen than you, and won't stop talking shit.
  8. If only this guy was a better practical joker. Imagine this with shit...
  9. Cross posting from the pellet grill thread. I got a cast iron griddle for my pellet grill. First meal was breakfast tacos. Bacon, egg, potato, and cheese. Flour tortillas got a little fried in the bacon grease when I put them on to warm up.
  10. A little bit of both. Reagan courted them and got them in the boat, then Rush and Fox got them all riled up, and now they're steering the ship.
  11. A free gym membership?? I guess on the bright side, you'd be the only ones there whenever you went.
  12. But the Clintons!!!! Jesus Christ, these people.
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